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Friday, November 6, 2015

Frivolous Friday... Disney Princes Hot to Not

Hello my lovely readers,

I thought after my last post... this blog needed some lightheartedness, last week I was having a random conversation about Disney Princes with a friend and we started ranking them and I joked this would be a fun blog post so here I am writing it (feel free to disagree with me).

First, he is not a Disney Prince but I must say Dimitri from Anastasia (made by 21st Century Fox) probably takes the cake for one of the hottest cartoon characters... I mean Buzzfeed even has "23 Reasons why Dimitri from 'Anastaia' was a Major Heart Throb" (link) So he gets a special shout out.

Now on to Disney Princes (I will be sticking to actual Princes either by birth or marry a Princess):

1. Flynn Ryder... I don't know if I love him more because he is voiced Zachary Levi
or if it is because of his wonderful one liners.
Either way he is pretty awesome. 

2. Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
He gets major props because he didn't want to be forced to marry someone he hasn't even met even though she was a Princess.
Also there is a great scene where his father brings up his upcoming marriage (the one he doesn't want) where he has some sass..
I like a Prince (even in cartoon form) who stands up for himself.
Plus he fights a scary dragon for the woman he loves. 
It also doesn't hurt that Buzzfeed has cast him to be played by Ryan Reynolds in real life. 

3. Aladdin
I think Aladdin gets props because he is the only Prince who changes to get the Princess.
Disney Princess get a lot of bad talk because people think that the girls have to change to get the guy (which I don't see as true) but in that vain I think it cute Aladdin changes for Jasmine.
Besides he has a magic carpet that can travel the you would save lots of money on plane tickets.

4. Prince Eric
Sometimes Prince Eric gets on my nerves because he seems like an idiot for searching for a girl with a voice when he clearly likes Ariel. Of course my feminist side does say he only likes her for her looks. Though when he thinks he will lose Ariel he does go and fight for her.
Let's just say his eyes and hair are both awesome.

On the not hot side...
5. Prince Charming from Cinderella
The only reason I don't think he is not hot is because you don't really get to know him as a character.
I mean he barely speaks and talk about a guy falling for a girl just for her looks.
When I was younger I loved Cinderella but after seeing Ever After I liked that twist on the classic story and Dougary Scott made a great Prince Charming.

6. Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast
I know my friend that I was discussing this post with disagreed with me on views of Prince Adam, I just personally did not find him that attractive.
As I looking for pictures for this post I came across this:
So maybe I need to reevaluate my thinking.
Though I am excited to see Dan Stevens play the Beast...whenever that film comes out
 Before I finish this post I have to give a shout out to Robert Phillip (played by Patrick Dempsey) in Enchanted. I know he is not technically a "Prince" but he does dress like a prince and for a man who says he doesn't dance he actually dances quite well.
Video: "Enchanted (So Close) with Lyrics"

I know this list is a little bias, as it really only talks about the films I like. So if you want more information most of these pictures come BuzzFeed (link) and they have their own ranking. 

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday afternoon flick

I took some down time this weekend from my thesis to recharge and I treated myself to a cute afternoon flick on Sunday.

I watched the movie What to Expect when Your Expecting. Kind of like the title suggest it is about couples getting ready to have a baby. 

The story focuses on five couples getting ready to have their first child. Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) is apparently a baby expert with her own baby supply store but has actually never had her own baby, has been trying with her husband for two years, and as soon as they stop trying she gets pregnant. Only to find out her husband's much younger step-mom is pregnant and is not suffering from any typical pregnant problems, which irks her to no end. Jules (Cameron Diaz) is a weight loss reality TV host and meets her baby daddy, Evan (Matthew Morrison), while doing a celebrity dance contest. Holly (Jennifer Lopez) and her husband, Alex, are preparing to adopt, but Alex is a little hesitant about having a baby so Holly sends him off to "Daddy Group" enter Vic (Chris Rock) and his gang. I remember the trailers and I kind of thought all the cute parts were going to be in the trailers and that with Chris Rock and his gang it might be a bit crude... but I was surprised by the tender moments and the sappy moments that made me tear up.

What I liked- I didn't see her in the trailer so I was surprised when Anna Kendrick (Rosie) and Marco (Chace Crawford) showed up. They are the young couple and don't have any true connection with other characters so could have easily been left out of the plot, I am glad they were kept in, as they provided some tender moments in the story.
Also I ended up liking the dads... they were a little ridiculous at the beginning but when push comes to shove they are good guys. And Chris Rock saying "he thought he was happy till he became a dad" was super sweet. 
The dads
I think the part I liked the most was watching the transformation of Alex... at first he is unsure of having a baby and the whole adoption process but at the end he loves his little boy.
Alex at the beginning

What I didn't like- There were a lot of characters and while most of them live in Atlanta and have a few bonds in between, there wasn't a need for all the plot lines. For instance: Ramsey (Dennis Quaid) and his much younger wife... mother-ish-in-law to Wendy, and his story line probably wasn't needed though it did provide some background to Wendy's and her husband's. Also while I liked the Jules and Evan plot line and they had some cute moments, they really had no connection to the other characters as they lived in LA. Though all the characters had some darling moments I think a plot line could have been dropped in order to develop characters a little deeper. As a former Gleek though I liked seeing Matthew Morrison in another role.
Over all: Cute movie- I think I would classify it as good Sunday Afternoon Flick if you don't want to watch football. Though I don't know how realistic it is... I am sure my sister, a duola, would probably find fault in it (film is not really realistic for the labor process). 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Film Flicks Friday


I know lately I have posted a lot about reviews about period drama and I am sure some of you thought "come on Blaire live in the 21st century" so I am happy to present you with a non-period drama movie review.

First The Decoy Bride - For my Dr. Who fans you will recognize David Tennant, he plays James, an author about to may the film star Lara Tyler when their first wedding gets crashed by paparazzi so they decide to escape to a secluded island of Hegg. Hegg is a Sottish  island where apparently James' book takes place. Though we learn that he has not really ever visited the island and we learn he has writers block. Anyway Lara's publicist, who my Ugly Betty fans will recognize as Marc, saves the day. He takes the run down castle and turns into Lara's dream and finds the perfect decoy bride, Katie, to distract the press. (I recognized her from Nanny Mcphee and Godsford Park.) Anyway she has just given up on love and has returned home. As any romantic comedy would go the people who do not like each other in the beginning end up loving each other by the end with some plot twist in the middle.

Why I watched this film- I loved the character Marc on Ugly Betty and wanted to discover more of Michael Urie's work. Then I watched the trailer and I thought it looked like a typical but cute romantic comedy and summer is a good time to watch frivolous films especially when you can check them out of the public library film.

What I liked about the film- There were some cute lines. And it is nice to see a boy fall for the awkward, maybe a bit plain but cute girl. It was funny to see David Tennant to wear an outfit straight out the 1970s with fur vest included. Plus the scenery mostly set on the Scottish Island was great. Some of the cute moments...

What I didn't like- There were some plot twist that didn't really help the story like Kate's ex-boyfriend, or the paparazzi guy that was in love with Lara. Sometimes when there are plot twist that don't make sense I wonder "if this was a book would it be better explained" and my hope is yes.

Over all cute story and I glad I checked it out for free instead of paying for it. I would recommend it for a lazy weekend or a movie to have in the background while doing dishes. Just watch it to see the boy fall the awkward door next door.

Next The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel...

I don't think I have to introduce this cast. Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy. Come together with some others who I might have to introduce Tom Wilkson (you might recognize from Shakespeare in Love, Valkyrie, and Sense and Sensibility (1995)... which is just amusing because he plays Mr. Dashwood in this film too), Penelope Wilton (Downton Abbey) and  Dev Patel (Slum Dog Millionaire). The plot is simple take some elderly people trying to escape being old and send them to India to live out their lives there. After that let's see what happens. The lesson I learned from this movie is that you are never too old to follow your dreams and find love... I just hope for myself I don't have to wait till I am in retirement to see this through.
Why I watched- I love the cast. I wanted to see it when it was in theaters just didn't get around to it. Plus I think I have a weird pull to India. It is one place I want to go and may be do a mission trip there.

What I loved- The story line I loved the most was Judi Dench. Her husband has passed away and left her with his debts to cover (I don't think that is a spoiler because you find that in the first few minutes). Any way instead of giving in and living a more "suitable" life with her son and his family she goes off to India, gets a job at one of those Indian Call Center places and teaches them better communication. But she completely falls in love with India and her new life. I thought she was very empowering character.

I also liked the Tom Wilkinson character, Graham Dashwood... he starts off kind of rude but as soon as he gets to India he lightens up. He is actually coming back to India and wants to correct some errors of his past. His character is sweet and he tries help everyone around him love the India he loves.

At first I really didn't like the Maggie Smith character she is kind of a racist. But there is a moment when she changes and starts to be more of a loveable character...and somewhat saves the day. Plus as only as Maggie Smith can do she has some great one liners. But if you watch it to see another "battle" between her and Penelope Wilton (in Downton Abbey Style) you won't see it they actually don't interact much.

Next I loved Dev Patel and the story of Sonny he had big dreams but not the best way to see them through. He has to fight against his mother and her desires for his life, which takes a great amount of courage. He has to believe in his dreams and his love more than following what the world wants. Plus in all the sadness in the facts of getting old he is the great comedic relief.
What I didn't like- I didn't like Penelope Wilton's character. She started the movie unhappy with the circumstances given to her and stayed unhappy. She didn't embrace India and in the end just returns home. But she was half of good story. Her husband Bill Nighy, in the other two films I have seen him in (I capture the Castle and Love Actually) he plays a grumpy guy who you hate to love. But in this film he was actually very considerate, sweet and very loyal to his wife.

There were two other plot lines I didn't like either fortunately they were just minor characters.


Over all the story was very sweet, and I think if I had seen this in theaters I probably would have been the youngest one in the theater. But the scenes of India would have been nice to have scene on the big screen however I would not rate this as one that has to be seen in theaters.  I would say good for a date night at home.

Behind the scenes of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Lastly I have to give a shout out to the Boston Public Library for providing so much amusement for free. If you don't want to spend money on a Netflix account I suggest you see what your local library has to offer.

From The Decoy Bride.

Friday, May 31, 2013

"My One Weakness..."

I have spent a lot of time since being out of school for the summer escaping into period dramas but the one I have recently been obsessing with is Lark Rise to Candleford. It stars some pretty familiar people... well familiar if you are obsessed with Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice both BBC and the 2005 version. One is Brendan Coyle (aka Mr. Bates) who plays Robert Timmins a mason that has high political beliefs in equality but also lots of hard work to make his way in the world. Hie wife, Emma Timmins, plays Charlotte Lucas in the 2005 P&P , she is the good wife always sticking by her man but does frequently get annoyed with his pride.

The next Julia Sawalha who plays Dorcas Lane the serious but mischief loving post-mistress. Who is better known as another mischief character Lydia Bennett. She is frequently saying "It is my one weakness" and she says about most everything from different kinds of cakes to warm baths.
{pic} {pic}
The main focus of this period piece is two little towns, the hamlet known as Lark Rise and the big/small town of Candleford. The hamlet is where our main character Laura Timmins comes from and in the first episode she moves to Candleford to assist her mother's cousin Dorcas. I love her for many reasons... she is head strong but yet very sensitive and always tries to help. Also she is considered "buttoned-up" but really she has such a soft heart but she only lets those close to her see it. She wants to do the right thing but frequently makes mistakes. She also writes in her journal all the time. 
There are some other colorful characters like Robert the mail man with his strong faith and always quoting the Bible. Sometimes I do not like how they make the religious characters ridiculous but he is so humorous in his righteous ways. Then there is Minnie who is the goofy maid but trying hard to right in the world just goofs up a lot. There is also all the hamlet people like Queenie and Twister who add lots of humor into the plots. And like any good small town shows there is always 1 episode visitors who come and shake up the towns and then leave after all is settled. Also like any good period dramas there is love interest. We watch Laura and Dorcas have loves and hear breaks. I am about to finish season 3 of 4 so I am not for sure how it ends but it does seem that once Dorcas adopts her son Sydney her heart is more settled. So now I eagerly await to see if Laura will end up with Daniel or Fisher. If you know do not tell me.

Top: Fisher {pic}
Bottom: Daniel {pic}
Oh I can get so lost in these period pieces... they are my one weakness and thanks to people uploading them on YouTube I can have my little heart go a twitter for them. I hope if you are like me and want to lose your heart to a period drama you will watch and fall in love with this show.

Lark Rise to Candleford Ep. 1 Part 1
You do have to watch them in parts but xLarkRiseCandleford
 has uploaded them all and there is an autoplay button that automatically starts the next part.

Side Note: After watching all these period drama's I feel like I should have a post on "6 degrees of Separation in Period Drama." 

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Sap at Heart (part 2)

Hello Lovely Readers,

In my last edition of a Sap at Heart I wrote about how "...deep down I believe in soul mates, I believe you can find some one that compliments you so well it was as if you were made for each other..."
You know how in movies you see a guy do a romantic gesture... that makes your heart flutter and wish would happen to you and it never does. Take for example Heath Ledger in "10 Things I Hate about You" singing to Julia Stiles the song "Can't take my eyes off of you" (originally recorded by Frankie Valli). Now that is a big romantic gesture and while they are cool in movies... they might be embarrassing in real life. But even small romantic gestures... do guys realize how great they make the girl feel?As a single girl I am going to hope not because I feel like if they did, they would do them more often.

Take for example flowers...

I have a co-worker (not mentioning names) who had a birthday a bit ago and was so happy to get flowers from her boyfriend. From the little bit I gathered it seemed he didn't send her flowers very much but when she got them, she was over the moon. I had a guy co-worker who found out his girl friends favorite flowers were sun flowers and sent her a little vase of them to her when she was sick. And I remember being very much like "aw how cute." And I even liked my ex-boyfriend sent me flowers when I was having a horrible week and it made a big impression on me. 

But maybe I am just a sap and I like romantic gestures, but I don't think I am the only one. Actually the reason for this blog post is on Thursday night (a kind of warm night... warmish for Boston) I was walking home from work and I had this image that the guy I had a crush on was sitting on the steps of my apartment with a bouquet of flowers in his hands waiting for me to get home and ask me out. I realized this wouldn't happen at least not in real life. But I wanted it happen. I think it's because I watch too many romantic movies because even just while writing this I find myself thinking, even though I like the idea of romantic gestures, what I love most of all is having some one who will just hold my hand.

So if any guy is reading this find out what your girl wants/needs deep down to let her know you find her special and just do it. I think that is the most romantic gesture. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lost in Cinema (Part 2)

Lost in Cinema (Part 1)

Tonight I saw a good romantic comedy in Crazy Stupid Love if you only see one movie this summer see this one. I know there are lots of blockbuster films out there but seriously see this one. I won't give away the plot but the first thing you learn about the Steve Carrell and Julianne Moore is that she wants a divorce and you have seen this through

commercials that his son gives him advice to fight for his soul mate Emily played by Julianne Moore and that is wonderful advice.

My friend and I discussed that in this day and age people get to divorce to quickly. I have heard enough to know love isn't a feeling its a choice to love every day. As Steve Carrell said "I love you when I hate you" that's choice to love some one even when you don't want to. As we discussed this I remember an article from Elle Magazine called "Till Whatever Do Us Part" from September 2010.
I don't remember many articles I read but I remember Brad Pitt being
quoted on his divorce to Jennifer Anniston saying that couples evolve and grow apart and that the idea of marriage is to last for all time but Rachel Combe wrote (the author) "In fact, that is the essence of marriage-a lifetime commitment. Without that, its just legally sanctioned dating." I loved reading an article that supported marriage and I loved this movie that they fight for love.

But back to the movie besides the married couple that fight for love. There is the young couple of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. As a girl I liked seeing Ryan Gosling take off shirt. Emma Stone and him have good chemistry in the beginning and then as they develop they just seem good together. And Ryan Gosling though he is a womanizer at the beginning admits he is a screw up but he tries to better himself to be with her.

Over all great movie lots of comedic moments out side what you see in commercials and sweet moments. I can't wait to own this one.

Lost in Cinema

I am not just about books I also love movies and not just costume dramas though those are my favorite. This weekend I saw 4 new movies (1 in theaters and 3 rented at Blockbuster Express) and I wanted to share my thoughts on them.

The first movie I saw was “Friends with Benefits” when I told people I was going to go see it this weekend they said they heard it was better than “No Strings Attached” I never saw that because it looked kind of lame. But that’s okay Natalie Portman everyone needs a bad movie after such an Oscar worthy movie look at Gwenth Paltrow and that Flight Attendant movie after “Shakespeare in Love”. Any way back to my original thought. First funny side note, I turned 25 this May and I feel like since then I have been carded less and less when I go out to eat and have a drink (which is cool for me) but at the movie theater I get carded to see a rated R movie. Secondly I will say that it was a little awkward for me to sit through a movie that was about sex and it wasn’t just about sex they went into some detail of what the characters do or do not like in bed. So if you don’t like the awkwardness of hearing about sex I wouldn’t watch it. But over all it was a cute/ funny movie that shows how people can’t just hook up with out feelings involved. I would like to insert a big DUH! here. But actually I was pleased with how well Justin Timberlake could act and I liked the parts he was a little bit musical. I also like Mila Kunis character who though she has had heartache and doesn't even know who her father is wants to still have a fairy tale it just needs to be updated (as her mother says). I just wish that they could make romantic comedies with out using the “F” word every few minutes.

This brings me to my next movie another romantic comedy “Letters to Juliet” rated PG. This movie is cute and sweet and a bit corny at times. Its about a girl Amanda Seyfried (from Mama Mia) who goes to Verona with her fiance they go on a pre-honeymoon trip because when they get married he fiance has a restaurant opening that will leave no time for a honeymoon. But you can quickly tell he cares more about the restaurant than his girl (not cool). Amanda plays a fact checker for the New Yorker but really wants to be a writer. She goes to the House of Juliet (found out from the making of the movie there is a Juliet museum made in the 1930s) and women (or so the movie portrays only women) write letters to Juliet seeking help with love, life and other things. Then the Juliet secretaries come get the letters and write back if you have a returned address (this happens in real life... almost makes me want to fly to Verona leave a note just to see what they would say...from a deleted scene I watched the secretaries don’t tell the writers what to do, they advise and then leave the writer with a question). So back to the movie, Sophie (Amanda) get involved with the sectaries and they found a letter that has been hidden for 50 years. The letter is from a woman Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) who didn’t run away with her Italian boyfriend and married the sensible English man and now 50 years later after getting Sophie’s letter Claire, Sophie and Claire’s grand son (Charlie played by Christopher Egan who looks a little bit like Logan Hutzenburger from Gilmore Girls) go looking for Lorenzo Bartolini (Claire’s love). Mean while we know Sophie’s fiance is off in another part of the country at a wine auction, I was thinking why aren’t they together? I won’t give the whole plot away, it was cute romantic comedy that I when I watched the end my heart was a little bit a pater. But I love the corny cute movies. Also the fact that it was shot in Italy was so cool to see the Tuscan country side and the city of Verona, I loved that!

The next movie I watched with my friend, who is anti-romantic movies and with her I watch movies that get me out of my comfort zone of the romantic movies. We watched “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra who is this out of work grungy author who has a book contract but nothing written. Then due to a run in with his ex brother in law who was a drug dealer gets a drug who allows people to use more than the 20% of their brain they use regularly so he writes his book and gets involved in the stock market and makes lots of money. But this drug is so addicting you have to keep taking it or you basically a slug. Also if you don’t take it you can end up in a comma and die. Yeah not good. It is a good almost conspiracy film. The thing I loved most about it was the lighting or cinematography because when ever he was on the drug the colors were so vibrant and when he wasn’t the colors were so grey. Definitely a movie good to watch on an HD tv. The thing I didn't like about it was that at the end it makes it seem its okay to take drugs.

At my friend’s suggestion I also watched the movie “The Brother’s Bloom” (seriously got to love Blockbuster Express) it stars Adrian Broody and Mark Ruffalo (who I love from 13 going on 30) they are brothers who grow up in foster care with multitude of parents and through that really only have each other. Mark Ruffalo the older brother is really the brains but he uses his brother Bloom (Adrian Broody) to set up the con. It seems after every job they pull Adrian Broody wants to get out but can’t because Steve (Ruffalo) is all he has. So there next mark is Rachel Weiz who is the sole inheritor of large multi million dollar estate. She lives by herself and is bored so find these brothers’ exciting and together they pool a big con. I loved that even though it takes place in modern day it has a vintage feel. I mean from America to Europe they take a boat and when they are in Europe they take a train, no planes, I thought hey this movie could be set in 1930s almost and Mark Ruffalo and Adrian Broody play the bad guys you love like the mob movies of the 1930s. And the costuming is so unique. Definitely a movie I would like to own and put in my collection.

My recommendations are for Letters to Juliet for a sweet kind of corny romantic comedy and The Brothers Bloom for an original story and vintage feel movie.

Tonight I am going to see”Crazy Stupid Love” with another friend of mine. I will let you know how it is.