Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Thought for Thursday

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with my roommate last night.

If you have been reading my blog you might have seen a real emotional change from my post A Page From my Diary to now A Sap at Heart and you might be thinking 2 things (if you are thinking something else let me know). 1) What happened to make her change? or 2) She is not being real in her writing?

Well after writing my post "A Page from my Diary" I got some people concerned so at first I thought maybe I should delete that. Then I thought no.... this blog is titled "A Journey through Writing" and that is a part of my journey. So to delete would be false. While I still feel like some of my dreams are on the other side of the country from me, I have decided instead of sulking and moaning about it to enjoy the journey.

On the one hand I think it would be nice if God gave us straight roads and flat lands.
But I then again I have driven through parts of the country that are flat and there is usually not a whole a lot to see.
Even though I am not an outdoorsy kind of person.... I think mountains are way cooler.
And the roads to get up those mountains are loopy and sometimes you may not be able to see where you are going. But isn't what makes life fun... the unknown?

So maybe I can't get on a plane and fly to California to meet my dream (read "A Page from my Diary" for this to make sense), maybe I can't even drive there, maybe I have to walk there but I know one day I will get to the end even if that end is not what I imagine it to. I might just have to walk through a few valley's and mountains to get there.

So yes I am being real with you when I write about my obsession with sappiness, I have just decided to enjoy the journey that life is taking me on.

You can find these pictures on Pinterest
Right now I feel I am walking through a fog of not knowing really where I am going but I see lots of open roads ahead of me and soon the sun will come through and show me where I am suppose to be.

Hope you come a long the journey with me. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Sap at Heart

I was going to write and post this Tuesday but I had to get some actual work done..
Does any one still love Dawson's Creek?... Well even though I haven't watched it in years and my copy of the 4th season that I own is buried in my guilty pleasure pile, Monday night while I was procrastinating doing my homework I found my self watching sappy YouTube videos of Pacey and Joey. Yes I openly admit I like Pacey over Dawson. Basically what I am saying is I am a sap at heart.

I know most people will not be surprised when they read this but I kind of am...just writing it. I am sappy romantic person deep down. Some times I feel I try to be independent and tough on the outside. But deep down I believe in soul mates, I believe you can find some one that compliments you so well it was as if you were made for each other, and I can't wait till the day I walk down the aisle to the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with.

But I can wait because I know the Lord has it all planned out for me and I love being on this journey of seeing what God brings next to my life. I have no reason to doubt it, even though I might get upset and impatient, God has giving me so much...Boston, a great church, a great group of friends that are like family, a supporting family, and into the Grad school I have dreamt of going to since I moved to Boston. I have to remind myself when I get impatient or annoyed that he has given me so much why would he not take care of this too. So I am waiting and right now enjoying the life of a single girl.
Until then I think I will keep watching shows like Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls and reading books from Jane Austen or Jennifer Donnelly. Where I think the heros and heriones with all their flaws teach us to fight for love. And honestly that's the kind of fighter I want to be.

You can find all my pics at Pinterest
I will also be praying for my future husband and praying for our relationship that we will have together.

In case you were wondering this is my dream dress

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Pre-Weekend Post

Hello readers,

Usually I write about my weekends on Monday but I am starting this weekend with a pre-weekend post.

As you guys have probably gathered I have been captivated by the mini series Downton Abbey (I know a little late to the game). But I have decided to take my new love of this show and actually use it in class. What, how can this be? No I haven't switched studies to film or creative writing (though both very cool). I have decided when ever I am able to explore more into the Edwardian life style. Even though I love the romantic drama between Mary and Matthew it has been her sister Sybil that actually captures my attention. She is so independent and wants to change the world. (Don't worry I am not revealing anything from the second season).
Lilly Elsie (Edwardian Actress)
Lady Sybil (Downton Abbey)
So in my history class we have to take a secondary source's footnote and track down the primary source to back it up. My topic is going to be Edwardian women... I would really like to explore Edwardian women who do not get married and the up rising professional girls. 

For example why did women take on professions as librarians? As a future librarian and historian I'm really interested in how that became a woman's job (though I do have male class mates). Just a curiosity of how it is now primarily women. 
The Music Man
These are just some thoughts but I do hope to explore them more.... I mean after all one day I will have to write another thesis. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wait is it summer again?

I did want to post this yesterday but was having some computer difficulties.

This weekend Boston was hit with a beautiful warm front we had cool mornings evenings but the afternoons were sunny and got up into the 80s.On Saturday my friend said it was even warm standing in the shade.

My weekend started off kind of low key with a night in on Friday night... I actually enjoy this because I rest up a bit.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Then on Saturday two of my friends I went to go get brunch at this great restaurant "Trident Bookstore". One of my friends I had brunch with was only here in Boston for a week before he goes off and sees more of the world. So it was great getting brunch with him and catching up and hearing his plans as he prepares to be a missionary. I can't say where he is going as people there are not friendly to people who want to spread the word of Jesus. My other friend and I go to bible study together, but sadly don't hang out much outside of that, so it was nice hanging out with her too. Then after eating sweet Potato Pancakes,that I said if heaven had a taste it would would taste like these, we went walking around the Fens. (Here in Boston we shorten the name so to not get confused with Fenway Park, where the Red Sox Play). 

We had fun pondering the meaning of this baby head outside the MFA, Boston

Sadly we couldn't spend the whole day playing around. I had to get back home and do some homework (ah grad-school). But homework turned into a nap for a bit then homework. I love random naps. Then I went out with another friend to see the movie 50/50. A movie I really wanted to see and when I told people that I was going to go see it... they asked me what is that about? I told them a 20 something who gets diagnosed with cancer. But that's really all I knew. The commercials made it seem like a comedy... which it is in ways. I mean it is really funny watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt acting high after eating macaroons with weed in them but I wonder how much they made light hearted for the movie. I mean it is based off a true story and the guy Adam (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) actually wrote the movie so he lives. I do love that it brings to light the fact that 20 somethings can get cancer it is not just old people or babies. But it also hit home a bit because I have a friend that has been fighting cancer this last year and sadly I don't ever know what to say to him. "You'll be fine" (sounds horrible and I can't predict the future). It is just a good reminder that no matter how bad you think things are they can be worse.
Sunday was also nice but more low key and sadly getting through more homework.But I did treat myself to another episode from Downtown Abbey, 2nd Season (link in post below). I also did not have yesterday off so I didn't get to enjoy another gorgeous day. This morning when I left my apartment it felt like the crispness of fall was back but I am still holding out by wearing flip flops.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bitten by the bug

What bug you ask? The Downton Abbey Bug that is.

If you have not seen it... oh you are missing out. In my post on Weekend Loves I wrote how I discovered this show. Well over the weekend I watched most of the first season on but sadly they were off line before I could finish the season. So I sought out a copy and found a good price copy on I was quite impressed with Amazon as I ordered a copy on Tuesday and when I got home on Thursday I had discovered it had arrived. YEAH!!! Also because I am impatient I have found some links that got me to the second season. See what a little googling can do.
The Sisters (Lady Edith, Lady Sybil, Lady Mary)
It is hard to explain the greatness of this beautiful costume drama but I have got swept up in it all.

If you haven't watched it... well you should. But to explain it starts in 1912 right after the sinking of Titanic and we quickly learn that Lord Grantham's only heir (his nephew) was on the ship and died. Now the property and title will be left to his third cousin Matthew Crawley (my latest hollywood crush). And at first no one can except him... I mean he is an upper class lawyer not a gentleman.
Matthew Crawley 
Dowager Lady Grantham 
There is a great scene when he first comes to town where he explains he will get a job, and Lord Grantham asks says he will need to learn the property and he says I can do that on the weekend and Maggie Smith (Lord Grantham's mother) asks "what are weekends?"
But eventually Matthew Crawley gets into the hearts of the people at Downton Abbey especially Lady Mary (Lord Grantham's oldest daughter). But there is so much more than this love story. That is one plot line I love. I do hope Lady Mary and Matthew will get together in the end but it is so complicated and Lady Mary with all her snobbery and stubbornness is a great heroine in the making.

Mr. Bates
Then there is the downstairs plot line I love with Mr. Bates and Anna. Mr. Bates is Lord Grantham's valet and Anna is a house maid. And their love is quiet and tender for each other but it makes my heart flutter when ever they are in the same scene.

And there is Daisy, a young girl in the kitchen who repeatedly abused by the head cook. She loves Thomas, a footman, and William, another footman watches in vain to love her. But Carson, the butler, is probably my favorite downstairs character. He has such honor and pride in how the house of Downton Abbey is run and he makes sure the house runs properly. But he does have a soft spot for the family and the staff he over sees.I feel like I am leaving things out.

Lady Sybil
Back upstairs there is Lady Sybil, the youngest daughter, who is going to change the world. She has a voice on politics, mostly concerning women's rights and she is determined to see one of the house maids hired to be secretary. And when the war comes she goes to help the war movement she becomes a nurse.
Here Sybil is learning how to cook

All the drama (both upstairs and downstairs) is so wonderful to get swept up along in and some times watching it I wish I could go back and live in this world. But I guess I am highly romanticizing it. If you haven't watched yet and are going to seek it out now I recommend you set aside an afternoon to watch and enjoy it because like a good book you can get swept up into it...and one episode is not enough.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Oasis

 If you have not discover Pinterest I really recomend it...I didn't know what was all about when I joined but I love it now because I get to look at fun and artsy pictures. Also I find it a great resource to collect photos for this blog, photos of fashion I like, I even collect photos for my dream wedding, and things I want to learn how to bake, basically I collect photos of the eclectic, hopeful romantic, girly things I love.

I have made one board titled "Eight O'clock at the Oasis"- inspired by an episode of Gilmore Girls. The board is suppose to represent if I could have my dream space what would it include...

All found at Pinterest

Lots of flowers... even though I don't have a green thumb I love flowers
Pretty little tea sets so I can unwind an relax
A cork board wall... I have always wanted one so I can pin up pictures, ideas, and inspirations for the novel I was working on.
Lots of Jane Austen.... really just lots of books and a comfy chair to read the books.
A little garden... though some one else will have to take care of it for me as I said I don't have a green thumb.
A little writing desk... that has a great window to look out (so a nice view).
A comfy bed... I love random nap times.
And a wall with lots of frames holding post cards I like and family members I love.

What would your oasis have?

Monday, October 3, 2011

My weekend loves

Found at Pinterest

Found at Pineterest
Found at Pinterest

Found at Pinterest
Okay you might looking at these photos thinking what Psych, Downton Abbey, Panda Express, and books have in common... well they have me and my weekend.

This weekend was not all that exciting but I thought I would share my weekend loves as a way to start off the week.

My weekend started much too early on a Saturday morning to be in Somerville (about a 30 minute commute via bus and T) to be at my church's new site by 9:15 in the morning. Yeah I am not a morning person so it was a little rough. But I got to watch some excellent kids play around and that was fun. Kids are very creative and funny about what they think is great. A little girl decided she was going to take a nap and she did this by putting her head in a little mesh box and trying to sleep on the floor. Well the boys thought this was fabulous and continued to climb into boxes and curl up to fit in them. I was thinking how bad my knees would hurt doing this. There was also this spiral couch that they looked at as a jungle gym and minus a few incidents was really fun for them to be all over. Then sadly my time of play was over and I had to do a few hours of work for my company to prepare for billing... but I got to go to work in jeans and that felt a little rebellious.

I got home at 5 and crashed and took a great hour nap. Then I got up and watched a few episodes of Psych. If you haven't watched a great comedy crime solving show and not at all graphic like CSI or Law and Order. There are moments when I grab my pillow worried if Shawn and Gus will survive (of course they will they are the stars and producers of the show) and then the next minute burst out laughing. There is also the under tone love interest of Shawn and Juliet (which is another grabbing the pillow moment). But it is basically a fabulous show about a fake psychic detective and how he solves crime.

Also I discover Downton Abbey... I know, I know I am a little slow to the greatness of it. But a lot of my blogs talk about it so while I was looking around Hulu for something to watch I looked to see if they had Downton Abbey no but does so on Saturday night to relax I watched Downton Abbey. Yeah not a relaxing show. A great show set in 1912-1913 but not relaxing it was sheer will power to turn off my computer and go to bed. I say it is not relaxing because now I am captivated by it and I am left wanting to know more. My roommate asked me what I was watching because I was squealing and laughing and watching it on my computer as I brushed my teeth. Yeah! Go Wireless Internet! Yeah I basically got addicted and as a treat to myself on Sunday night after finishing my homework I watched Episode 2 and 3. I really should not watch intense shows before bed. But I just get swept up... the plot is so interknit with both the stories of the upstairs lives and the downstairs lives. I told my roommate it is like Godsford Park but on steroids (minus the murder). Even though I think Lady Mary can be cruel I want her to be happy with Mr. Crawley (if you know what happens please don't tell me).

So now my parents are probably wondering did I do my homework yes I did. I did a bit of it on Friday night and mostly on Sunday but before I go to that I will talk real shortly on my procrastination tool of  yummy and cheap Chinese food. After church I tried to get friends to go out to lunch but every one had plans poo :( minus a guy from my bible study so we grabbed lunch together and that was nice to learn a little bit more about him. To digress further away from homework talk I find it interesting how many layers people have (maybe Shrek is right we are like onions). I mean before that lunch I knew he worked in computer science industry and was from Atlanta but I learned he also plays the piano, and was home schooled. While I told him, yes I love history but I have thought about going to culinary school and learning how to make those fancy desserts (after grad school) and more for a hobby then professional aspirations. But I so want to learn how to make eclairs. What I am getting at is that people are more than they appear so have some cheap Chinese food and a good conversation.

Now I have procrastinated long enough and I had to do homework. Fortunately part of my homework was really fun. In my cataloging class we have to make rules for a made up collection. Mine is on 19th Century Women's Literature. And I want to organize it based on date published date from 1800-1899. I know as a historian I think it would be cool to have books in chronological order. So we have to take five (example) objects (books in my case) and write a rule of how they should be cataloged in collection but we have to pretend that collection could have 1,000+ objects. This is really fun for me and I came home from the library with Charlotte and Emily Bronte, George Eliot and Elizabeth Gaskel under my arm. Now I have the fun job of writing my cataloging rules for my project this semester.