Thursday, June 6, 2013

Old Fashion Love

Sunday in the heat of the day I watched the 1940's Pride and Prejudice. It was interesting to watch. I was for warned that the movie was based off the play and not the book so I was curious to see what changes would happen. I thought the plot changes took away a lot of the great details of the story but what was hardest for me was to see them in completely wrong period outfits.
Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy
I have known for awhile that the costuming in this film was wrong and for that reason I avoided this film but on a horribly hot day with nothing to do and being only $1.99 to rent on YouTube I thought I would give it a chance.

First plot change we meet Wickham in the first few minutes and he actually attends the assembly ball. Then at the assembly ball Mr. Darcy first insults Elizabeth but then begs a man to introduce him to her and asks her dance... what? Elizabeth is quick to turn him down and then accepts a dance from Mr. Wickham. 

Other plot changes were also okay but I didn't like them for example The Netherfield ball becomes a garden party and Elizabeth shows off her archery skills to Mr. Darcy, which I thought was just humorous. And then the couple seems almost friendly until Mr. Darcy hears Mrs. Bennett talk about how Jane had captured Mr. Bingley. After this Mr. Darcy does not want to dance with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth with the bow and arrow
Of course Mr. Collins has the awkward proposal and the even more awkward refusal. Then when Mrs. Bennett tells him Elizabeth's character is unruly he believe Lady Catherine De Bourgh would not be happy about this in his match and this seems to be the catalyst which makes him propose to Charlotte Lucas. So good job Mrs. Bennett. 

Up to now all these plot changes are acceptable but the real change happens when Elizabeth goes off to visit Charlotte. The visit is fine and Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth and of course she turns him down. In the other Pride and Prejudices I have watched I felt heartache over the refusal and in this one I didn't feel the same emotional agony to see Mr. Darcy refused. It might be because I didn't have the crush I have had for the other men who played Darcy and I think that is emotional attachment to Darcy is very important because you are suppose to be hurting for both Elizabeth and Darcy at this moment.
The proposal scene
Then after her refusal she returns to home to find out that Lydia has eloped with Mr. Wickham... what no Pemberly? That hurts. Then Mr. Darcy comes to explain his hatred for Mr. Wickham (yep no letter either) and asks if he can be of some use to help locate Lydia and Wickham... "NO! He is suppose to be doing this in secret!" I wanted to yell at the TV. Ugh!

Lady Catherine De Bourgh comes to call on Elizabeth and for some reason says that she has the power to take away Mr. Darcy's money if he marries some one that is not of her liking. "What? That is not true! Why are you messing with the plot?" It turns out not to be true she was just saying it to see if Elizabeth would refuse Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth does not refuse Mr. Darcy saying she is okay being poor. Lady Catherine leaves to report to Mr. Darcy, who just happens to be standing outside. He hearing that Elizabeth will not refuse him goes in a proposes again... What about Jane and Bingley? They are not talked of much, which is sad.

The best thing about this version was seeing Mr. Bennett who the same actor as St. Clause from the classic Miracle and 34th St.
So with the costumes being wrong and some of the plot changing I didn't really like this version of Pride and Prejudice and I feel sorry for people who lived then because there was not another Pride and Prejudice at least that I know of until 1980.

I feel I will have to look up that adaptation though I feel after losing my heart to Collin Firth and Daniel Vincent Gordh no man will ever be a good enough Mr. Darcy.
Minus the 2008 Darcy from Lost in Austen I  have  fallen for the Darcys

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Birdie said...

I knew about the costuming in this adaptation, but I had no idea the storyline was so very much of!