Monday, August 3, 2009


Hey readers,
I am happy to announce that today while I was sitting at the museum I was able to put together a brief outline of my story. It is one I am very happy with. So woo hoo!!! Now I just wish I had time to write. Oh well I hope with my current air plane travel upon me I will use that time both reading and writing.
I am also pleased and flatter to say my favorite author, Jennifer Donnelly, has emailed me and I looked at my blog and said she "loved it." For me this is like getting an email from Anne Hathaway. (Which would also be really cool.)
Her novels include: ( I have read them all)
The Tea Rose (Highly recommended)
The Winter Rose
A Northern Light (Teen novel)
and she has 2 new novels that I can't wait for them to be published.
Any way thanks for reading.
Hope you guys are having a great summer and have found some great summer reading
P.S. I will post what I have written of the story I started shortly.