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Monday, October 8, 2012

Writing is my little oasis

Hello Lovely Readers,

I know it has been a long time since I have published any part of my story... so long some of you might have thought I have given up writing. Well fear not, I have not. I have gone back and forth on this mentally, my friend advised me not to publish my story on the internet because a publisher would not touch my story if people had free access to it. I followed that advise. But to be honest through all my thoughts on how this blog should be, sharing my story was a very important factor of writing this blog. I hope to one day be published but I still want to share some of my victories with my loyal readers.

I am still working on my story, even with going to grad-school full time I have found writing to be my little oasis. However it does take me awhile as for the most part I can still only write through hand writing then typing it up. I have written at few odd intervals and have tried to keep up on transcribing it, but it is hard. Any way Saturday I passed 80,000 words typed up... a victory for me! I can't wait till I across 100,000 words. 

Any way here is a little part of my story that got me up to 80,000 words.

Hope you have a nice week.

My dear sweet Emmy,

            How I have missed your company. If Laurel and your mother can spare you, I beg you to be my companion at Mr. and Mrs. Netherfields’ dinner. Mr. Dumont cannot attend with me and I would hate to throw off Mrs. Netherfields’ table when we have already agreed to go. Your cousins Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Danford are coming and I know how much she has missed your company. I believe there will be another party of interest there as well.

Please write as quick as you can.
Yours Always,
Aunt Iris.

“Another party,” Emmy could tell right away she meant Brandon. Aunt Iris had always been do keen on pushing Brandon and her together. “Oh heavens I suppose I shall have to face him soon enough,” Emmy said to herself.

“Saunders said there was a letter from Iris, what does she want?” Fiona said coming into the room.
“She is begging me to accompany her to the Netherfields’ dinner. That is if you and Laurel can spare me.”
“Oh you must go, the Netherfields are some of the highest society and their parties are so grand. You will meet a great number of people I should say and it is not right for you to stay cooped up in here. I insist you go.”
“Nicholas and Kathryn will be there and I suspect Mr. Brandon James as well.”
“Well you must go, they are such dear friends.”
“Yes mother.”

Emmy had not told mother about Caleb or Brandon. Perhaps she should go, see Brandon in public and it would the best to do that at a large gathering. If they were alone in conversation they could make small talk and try to pretend nothing had happened.

“Go and come back with a nice report to tell us all that happened,” Laurel said when Emmy discussed it with her.
“All that happens?”
“Yes I want to see the room come alive, remember all the details of the women’s dresses, the flowers in the centerpieces, and how the food tastes. The Netherfields are known for being quite refined in all aspects and I want a full report.”
“You want to know all that happens?”
“Of course I do.”
“Every detail, every awkward moment, every uncomfortable glance.”
“I am sure it will not be that bad.”
“I am sure it will.”
“Well try your best to enjoy yourself.”
“I will try for your sake.”

Emmy wore one of her new gowns. It was dark green with rose pink accents. Moth told her the green brought out her eyes. Every time Emmy dressed up now for society she still felt as if she was playing dress up. A woman was showing up more and more in the reflection but she felt so much like a girl in her mother’s dress and shoes.

           Aunt Iris was most happy to have her as her companion and promised to show her off. The Netherfields and all their associates were in the highest social standing. It would be good for Emmy to get known in these circles.

When they arrived and gave their welcomes to their host and hostess Emmy was quick to find Kathryn. Kathryn was all kindness and asked after Laurel. It was all such a miserable circumstance, Kathryn said. Then Emmy asked after Brandon. Kathryn either didn't know anything of their last interaction or was a very good actress and pretended not  to know anything. Either way, Emmy supposed it did not matter as Kathryn said he was not coming. She said work had kept him so hectic these last few weeks that he hardly called on her and that he practically slept in the office. Then she lowered her voice and spoke at a volume only Emmy could hear and admitted that both Julia and Caleb were to come. Emmy felt a little light headed but could not let her friend see. Kathryn was not able to finish her next sentence for at that very moment Julia walked in.

“Emmy darling.”
“Hello Julia.”
“I did not know you were going to be here, is Laurel here as well?”
“No I am afraid that Laurel is too ill to be out of the house.”
“That is a shame to miss such a night as this.”
“I will let her know that I send her your regards.”
            "Please do. It is a shame she is not here tonight for I had such wonderful news, I wanted to share it with both my cousins and my sister."
            "What is it?" Kathryn asked knowing Emmy did not have the heart to.
            "Mother and father have given me their permission for Caleb and I to marry next month. It turns out father has given Caleb a position in his office, so I shall not be moving to New York as I hoped but this will be perfect as I will still be close to home and my family. Any way Caleb has to do for father in German, I believe, so father is letting us get married and then we will got to Germany on our honeymoon. Oh it is all perfect. Of course I'd rather go to France or Italy like you did dear sister," she said smiling at Kathryn. "But if we can get married sooner all the better. I cannot imagine sending Caleb to Germany as I anxiously await his return with a ring on my finger." Julia paid little to the fact Emmy was growing whiter with each word out of her mouth. "Now, dearest Emmy, I know we had our little disagreements last summer but I do hope we can put that behind us and you will be my bride's maid. I have lots of friends but no friend can replace the closeness of family bonds."
            Emmy could barely speak but somehow mustered the strength to shake her head yes. She also somehow was able to convey a smile to let Julia believe she was truly happy for her.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Attempting Jane Austen

I have been trying to write a story much in the way of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, as it is one of my favorite stories, but I have taken some creative liberality with the story. I do hope that my readers will be okay with that. I want to stick with the basic idea but in order to stay true to my voice have decided to change some of the plot points.

This scene is one of my creative liberalities... Laurel, the eldest gets sick, this is to motivate Emmy growing up a bit. In this scene Emmy has gone back home to fetch mother with Ethan Foster's help.

I love the picture below (even though it is the wrong era for my story) it reminds me of Emmy sneaking off into her woods.

Emmy could not recount all the word she said to her mother she just remembered falling into her mother's arms weeping. They had arrived after dinner so it was too late to start back to Boston but Mrs. Pembers had the cook make them a light meal but Emmy ate only two bites before she felt sick to her stomach. The next day Fiona spent the day making arrangements for Gloria to stay at a friend's house and she made sure a nurse and doctor were on call in case anything happened to Grandma Danford. Mrs. Pembers said she could handle everything but Fiona felt better knowing the house was well maintained. Emmy still didn't eat much of any meals and went to bed right after dinner exhausted from not being able to sleep the last couple of nights. She still could sleep though and until the sun rose. She just paced the floor. Once the sun was up she got dressed, did her hair and snuck outdoors to her woods, the only place she felt she could get peace.

            "Ah Miss Emmy there you are," Mr. Foster said finding her in the woods.
            "What are you doing here?"
            "Your mother sent me looking for you. She said you would be here?"
            "Is everything all right?"
            "Oh yes. She wanted you to know she would be ready in the hour and then after lunch we should take off."
            "Who can think of food at a time like this?"
            "You must stay healthy Miss Emmy, you will be no good to your sister if you too are ill."
            "I am no good here."
            "Yes you are, you are bringing her mother to her."
            "Yes I am a good messenger."
            "Miss Emmy you are much more than a messenger."
            "Not much more."
            "What would your sister say if she heard you talking like this?"
            "First she would be upset I was walking in the woods and getting my dress dirty. She hated these woods."
            "Really? When I was here last she seemed rather fond of them."

            Emmy remembered that conversation from what she overheard, Laurel had spoken more to Ethan than she had to her own sister about her desires. Then she remembered what Laurel had said about her being so naïve. Emmy couldn't help but giggled when she thought about she had acted.

            "What are you giggling at?" Mr. Foster asked.
            "I overheard one of your talks, when you and Laurel walking out here once, she called me naïve and how I had my head in the clouds most of the time. I guess I was, I guess I am naïve and a silly dreamer. You see, I never had to grow up Laurel was always grown up for the both of us."
            "I think you are pretty grown up."
            "Only because I have to be, if Laurel was healthy and strong , I would still be in my ignorant ways, but circumstances have charged and the world feels so different now."
            "But still you find comfort in these woods? Miss James, I mean Mrs. Danford can dress you up in fancy clothes and teach you how to do your hair and your sister's sickness might have forced you to grow up but don't ever lose what makes you, you. These woods, your stories and your heart for adventure that is truly who you are and all the rest is just additional."
            "You were not here for Miss James' trip, who told you that?"
            "She did, she boasted about how she had dolled you up but I rather prefer you with your hair down and rather unruly then a doll who looks too perfect to touch."
            Emmy turned around feeling a flush upon her cheek. "You shouldn't talk that way."
            "In what way?"
            "It is almost flirtatious and anyone who didn't know you were in love with Laurel would question your loyalty." She had said it faster than she could think and now that it was there she couldn't take it back.

            She turned back around to face him. "I am sorry Mr. Foster, I should not have accused you of flirting you are only too kind. Please don't tell my sister about any of this."
            "I won't."
            "Especially not about-"
            He cut her off "Don't worry Miss Emmy, I will not say a word, discretion is my greatest flaw. But I am surprised for a girl who lives in the clouds how well you notice things here on earth."
            "I do not mean too."
            "It was all right, " he turned around and walked away leaving her in the woods by herself.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"It would all end well"

This is not the end of my story but at the end of this part Aunt Iris believes this  will all end well and I thought that it would be a could title for this section of the story. I have found this quote on Pinterest and right now things are not okay in the story so it is not the end. But as I think about the end of my story I do wonder how everything will be okay. Life doesn't always have ends so as a writer I have always been stuck with thinking how ends are going to happen in stories.

The next day Emmy felt better until she remembered what happened and where she was. She was Aunt and Uncle's house knowing that her cousin Julia was probably just waiting for her to come just waiting for her to come out of her room so she could rub it in Emmy's nose. Emmy flashed back to that first party she had seen Julia at when she looked as if she was tenderly guarding a secret. At that time Emmy almost believed her to be sweet but now it all made sense Julia was guarding her secret about their engagement. Then at the rehearsal dinner how quick she was to tease Emmy for the way Caleb acted, it was all a fun joke to Julia. Her head now pounded and requested her breakfast in her room.

            "How long is going to stay," Julia moaned at breakfast.
            "She just fainted just last night darling," Victoria said.
            "I know but with the announcement last night I really thought we could start planning the wedding."
            "If we start today or tomorrow it will not make that big of difference. You have plenty of time till June."
            "June?" Julia moaned again "I want to be married as quickly as possible, I do not want to wait till June."
            "Yes June, Nicholas and Kathryn will not be back from Italy till at least March and March is far too cold. Besides how would it look if we took the attention from Kathryn, she deserves some time to be the bride of this family. I had to wait eight-teen months before my mother and father even announced my engagement after my sister was married. We announced your engagement barely a week after Nicholas and Kathryn's wedding because you moaned and begged so much but you will not beg your way into getting us to push up the wedding."
            "Then what if Caleb and I eloped?"
            "Then your father will cut you off without a dime and I hardly expect Mr. James can afford to risk it."

            Julia threw herself on the chair she felt she could hardly risk having Emmy and Caleb in the same city for one more day. While he acted coldly to her outwardly Julia felt from the way he talked about when they were alone that he could possible still have feeling for her and Julia would not risk him falling for her again as he did in Pine Haven. By then Julia knew a bit of the true story of Caleb's financial situation, only Mr. Danford made sure to know the whole truth before anything was settled, but Julia loved him with all her heart and did not care how little he brought to the table so Mr. Danford agreed as long as the money remained in Julia's possession and Caleb followed strict guidelines would they consent. Mr. Danford required that his future son-in-law start his new business and head quarter it in Boston so Mr. Danford and Mr. Danford's investors could watch it closely. Also if in three years the business had not done well Caleb would work for Mr. Danford in order to make sure his daughter was well provided for. Julia did not know of this arrangement for all she talked about was how wonderful life would be like in New York. Until June, Caleb would live in New York closing up his New York office and settling up his accounts. Caleb owed some money around town and there Mr. Danford helped him too. For all this Mr. Danford thought Julia's wedding cost him more than he would think but Caleb was always a smooth talker and had been able to convince Mr. Danford it would be worth his investment. Mr. Danford was quick to protect all his investments stating that if anything unsettling happened before the wedding then both Julia and Caleb would be left without a dime, making elopement impossible for the couple. Also if Caleb ill treated Julia in any way during their marriage Mr. Danford had every right to take his money away from Caleb. Julia told her parents that this was true love and she thought her parent were going to extreme measures. Still Mr. and Mrs. Danford would not acknowledge the engagement until after Caleb signed off on all of this, which he had done the night of the dinner party. And Julia had to follow her parents orders so the wedding date was set for June twelfth.

            Since Emmy had not been able to come down for breakfast Aunt Victoria thought it was best to keep Emmy at their home for the day giving her rest. Emmy felt as if Aunt Victoria was doing this completely out of family obligation, it would never look right for a family member to cast out their relative while they were ill. It wasn't that Emmy was ill she couldn't face her cousin and the gloating that would come if she saw her cousin. However she could not stay in this house another day so the next day she got up her strength came down to breakfast, acted pleasantly enough whenever anyone brought up Caleb's name which Julia did a lot she tried to change topics. After breakfast she asked Aunt Victoria if she could return to Mrs. Dumont's home. Aunt Victoria worried a bit that Emmy was not quite ready. Emmy assured her she was plenty healthy to satisfy Aunt Victoria to invite Mrs. Dumont to tea and then Mrs. Dumont could see Emmy safely home. Aunt Victoria consented to this arrangement and wrote Mrs. Dumont quickly about it. Emmy could see that Julia was cheerfully smiling. Emmy thought that it was because she wanted to gloat but Julia wanted her to leave so her mother and her could start planning her and Caleb's official engagement party.

            There is little conversation to record from that day Emmy tried to stay far away from her cousin as possible. She wished she was back in Pine Haven at least there if she wanted to away she could hide in her woods and none really came looking for her. Here in Boston the houses were smaller with maids running around everywhere and at every hour. She could not even escape outside for people crowded the sidewalks, carriages and motor coaches filled the streets, there seemed to be no place of absolute solitude and right now that is what Emmy needed. She need to get away and try to process it all that had happened in the last forty-eight hours for none of it made sense. Though Caleb never had said it he certainly acted as if he loved her, he had hinted at them running away together. surely that must of meant something. Then she came here to see him  so cold and distant did not make sense and now to learn he is engaged to her cousin it was all mind boggling. Uncle Charles had said they didn't want to announce their engagement till after Nicholas was married, could they could have been engaged that when time in Pine Haven? Was his flirtation to her been all a joke between Julia and Caleb? None of it made sense and in her time of needing her woods she was far away from all she knew. Her only comfort in that day was seeing Aunt Iris who promptly took her back home after tea.

            "Aunt Iris, I am so happy to be back, that house was torturous for me I do not know if could survive much longer. It tool all the strength I had to act normal so Aunt Victoria would allow me to come back."
            "Yes I am sure the news of your cousin's engagement would be quite unsettling."
            "It was and how I longed for my woods to escape into."
            "I would then encourage you to go back to Pine Haven but I feel luck has changed for Laurel. Mr. Foster came by today and stayed almost an hour and half."
            "Yes he came under the pretenses of seeing you but he did not seem to hesitate staying when he learned you were still at the Danfords."
            "Did he say anything else about the party?"
            "Very little, just that before the announcement you were the talk of the party."
            "Anything else?"

            "No he just made sure to tell us that he made sure you had a wonderful evening." Emmy gave a sigh of relief. "Though Alfred did tell me about the gossip of you and Mr. Foster being a couple. Do not worry I did not tell Laurel, who would believe it anyway Mr. Foster so clearly has eyes for Laurel."
            "Thank you Aunt Iris, I was so humiliated when I thought people thought that about Mr. Foster and I. I could not bore to think what Laurel would do if she knew the gossip. I did not even know Mr. Dumont had heard the rumors he seemed so immune to it that night."
            "Alfred always knew everything, just certain things he cares not to talk about and to him had no validity so he cared not to pass it on."
            "I am very thankful to Mr. Dumont's modesty."

            Laurel and Emmy were happy to see each other again. Laurel was sorry she could not be there to pick up her sister, Aunt Iris was still concerned over Laurel's health and could not take any risk. Emmy understood perfectly, she told Laurel how awful it was to be in that house and how she kept replaying the announcement over and over again. Emmy wished she had never gone to that party, how she had longed to see Caleb James, and now every memory of him hurt. The only good news was that he returned to New York on the first train yesterday so she would not have to see his face. Laurel stroked Emmy's hair much in the same way mother had always done. Laurel knew mother would know the perfect thing to say and all Laurel could think to say was how everything would be all right. That wasn't true, she knew and Laurel doubted rather her sister believed her. You could never tell a crying girl that it would be all right because at that moment it felt as if the world would cave in. Laurel knew all this but still was all she say.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Heroines

I can't believe it I have just passed 100 pages in typing my story... whoa that feels huge! In my post on Friday I mentioned how I feel ashamed about my writing because I have never finished a story. Well I have never gotten this far in a story either and it feels like I am making this huge step in my writing life. I hope you will  check out my full post on my other blog Sisters of Pine Haven having this space and my lovely readers has really kept me going in my story so thank you so much.
If the heroine of this story was Kathryn James this would be a lovely end but heroines of this story sat in the third row of the church on grooms side, though in reality Emmy felt closer to Kathryn her own cousin. She took in all the beauty of the day and made sure to take active mental notes so she could write back to her mother in full detail. The ceremony was traditional, nothing to go into great detail about. Kathryn and Nicholas had five attendants on both side. Kathryn didn't have any sisters so her cousins and two friends schools stood to her side wearing matching crimson dresses, to complement the autumn colors and holding a smaller bouquet of white roses much like Kathryn's. Nicholas had Ethan Foster, Caleb James and three other friends standing next to him wearing their finest morning suits in a very traditional manor with tails.

            After the wedding Victoria Danford untraditionally threw a luncheon for the couple with the family and close friends. Even though it was just a luncheon it was a very formal meal with multiple courses. In very modern fashion Victoria served French cuisine that had become popular to serve all over Europe and the finest families in America. The newlyweds stayed through the meal then took off to train station. Kathryn told Emmy that they would go to New York than take a cruise line over to Italy and they planned to stay there at least till spring. Kathryn had never been to Italy and gushed over everything she wanted to see while they were there. Emmy was happy for Kathryn but was a little jealous as she had never been anywhere and wished she could be going to Europe. Once the couple left the party started to break up but Victoria insisted that the Cromwell girls stay around. She felt guilty that they spent so little time together after all they were family. Emmy rolled her eyes at the idea of family obligation.

            "I can stay if you like?" Brandon said seeing Emmy rolling her eyes.
            "Oh no Mrs. James you are too kind."
            " It is no problem I want to be useful to you."
            "Thank you Mrs. James."

            Emmy took a look around the room and did not see Caleb who she really wanted to see.

            "Are you all right?" Brandon asked noticing Emmy looked distracted.
            "Yes, fine I was just wondering where your brother is?"
            "He told me he had to go back to his mother's house to get some work done. Work on his sister's wedding day can you imagine?"
            "He must be very busy."
            Brandon could tell Emmy was still in love with Caleb just in the tone of her voice.

            "Yes his business keeps him quite occupied. Excuse me, Miss Emmy, I see Mrs. James waiving at me, she might want to leave."
            "Of course it has been a long day."

            Mrs. James did not really waive him over but he had to walk away. He could not see why Emmy still loved his brother when he has been nothing but cold to her since he left Pine Haven. Brandon had done everything he could think of to show Emmy how much he cared but she only had eyes for Caleb. That Monday Brandon went to the Ambassador to make plans to go back to England. But for today he left making his apologies to the hostess and Mrs. James but said nothing to Emmy.

            Laurel did not have a grand time at the luncheon either. Ethan Foster kept his distance, she tried to talk to him but he kept getting flustered. They used to talk for hours together now though she could not think of what to say leading to some awkward silent moments. Then he left the party shortly after Nicholas and Kathryn left. She wanted to leave then too and hated that there was family obligation to stay because Aunt Victoria felt guilty.

            The party was hardly a success for our heroines and with that in mind they would never have expect the following events. However without these events the story would not exist.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Writing Wednesday

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."

I got to a part in my story where I couldn't think of where to go next. I mean I knew what I wanted to say but I couldn't think of how to write it. In order to get inspiration I read back through what I had already written. One thing I noticed was that I left out some words, one time I used the word "hose" when I meant to write "host" and in my post Afternoon Tea  I realized I totally copied and pasted wrong from my word document. First I am sorry readers for this mistake. If you go to that post now it is all set up properly. Tonight I got through 3 post out of the 25 written for my blog is Sisters of Pine Haven but I will get through some more over the coming weeks before summer classes start. 

Here is a preview of the updated Afternoon Tea...
It was in these woods Miss Pembers knew to look for Emmy when the household was expecting Mrs. Melbourne and her eligible son Mr. Melbourne for tea. 

“Miss Emmy you have been outside long enough it is time for tea and your mother insist you come outside.” 

“I don’t want to be involved in anything where Laurel throws herself at the boring man Mr. Melbourne is.” 

“I seriously doubt Miss Laurel will throw herself at anyone, it would be in-proper and your sister has a higher sense of propriety then anyone I know. Now come or I shall send Helena to get you.” 

Helena was Grandma Danford’s cook who had no problem disciplining the girls into good behavior with a wooden spoon, Emmy suffered the worst for it. She was hardly the a model of good behavior from her unkempt hair, dirty finger nails and stockings sometimes covered in mud. Mother would only allow Helena to give Emmy one or two hits but Emmy still felt the blows to be fatal. With the threat of Helena’s wooden spoon Emmy climbed down from her rock and dusted herself off before presenting herself to Miss Pembers. 

“And where are your shoes.”

“One can hardly climb with those little boots on, I would slip and break my neck.”

“Your Grandmother would break your neck knowing you walked outside barefoot. It is a good thing you have yet to wear long dresses you would ruin all of the with your childish ways.”

“I am not a child.”

“Well you are certainly not acting like a girl of sixteen. Playing in the woods, day dreaming and losing yourself in your world of make believe.”

“I like my world it is more interesting then this world.”

“Hush your mouth. You have all beauty and luxury around you. You are lucky to have such a fortunate family. There are girls in orphanages who dream of having what you have.”

Emmy wanted to remind Miss Pembers that none of the beauty and luxury was hers to do with what she would. If it was she would sale everything and explore the world. It all belonged to her Grandma and then it would go to uncle and the girls would receive nothing. She wanted to remind Miss Pembers of all that but know when Miss Pembers let her Irish accent slop she was about to let her hot temp out. So Emmy kept her mouth shut.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Changes are happening

One thing I want to do during my summer break is to write more and I have finally typed up what I have written thus far...

The party would not have to wait a week to see each other again. After church on Sunday Kathryn threw an impromptu party of dinner and cards. She invited the Cromwell sisters, Brandon, Nicholas and Julia. She also invited some of Nicholas' friends George Manfred and Leonard Hopefelt in order to even out the party. She said she invited Ethan Foster but he told her that he was previously engaged. Also Mr. and Mrs. Dumont could not attend as they had dinner plans but eagerly encouraged the girls to go on their own.

            "How odd that Mr. Foster would not wish to see us," Emmy said when Laurel and her were alone.
            "Kathryn said he had other plans."
            "Surely plans he could get out of for such dear friends as us, well you Laurel. He must not have known we were part of the party."
            "Do you not regard him highly Laurel?"
            But before Emmy could get an answer Laurel walked away.

            Emmy was able to get Kathryn a lone to inquire after Mr. Foster.

            "Kathryn, do you know Mr. Foster very well."
            "A little, he does not seem to socialize like other men of his fashion. He is Nicholas' dear friend though they seem so different but Nicholas and Mr. Danford always speaks highly of him so I take that as a good recommendation. Why? How do you know him?"
            "He came to visit us for awhile before you came to see us, it was just for a few weeks but I felt Laurel and him had an attachment but we have seen no word from him since he left. Also a few days before your brother left Pine Haven, he mentioned that a Ethan Foster was engaged to a Sally Lawrence. I say 'a' Ethan Foster because I cannot believe it would be Laurel's Ethan Foster."
            "As far I know I think Laurel and Mr. Foster would be a fine match if his aunt would ever allow him to marry. But I know nothing of any Sally Lawrence connected with him but he says so little when he is around me and men talk so little of their love lives but I will keep my ears on alert if I hear anything."
            "Oh thank you Kathryn, you must not mention this to Laurel I would not wish her to know anything till we are absolutely certain."
            "Of course not," Kathryn changed her tone to more of a somber one "I am glad you pulled me aside I received word from my brother he will not be able to come to Boston until the week before the wedding. I wish he would come sooner but he says he cannot."
            "Kathryn you are so kind to tell me privately about this but I am not concerned."
            "You're not?" she sounded a bit surprised.
            "Do not get me wrong as much I would like to see him Aunt Iris has taught me some valuable lessons when it comes to relationships."
            Kathryn kissed her on both cheeks then pulled her in for a hug."Miss Emmy you must know I so long to call you my sister."             
            "And I you."

            Brandon over heard the last part of their conversation and knew then that Emmy Cromwell was still very much attached to his brother and that nothing had changed in Emmy's heart. Emmy was confused of why Caleb stayed away from her, he did not write her since he left Pine Haven. She told herself that his emotions were too strong that he could not handle himself around her. He was being a gentleman but separating himself from her before he crossed the line of impropriety. Emmy tried not to let her confusion and worrisome show as the night went on.

            Fortunately for Emmy, Kathryn spent no more time discussing Caleb as Nicholas and Julia were next to arrive. As soon as Julia arrive the mood in the house changed. Julia pretended to be surprised to see her cousins again after short time apart. After the last summer with Julia, Emmy no longer bought her enthusiasm as genuine. It did seem to Emmy, Julia did seem sincerely happy even if she was not truly happy to see her cousins. Occasionally Emmy noticed that Julia would play with her necklace, taking the pedant in fingers and moving back and forth over the chain. When she did this she had a endearing look it looked as if she was guarding a little secret.


After dinner Laurel took to the piano and played some soft music, any one would think that Laurel took to the piano because of her strong love of music but she mostly loved the solitary it allowed. Most of the dinner was full of small talk and Laurel hated small talk. Also her dinner partner, George Manfred, jabbered on about all the important people he knew and Laurel could care less of the name dropping he did. Kathryn, Nicholas, Leonard Hopefelt and Julia were playing a game of bridge. Kathryn initially invited Emmy to play but Emmy had to admit she never learned that game and did not want to waste their time having to teach her. Kathryn gave her one of her charming smiles and told Emmy that she should come over for some lessons. Emmy was thankful to Kathryn but knew Kathryn was far too busy to teach her cards. Instead, Emmy found a book on the shelf that looked interesting and nestled into a corner in the couch. Every once and awhile Emmy would look over hear Mr. Manfred talking to Brandon. Mr. Manfred had discovered they knew some of the same people and had pulled Brandon aside to discuss them. Emmy looked over at Brandon, her had tried to be polite but it was obvious he was very bored. When Brandon noticed Emmy looking at him he would give her a joking smile. He was so different here, Emmy thought, in Pine Haven he was quiet and reserved and when Caleb was there he seemed almost hostile. At dinner he was very attentive to her and they had a lovely conversation about books he recommend Emmy to read. Emmy had found one of the books on the shelf and it is why she pulled it aside.

            "Miss Emmy," Mrs. James caught her silently at Brandon "I do hope you reading is not a sign of boredom."
            "Oh no Mrs. James I am not bored at all, I enjoy reading," Emmy said cordially.
            "Well it is a good occupation of the mind."
            "I think so." Then Mrs. James sat down next to Emmy and Emmy closed her book realizing this conversation would be awhile.
            "Oh that is a great book," Mrs. James said but before Emmy could respond she said "I am sorry to keep you from it but you must all this old woman to be selfish, you don't always get a moment to have a long moment to have long conversation and I so want to get to know you better. Kathryn and Brandon had your attention at the teat that I hardly get to know the woman my daughter talked about so profusely. I know a lot about the Danford family they are one of the best families in Boston but I know so little about the Cromwells."

            Emmy took a deep breath. She thought about the truth her father dying a penniless book publisher, her mother force to sale all their valuables to pay off his debts, and then moving to Pine Haven to live by the charity of their Grandmother. What would Laurel say if Emmy told Mrs. James the truth, a truth Laurel wanted to bury away.

            "My father trained to be a lawyer, that is where he met my uncle, but my grandfather got sick so my father took over his publishing company."
            "That must be where your love of books come from."
            "Yes my father loved to read. He always encouraged Laurel and I have to read. Unfortunately he died before my younger sister was old enough to get his encouragement. But we continue on with his perseverance."
            "Oh you have a younger sister?"
            "Yes Gloria is almost twelve. She wanted to come to Boston with Laurel and I but mother thought she was too young."
            "Oh I wish you mother had come I would like to meet her. I remember when Fiona Danford was presented into society she made the papers up and down the east coast."
            "Yes my mother told me."
            "But then she disappeared almost and I remember nothing about the wedding to your father."

            Emmy took another deep breathing, how could she explain that her parents had eloped. Emmy knew it was not something people talked about. She used to think it was romantic but Laurel corrected her and told her it was a mark of shame.

            "Mother and father wanted a quiet wedding."
            "Kathryn wanted a quiet ceremony too but when great families come together Mrs. Danford and myself thought a lavish affair would only be appropriate. I am surprised Mrs. Danford allowed your mother to have a quiet ceremony."

            Emmy took another deep breath as her eyes nervously searched the room.

            "Mother are you making Miss Emmy uncomfortable?" Kathryn asked, she had sneaked up on the conversation. Now all the eyes of the party were on them.
            "No, Miss James, we were just talking. Mrs. James wanted to get to know me better, she was asking me about my mother."
            "Oh Mrs. Cromwell is divine."
            "Yes I was telling Miss Emmy I remember where her mother was presented how she made all the papers up and down the east coast."
            "Then she asked about my father." Emmy looked purposefully at Laurel who understood the look right away.
            "Emmy, I am not feeling very well do you mind if we go home," Laurel asked pretending to look ill.  
            "Oh I am sorry Mrs. James we should head home."
            "May I escort you Miss Cromwell and Miss Emmy," Brandon stood up.
            "That would be nice," Emmy said.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Scribbles

After last week when I was brain dead because of school I got very little writing done... well this week I have made up for that so I hope you enjoy.


Kathryn James once her mother was well from her summer flu came back to Boston in a surge to get all the plans for her wedding done. How she wished Nicholas and her could have a quiet ceremony, maybe out in the count but her mother and mother in law would not allow it. "The fine James and Danford family are marrying and it is to an event to make society talk," was how it was explained to Kathryn. Since her return to Boston it felt like from sun up to sun down all she did was think about her wedding. She had so many calls to do, dinners to attend, and many teas to sit at she barely saw Nicholas. Though he still walked her home from church every Sunday but it wasn't the same. Charles Danford insisted that Nicholas be more active in the business that he could no longer flit around on the outskirts of it. Kathryn did encourage Nicholas in that way nevertheless she could not wait till they would have their evenings together. The Danfords had bought them a nice little home on Marlborough street for them to live once they came back from their honeymoon till Nicholas took over the Danford name. When Kathryn was not planning their wedding she was working with designers to get the house all read for them. So usually by the time Sunday came around they were both too tied to express more than a few words to each other.

            When she received Emmy's note of her coming to Boston, she cherished the thought, she had such a lovely time in Pine Haven away from all the hustle and bustle that Boston had and she could feel that she and Emmy may perhaps be true friends.  She knew Emmy would bring Pine Haven back to her even if she could not go back to Pine Haven herself. She was also glad she would finally meet Mrs. Dumont. Mrs. Dumont sat on the top ring of Boston Society, and Kathryn had heard wonderful stories about Mrs. Dumont's society's meeting that she longed to be in there. With marrying a Danford she would have the name to fit into that society but having a personal connection with the Dumont family would qualify her as a belonging. So she made sure to respond quickly to Emmy and to have the best of the best prepared when they came. Kathryn had almost completely forgotten that Brandon was to come over for tea that day as well. She did not fret though as she knew how delighted Brandon would be to see the girl he looked at as a new sister. So she kept their meeting a new surprise.

            "My dear brother, you will not guess who is in town and will be joining is for teas," she said as he walked into the room.
            "The Queen of England?" Brandon smiled.
            "Then who?"
            "Miss Emmy Cromwell."
            "What?" he said rather stunned.
            "Are you not happy to see your new sister?"
            "I am thrilled," he said trying to hide his real thoughts.
            "I knew you would be."
            "What brings her to Boston?"
            "She and her sister are visiting their mother's dearest friend who they call Aunt Iris but it is really Mrs. Dumont."
            "Dumont, how in the world do they know them."
            "I do not know, but we shall ask over tea. That is not the point, Mrs. Dumont is as the top of Boston's society and meeting her and if she likes me that will get me into their little club. Wouldn't that be wonderful. I will prove that I am worthy to all of Boston that this little Connecticut girl is worthy of the Danford name, whatever they might think."
            "So you are just using Miss Emmy," Brandon sounded very protective.
            "Of course not, I love Miss Emmy, she was such delight in Pine Haven, but I must use a connection."
            "My sweet Kathryn, only you would have a heart of gold and still use it to move up in the this world," he smiled his big brother smile her.
            Then they heard a knock at the door and before the butler announced their presence Kathryn said "Now be nice Brandon, none of your little side comments." He nodded to his command.

            "Mrs. Dumont and Miss Emmy," the Butler announced them into the room.
            "Thank you Mr. Larsen can you let my mother know our guest are here."
            "Yes Miss James."

            At first they were formal as Emmy introduced Aunt Iris to Kathryn and Brandon. She was pleasantly surprised and all too happy to see Brandon there. He asked after her health and how everyone at home was doing, she reported everyone was fine. Then Kathryn asked about Laurel's where about and hoped to see her soon. Once all the polite formalities were exchanged the formalities were dropped and the girls talked as if they had never been a part and how glad they were to see each other. Mrs. Dumont chimed in about how all Emmy talked about was "Miss James this and Miss James that." Emmy blushed a bit at the way Aunt Iris talked about her.

            Before they could get too far along in conversation Mrs. James entered and they were back in their formal habits while Kathryn introduced her mother to Mrs. Dumont and Miss Emmy. They stayed in their formality longer with Mrs. James the room. She had an old century style about her with hair pulled tightly into a twist, her dress had a high collar and her dress had a high collar and her skirt was a little wider than the new fashion. Though she was wearing slightly older fashion she was highly eloquent and the formality of the conversation seemed to fit her better.

            "Well Miss Emmy you are just as charming as my daughter said you weren't."

            Emmy blushed again no one ever described her as charming "Thank you Mrs. James. My sister Laurel is the charming one in our family, I owe most of my looks to your daughter she gave me a fine make over when she was in Pine Haven."
            "My daughter might be a good artist but I must say she was already working with a fine canvas." Mrs. James noticed the way Brandon was looking at Miss Emmy. "Wouldn't you agree Brandon?"
            "I have always thought Miss Emmy ever so humble in her appearance. Though I am glad your color has come back, you were rather pale when I left."
            "Pale, why were you sick?" Mrs. James asked.
            Emmy did not know how to answer and her eyes showed it.

            "Not sick," Brandon spoke up before Emmy stumbled over her answer "I was say maybe just a little tired from all the adventures of the summer."
            "Yes just tired."

            Emmy gave Brandon one of her sweet smiles that told him she was thankful for the save.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Writings

Hello Lovely Readers,

I am happy to have another section of the Sisters of Pine Haven up on the blog. A few weeks ago I told you about going to a writing work shop and how the best advice is just to sit down and write, at least for 15 minutes a day. It is was hard to keep up on this schedule last week but 
Twenty-nine Chestnut Street by its address alone told the world of the old wealth the Dumont family possessed.  A block or two from Louisburg Square where the height of society and wealth lived. It was not a grand home, like the ones new money were building in the Back Bay, it was a quiet and pleasant and no one would really think twice about it except it had a few window panes that were purple. It had been a drastic mistake in the glass factory when they added too much magnesium, at first the purple was hated but then it became a sign of privilege. The house would also be noted for having a side entrance with a little garden before the door when the house was built, the style was more common but new land was scarce and only a few home had gardens of their own. It was a fine home and the Dumonts had kept in their family it in their family for generations.

            As soon as Emmy was inside she was handed a note from the footman.

            "Kathryn writes Laurel, she is excited to us again and invites us to tea when we are settled, should we call her tomorrow."
            "You go, I am sure she is much more wanting to see you besides I had plans to call on my friend Amelia she is still in town in visiting her cousins and buying her wedding clothes, I would like to see her and let her know of my arrival."
            "Oh all right, Aunt Iris she is looking forward to meeting you as well, shall you come?"
            "Of course I would be honored to meet this Miss James."
            "Wonderful, may I send out word immediately," Emmy asked.
            "Any words you have you have you can give it to William, he will see it well," Aunt Iris said.
            "I suppose we should write Aunt Victoria and Julia to let them know we are in town, it seems only right," Emmy said.
            "You write, I think a bit of fresh air will do me good," Laurel said picking up her hat and walking coat
            "Do you know where you are going?" Aunt Iris asked.
            "Just around the Public Garden I will be back shortly, I need to stretch my legs. Do not worry I remember the streets like of the hand."
            "Do come back quickly, I would hate to tell your mother I lost you in one day."
            "Yes I promised."

            Laurel was in and out of the house in ten minutes, much to the surprise of her companions. She usually was so thorough with details, she would have insisted they wrote mother to let her know of their safe arrival and she would have written Aunt Victoria, even though she had no desire to see them she knew it was right and that’s all that mattered in Laurel world. After the post had been sent she would then insist helping with unloading the trunks and making sure the dresses were hung properly. However no she seemed to care for these details.

            She walked down tiny street one of the few that connected Beacon Hill to the outside world and stood at the edge of the common. It was hard to believe that the Boston common was once a grazing area for small farm area such as sheep or a cow because now it was such a lovely park. Laurel pulled out the envelope that came with Ethan's book it was addressed from 126 Marlborough Street. She didn't know if it was the book store in which he found the book, his place of business or his home but she was adamant  to find out. She feared running into him if it was his place of business or his home but she felt worse over excitement she got over the possibility of seeing him. Laurel wouldn't know what to say or feel when he did. She crossed through the commons till she got to the garden, if she had a longer block of time she would have enjoyed the gardens more, but she promised Aunt Iris she would be back quickly. It was so impulsive for to take off like that. She wasn't planning on either but nervous knots had been growing in her stomach the closer and the closer she they got to Boston. In the motor coach she had made up her mind that she would at least walk to the address and whatever happened after that it was in God's hand. She walked quickly then caught herself and slowed her pace down. She did not realize everyone in Boston walked quickly so quickly so walking quickly did not draw attention to herself. In Pine Haven if one walked quickly people would surely pay attention to her and worry a bit. Everyone knew everyone in Pine Haven so people would surely talk, and while both the Danford and Cromwell families were known in Boston no one knew her. She did try to walk at a sociable pace so her cheeks would not be flushed. She would hate to run into him with her face all red.

            After the gardens, the streets in the Back Bay were alphabetical, Arlington, Berkley, and Clarendon, judging based on the address it should be in the next block. Laurel remember this from when she was a girl she thought it was most off how it was alphabetical all the way from A to H but then the next street was Massachusetts Avenue, and after that the streets made no sense. Mother once told her the Back Bay was formally planned but it still never made sense why they would not carry on in alphabetical order, it was much more efficient. Laurel could quickly tell that most of the Back Bay was residential so it lead her to the conclusion that 126 Marlborough Street was his home and what a fine home it was.

            Laurel replayed the conversations she had with Ethan in her head, she knew his mother still loved in Sussex, England where he was born and while he had an aunt in Connecticut she did not remember him ever mentioning her living part of her time in Boston. Without his mother or aunt and no other family here in Boston it made no sense to have a house so big. It wasn't an striking home like the other she had seen in the Back Bay but it was a fine home with three levels of windows and a little bay window on the second level. The house all looked rather pleasant.
            Society would never allow a single girl of any sort to call on a single man when she did not know of any woman in the house. If he had a sister or mother, or an aunt she could call on then even if all she wanted was to see him but a single woman calling on a single man was absolutely forbidden. So she wondered how long she stand across the street from his house without drawing attention. She feared and anticipated the longer she stood the more likely she was to run into him.

            Laurel thought she was standing there almost an hour but it really five minutes, when she saw them, she recognized him immediately but she had no idea who the woman would be. There was only two women that were ever talked about his mother and his aunt. The woman with him was too young to play either of these roles. They laughed a bit, she saw and as soon as she realized he had looked across the street she turned across the street she turned her face and walked steadily back to Aunt Iris'. For the first block she did not care about her pace as she just wanted to get away from it all. By the time she got back to the garden she found the tears too hard to hold back.
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