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Thursday, April 17, 2014

My week in pictures and song

Here are some highlights from this week hope you enjoy...

I have posted a motivational song as I prepare for the end of this semester... here is another one.
I have only seen Hercules a few times, but this song has made my list of motivational song to keep me going. 
Song: Go the Distance
From Hercules 

Spring has FINALLY come to Boston, as winter felt painfully long, I have never had a green thumb, but I do love flowers starting to bloom. Since moving to Boston I have discovered that daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom and I have grown to love them as a sign of hope.

As it spring now I get to switch over to my spring and summer scent (and my favorite scent) of Marc Jacobs Daisy. Last year my Grandpa sent me money for my birthday stating that I had to spend it on something frivolous so I bought this perfume that I love. 

We are experiencing April showers here in Boston and in hopeful romantic, period drama watching way I have always loved the rain. Rain always brings out a freshness in the time. Today as I was walking around getting some errands done I felt like it was a perfect story book rain storm. 
Marianne from Sense and Sensibility (2008)
Also I have had some hard times with my thesis and I have felt trapped not knowing what to do next, well today I had a meeting with my reader and she gave me some good advice and now I truly feel motivated to get re-started. I feel like a lot of my spring semester has been re-starting.
I believe Mark Twain is author of this quote
As motivation of my writing, I have changed my computer background... 

Also as a fan-girl it has been a good week... First I am so happy that Parks and Rec has provided us with some cute Ben and Leslie moments. I have felt this season has been lacking some cute and much needed Ben and Leslie moments (and to be honest that is why I started watching the show). In season 5 they introduced the "Ben and Leslie Family Album" but since then nothing about that until this week. 
"Family Album"

Also, I have been watching the Emma Approved series and have greatly enjoyed it, so it makes me even happier to know that the actors in real life are dating. They have great chemistry on screen on so this is wonderful for this fangirl. 
Here is a short little preview of some of their on air chemistry...

Video: Emma & Alex Knightley | Into the blue

I am also re-reading one of my favorite novels, I Capture the Castle, re-reading some novels to me is like snuggling under a warm blanket even if I am on the T. I know what is going to happen but I still enjoy remembering the details. 

I know this post has been rather frivolous, but I hope you have enjoyed it. 

Screen shot of Cassandra and Stephen walking through the blue bells.
*I wrote this post on Tuesday and now having bragged about how glorious the weather has been here it has decided to return to a normal spring weather of close to 50s. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Heroine in the rain

Every heroine deserves a great moment in the rain. This is a truth from both period dramas (rather they happen in the book or not) and modern TV and movies. There just seems to be something about the rain that makes a scene more romantic. I am happy I let my heroine, Rose, have her moment... 
A Folly
         At that moment we heard the overcast sky give a little grumble and the pale gray sky was now presenting us with a summer shower. Kelby without thinking took my hand and lead me to the Temple of Diana. It wasn't really a temple just a folly. It had been popular in the eighteenth century for grand estates to build these little arch ways and call them temples. Now they mainly served as places to hide during the rain. But it was the closest structure to the backwoods and a good place to wait out this summer storm. Even though it was the closest structure we were still soaked causing a shiver over my body. Kelby must have seen me shiver as he pulled me close into his arms and held me there. I think outside of Marcus, who used to hug me when I had bad dreams, Kelby was the first man to hold me.

            "Come let's get me home," he said once the rain had stooped.
            "Oh Kelby I do not want to go home. I cannot face her."
            "Miss Rose, one must never be afraid to face your fears." With that he took his thumb  and brushed the hair that had fallen in front of my face. "But perhaps you need some tea to strengthen you up." And he gave me a little smile.

            I was only eleven so I could not explain how I really felt then but I mark this down as the beginning of my love for Kelby Gray.
Here are some great rain moments...
Colonel Brandon and Marianne
My new favorite..

And probably the most famous...

And in modern days...
Jim and Pam
Sweet Home Alabama
Saw this on pinterest and just thought it was funny...
Needless to say when the time does come, I hope I get a romantic moment in the rain. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rainy day in Boston

Opening scene to "Midnight in Paris"

It is kind of a rainy day here in Boston. In my romantic or idealistic way I love the rain (as long as it is not a down pour). My parents just got back from Europe (celebrating their 20th anniversary) and my step-mom told me it rained in both London and Paris. I said "It is suppose to rain in Paris, haven't you seen Sabrina." (I hope she knows I meant that as a joke. I have never been to Paris but I have been to London and when we have a nice rainy day here I think fondly of London.

So to my friends in Boston (or any where it is raining) I hope you are having a nice "London rainy day."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Hearts

Who Put the Bomp-Barry Mann

It is a really old school song but I thought it was great for welcoming in the month of February. Especially a February that starts at 58 degrees. I know I am single and I don't have a Valentine but I am such a hopeful romantic that I get caught up in the idea of Valentine's day. The day when you get to express your feelings. In a very corny way I think it would be sweet for the guy I like to use Valentine's day as a reason to tell me he liked me too. But that is probably something that only happens in a movie. Oh well I can dream right?

 Hope you all have a wonderful February!
To my future Valentine

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rainy Days

Found at Rambling of a Housewife
The last few days it has been raining here in Boston. Usually I like the rain I think of London or Paris and it nice and peaceful. I sometimes find I am at most creative when it is raining outside... I don't really know why. I used to have a job in a quiet museum gift shop and when it rained there was hardly any crowds and I could get a lot of writing done in the rain. I even like the way the air smells when a storm is about to come.

I think dramatic moments in stories should happen in the rain like when Marianne meets Willoby.
Found at Jane Austen Today
Or when Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell finally get together at the end of Four Weddings and a Funeral.
Found at
And the most important of Cinematic history in Singing in the Rain after Gene Kelly kisses Debbie Reyolnds he dances around in the rain storm with out a care in the world.

Found at Daily
There are probably 1,000s more where rain is used in movies. But see rain is inspiring. It is also seems fresh, like a wash away of what has happened and new starts.

But today I did not feel fresh or inspired I felt blah. It was hard motivating myself to get out of bed and to go through my morning routine. I just wanted to stay under the covers and do nothing. Granted this is a good way to spend rainy days too... but I had to get out of bed and go to work. And by the time I got to work I felt soaked through... not fun.

So rain even though I love you I am asking you to go away so I can enjoy some dry times. Thank you.

On a more positive note I am suppose to be getting Internet at home today so I can work on posting more of The Sisters of Pine Haven.