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Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Films... Age of Adeline

Hello Lovely Readers,

Last weekend I watched the beautifully artistic film of Age of Adeline staring Blake Lively. Blake Lively was perfect casting she is flawlessly and classically beautiful, she looked in the 1920s style to modern day fashion. The story is one of those where you have to suspend reality and just believe it is possible. In the beginning of the film we see Adeline have a horrible car accident (it is in the trailer... so not a spoiler) and because of a bolt of lighting she is never able to age. She then has to be on the run as she worries people will want to arrest her and maybe do test on her (she lives in the MacArthur era so people might think she is a communist spy). Anyway she moves every 10 years and she is about to move when she meets Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman... Orphan Black and Nashville). Ellis is swept away by Adeline's beauty and brains (I mean she works at a how awesome is that). He is also very persistent, which at first worries Adeline but then she gives in and they fall in love (that is not a spoiler as it a romantic movie). He takes her to meet his parents and his dad (Harrison Ford) instantly recognizes her as Adeline, even though she says that was her mother. From there things begin to unravel... will Adeline run again? will she tell her secret? 

Ellis and Adeline
The main reason to see this movie is to see the
costuming. As I said Blake Lively was great casting she can live in any decade and still look wonderful. She can wear any style and still look beautiful... okay I will admit I got a little bit of a girl crush on her (from watching this).

And while the story was romantic and I got a little sappy feelings from parts of it I am glad I did pay a movie ticket for it... sorry Lively. I thought the film was beautiful and the story good for the message it was trying to portray but on my budget I think I would have been upset with myself if I spent $10 dollars on a ticket. However, for a movie to watch for free on Sunday afternoon it was delightful.

The one part that really annoyed me was the voice over. It wasn't Lively's voice so it made me distant from the story and I think there could have been a way to portray what the voice was saying better. But overall I thought it was a good twist on a love story. 
This is just a sampling of the costume design... but as I love costume design I will probably search out more movies with the same costumer. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exploring the World of Makeup

On Saturday I delved deep into the world of make-up by exploring the magical store of Sephora. Not being a make up girl myself I usually find this store scary but my friend Kendra at Random Acts Babble held my hand as I explored the world of makeup.

This exploration started with my Journey into Makeup post. But then I read the March issue of  Elle Magazine. In the article The Cover-Up by Claire Gutierrez (sorry couldn't find link to article). She wrote that her face had always been the same and she didn't know how to change it; she had never really learned... me too. Minus other people have doing my makeup I had never changed my face, maybe more or less mascara. For the most part I really connected with this author. But the piece that got to me was when she quoted a psychology study at Harvard University, where they studied people's immediate reactions to women barefaced and varying levels of makeup were more likely to perceived as amiable, trustworthy, and competent. "Even women who opted for glamorous looks were perceived as more competent than those who, like me, favor a natural look."
my younger sister and I
close up
As I have already admitted I am not a big makeup person. Since I was a teenager people have always thought I was younger than I was. People always thought my younger sister, who discovered the world of makeup before me, was the older one. And no matter how many times my mom says I will like looking young when I am 40, it didn't help when I was 16 and it doesn't really help now. I don't want to look older than I am but I do want to want to look my age. I also want to look competent and trustworthy. So if this means makeup than I am willing to explore this world.

I don't know if I begged, or casually brought up my desperation for make up to my friend Kendra but we made a date for yesterday to go shopping. I got a little make over which was lots of fun. I asked for a natural look that and I could easily repeat at home. I also knew that brown eye shadows  brought out blue eyes but I love pink or I wanted a good combo. The woman who did my make over found a great palate for my eyes (Lorac unzipped).
Some of the make up

Half way through the make over...
my lovely makeup artist in the background
Close up of my eyes...sorry for the weird expression
After she had finished my eyes she worked on my lips (Laura Mercier) then she took me around the store and showed me a nice foundation that was a little darker than my skin to give me a little glow. Sephora made a pretty penny off of me but it was fun to invest in myself a little bit. 
my eyelids somewhat shut.
at the Gap
my eyes and my lips
Now it is my turn to play around with all of it as I explore this world of makeup and of growing up. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

A journey into makeup

Song-"Supermodel" by Jill Sobule
Video- "Clueless"

Hello lovely readers,

I am not a make up girl. I mean minus special events I really only wear eye make-up (eye shadow and mascara) but until high school I didn't even wear this much. In high school my makeup was sunscreen (in my facial moisturizer) and chap stick. Then freshman year of college I wore mascara but only on my top lashes but one of my friends asked me why I half my eye lashes were black and half were red, I got very conscious of my eye make up so I started working on my bottom lashes. I am not really good with putting things near my eyes so it took awhile and I only wore mascara on my bottom lashes on special days. But then I started doing it all the time and I became one of those girls who could not leave the house with out mascara. The summer after I graduated college I added eye shadow... though for the most part I think it looks just like my eyelids (maybe I should be more adventurous). 
My usual makeup
But my real confession is until a few days ago I never used make up remover. I mean I cleaned my face and I made sure never have bleak streaks under my eyes before leaving the house but never used make up remover. Then I was in the grocery store the other day and I saw some and put it in my basket. The last few nights I have been using it I haven't noticed a difference.

Here is the before shot 

The cleansing pad after I am done.

Here is my after...not much difference
It doesn't look that different so I don't know if I am cleaning wrong or if I need to get a better makeup remover, or if the face I wear water proof mascara means it never comes off.

This is what I am currently using
I am not a big make up person so I will probably never write about make up again but if you have any suggestions when it comes to this I am always happy to listen.