Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mental Block

Hello Lovely Readers and writers,

I have gotten to a part in my story where I have hit a mental block. The part below is my post "They all clear out" on my blog Sisters of Pine Haven however I can't figure out where to go from there. I can't think if I should change the text or what? 

If you are a writer, you know the aggravation of having a mental block. Having a mental block is part of the journey of writing, I know that, but if you have any suggestions to help a mental block. Please let me know. 


After another week Kathryn announced that Mrs. James had written, she had come down with a summer flu and requested Kathryn come and care for her. Kathryn knew immediately that she and Brandon must go to Connecticut to care for her ailing mother. Brandon eventually agreed to attend with her but initially he wanted to stay to see if he could be of help to Emmy but as time went on he realized Emmy hardly recognize any one being in the room. He could that even if he stayed he would be of no use, so he promised to escort Kathryn to her mother's home but he said he could not stay there too long as he had to return to Boston. Kathryn was sweet and understood that he wanted to get right to work. Nicholas however was willing to attend Kathryn Connecticut and to stay with her till Mrs. James was well and Kathryn could return to Boston.

            "Why do they get to leave and I am stuck here?" Julia moaned to Victoria.
            " Kathryn and Nicholas are leaving to care for Mrs. James."
            "Mother, besides Mrs. Taylor's ball and the Melbourne picnic I have attended nothing. At Mrs. Taylor's ball everyone paid attention to Emmy and at Mrs. Melbourne's picnic the only reason I got attention was because Emmy looked two days away from death. And we must admit mother no one here would make a very good match for me. Please mother do not let me miss Mrs. Crane's ball in New Port, it is the best ball of the season and all of society is there, it is a disgrace not to show."
            "All right."
            "Really?" Julia squealed.
            "Yes, I thought this summer away from society would make you enjoy other things besides following society's ways."
            "Oh mother that is my life, that is how you raised me and the Crane's are not just society they are the best of the best and being invited to their ball is the crème de la crème."
            "Yes I know, it s quite thrilling you got an invite."
            "Well I didn't but you know Howard Stuart did and he asked me to attend with him."
            "He wrote you?"
            "Yes. He has been writing me all summer. I guess a summer has made him miss me."
            "Has he made any attentions towards you?"
            "Not yet but I am sure he will once he see me."
            "Is that what you want to do, marry Howard Stuart?"
            "Maybe, I am only eighteen, I haven't decided."
            That wasn't true he wanted to Caleb James but since he seemed to care little for her, she the best line of action was to move on.  She knew the Stuart family was from good breeding and they were wealthy enough to be of good standing.

            "All right, I will write to Branson and tell him to get our home down there ready. I doubt father will be able to come so we won't be able to host anything but compared the Crane's home to our home will be no place to host."
            "Thank you mother," Julia gave her a kiss on the cheek.
            "But be careful Julia things you do today, you could regret them tomorrow."

            Julia barely heard her mother, she was too happy to accept an invitation to an Crane ball and happy to finally be leaving Pine Haven. She had not been able to stand watching Emmy and Caleb becoming close but watching Emmy morn him was mind dulling. Emmy should have known Caleb could not have loved her, so why did she attach herself so strongly to him. Julia thought this was a sign of Emmy's complete disadvantage in society at large. 

So in a matter of a week Danford Hall was emptied out. Fiona took a breath as she watched her brother and sister-in-law leave the drive and was happy that with the house being empty so she could focus again on her own children. Laurel had hardly spoken two words to her since the night she revealed her broken heart. Emmy had also hardly spoken but for other reasons; so the only one who spoke to her was Gloria. Mrs. Danford's health was still poor so Fiona could not go to anyone for comfort and she felt incredibly alone. The only thing she could think to do was write her good friend Iris Dumont.
            In her letter she laid all that had happened over the last few months and all the heart ache she felt and the loom that hung over Danford hall like a very heavy cloud. She begged Iris to come visit and take Laurel and Emmy back to Boston. She thought if they could get to Boston the new city would distract and perhaps take the pain away. Fiona hoped though she did not mention in it her letter they could perhaps meet other men that would fill the holes that were left the summer. Iris Dumont was fast to respond to her letter with a sincere hope to be in Pine Haven by the end of a fortnight. Fiona was deeply relieved by Iris' quick response and quicker action. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

A night at the Oscars

Last night I watch the Oscars with some of my friends. I have watched the Oscars almost every year with my mom and step dad, and since moving to Boston I have continued to watch them mostly by myself so it was fun watching them in a group. 

We watched the red carpet and I made my friends laugh at how excited I got to see Colin Firth. Sadly they had not seen Pride and Prejudice so they could not understand my love of the best Mr. Darcy. 
Some Red Carpet Moments...
As much as I love Emma Stone, 
I was not thrilled with this dress.
J LO reading Edith Head's quote...
"Your dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman
but loose enough to show you're a lady." 
made me laugh.
This was probably my favorite of the night...
Michele Williams rocks vintage fashion.
I actually liked Cameron Diaz's dress.

Through out the night we voted for who we thought was going to win and keep a tally of it. Out of the 5 of us watching only 2 of cared by the end what the score was. It added a little competition to the night. Considering I had only seen "The Help" and "The Artist" of the big nominated films, I really didn't think I was going to do so well in the "competition." My friend was giving me "evil" looks the better I was doing, I couldn't help be happy for every right guess. 

Over all I thought Billy Crystal did a fine job, brought back years of memories when he hosted them when I was a child. The Metro, a free newspaper in Boston, did not like Billy Crystal "opened with familiar formula bu it felt more tired than true...he barely strayed from tradition with a tone deaf sing-along parody of the nine nominate films -- a gag he and others host have done year after year."-Heidi Patalano. I personally want to see Neil Patrick Harris host the Oscars. After watching him host the Emmy's I think he would do a good job.

The opening of the Emmy's

 I am glad that the Academy made fun of its self with having an appearance by Justin Beiber in order to get the 18 to 24 demographic. Billy Crystal joked how good it was to watch millionaires give each other golden statues. Billy Crystal made other jokes, I thought he could get away with. But I thought the bit between Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. in presenting best documentary lasted too long. And I thought the Cirque du soleil performance was the best the best part of the Oscars and like nothing I had seen at the Oscars before. Probably my favourite part of the night besides laughing a lot with my friends at little moments.


I hope you had a good time watching the Oscars too. 

New Blog Design

After almost a month and a few drafts my new blog design is here!

I owe it all to Annie from Wattlebird 

She has wonderful Blog Designs at a variety of prices.
Her blog is also really fun. 

I hope you enjoy my new space. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A good Saturday song

Waste- Foster the People

This song I think is appropriate for a Saturday. Part of the chorus says... 

Everyday you that you want to waste
That you want to waste 
You can. 
'Cause I just really wanna be with you.

Saturdays I think are wonderful days to lay around, do very little, and enjoying some time to relax. 

I hope you enjoy your Saturday. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm a blogger (part 2)

In August I started really getting into this blog. And I wrote a post about how I had become a blogger.  I wrote to my favorite blogger Sarah at Desirous of Everything about asking for advice on how to be a better blogger. And she gave me some advice, some I followed right away others has taken me some time.

1. Blog Design.- I immediately put my blog under construction and started re-vamping it but I have continuously changed it over time. Sarah actually recommended paying money to get a blog designer. I didn't thin that was necessary then but now I am working with Annie from Wattlebird who does blog design for a range of prices. We are working through a few drafts but I can't wait till my new blog design is live. 

2. Try to post every day or more- I wrote furiously in August. But I wasn't always happy with my blogging. And I wrestle with quantity over quality. While I can see posting a lot good, unfortunately I don't think I have that interesting life to post something everyday. Also in my Blogging Ponderment, post I wrote about how posting so much made me feel very self adsorbed. So I am not following that advice to a T but I am trying to get better at my post.

3. Follow other blogs. Before Valentines day I joined a comment love challenge sponsored by Desirous of Everything. I did not do as many comments as I would have liked but I did discover some great blogs and I think I made some blogger friends. That feels nice. Now I need to get more serious about making thoughtful comments.

4. Blog about whatever you want- Oh I do. I blog about movies, books, TV shows, my friends, my obsessions and most importantly my faith. While I might lose some readers when I talk about my faith, I am okay with that because my faith is the most important thing in my life and if I don't write about it then I wouldn't be true to myself. This is my journey and it is full of random stuff.
This is my computer background and a good representation of my life.
5. Sponsor blogs you like- I need to do this. I am not sure how to make buttons for my blogs? If any one has suggestions for a non computer person to make buttons please let me know. 

5a. Collaborate and guest post with others. In my Blogging Ponderment post I wrote how I was seeking guest bloggers. Well I still am... I am not sure the best way to spread the word.
Contact me 
6. Start a Facebook page- done. You can find me at Delightful Scribbles it is more than just my blog it is articles I find interesting and pictures. I guess I had kind of magically hope that when I created that page it would take off but it has been a slow process and I have sometimes thought about getting rid of it. But as soon as I think about getting rid of it a friend join it and it makes me so happy that people are looking at it. I have also started a twitter account, I am still trying to understand, all this social media.
My Facebook page 
7. Sending emails- I have not done this actively. Because I don't want to bug people too much. Though when I wrote my Christmas letter, blog post I did email it to my family and that was the largest number of reads for one post. So maybe I should do that again. Sorry friends and family you might get annoyed at all my blog post emails. 

8. In her P.S. Sarah wrote suggested that instead of being at I buy my URL. It is is only $10 dollars a year. I finally did that at the beginning of this month. So now instead of being I am

There are more bloggers out there with ideas on how to grow your blogger. Sometimes I think about being a bigger blogger but I as much fun as that would be I like my little blog. My new blogging friend Laura at Girl Plus Everything Else wrote to me once and said "I don't know if blogs like ours will ever have the huge numbers that fashion blogs do but I have decided that that's ok. I think that by sharing a part of yourself, you can inspire people." And that is the most important thing I want to do. I want to inspire people, rather it be a small group of people or a large group.

After I emailed Sarah she wrote a blog post about it, here is the link...

Other blogger's suggestions...

Back in August I wrote about how I am blogger and I am happy to say I am still in love with this blog and sharing my hopes, struggles, and my laughs along the way. I am still on the journey of figuring it all out. So thank you loyal readers for staying with me on this journey. 

Since this has been a rather long post, I thought I would treat you to a song... "Walking the Dog" by Fun.

I feel like an Edith


If you have watched the season finale of Downton Abbey you have seen this scene. 

You see how desperate she is for love and when I first watched this scene I thought, how pathetic for Edith to say "If you think I am going to give up on some one who says I am lovely." But I can't get this scene out of my head, I think I am like Lady Edith. Through out of the seasons we have watched Edith fall for any guy who gives her attention. First it was Matthew when she pathetically shows him around the churches, then she tries to capture the boring man's attention, and worst of all she kisses that married man this season. I have never gone that far but I feel I am too much like Edith. We have a lot of things in common both of us have sisters who are married and we are the middle daughters and I feel we both do things behind the scenes that no one really notices. And some times comparatively I feel myself the plain Jane, just like Edith is compared to her sisters and we have the red head thing going on. (But no worries I am not the back stabbing girl like Edith). 
Back to my point, I can see where Edith is coming from when she says the line "if you think I am going to give up some one who says I am lovely". I think Edith does the things she does to get noticed rather good or bad she seems desperate for attention. I have lately noticed how "desperate" I am for love. In my my post "A little bit of light" I wrote about how I felt unworthy for love. But it is not the love you see in fairy tales or the love God has for us but the desperate feeling of acceptance. I think deep down I am desperate for acceptance and worthiness. I seek that from the world but the truth is true acceptance only comes from God. And what's amazing God already accepts me, He calls me worthy. So why do I seek it?

I am reading Beth Moore's book, Praying God's Word. And she has a chapter on unbelief. It is not that I don't believe in him. I have a hard time believing God truly accepts me and truly finds me worthy. That is something I need to pray through. Beth Moore writes out prayers to say in her chapter the one I liked the most.
Father, I pray that the eyes of the heart may be enlightened
in order that I may know the hope to which You have called me, 
the riches of Your glorious inheritance in the saints, and 
Your incomparably great power for us who believe! (Eph. 1:18-19

I realize that my seeking acceptance from the world might be a struggle all my life, but I have to work on my belief that God called me and continuously calls me worthy. And that is bigger and grander than any earthly acceptance. 

I found this today in my quiet time...
If the Lord delights in a man's way,
he makes his steps firm;
though he stumble, he will not fall,
for the Lord upholds him with his hand.
Psalm 37:23,24

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Holding our breath

Hello lovely readers,

As you might have caught on I am a huge Downton Abbey fan but I have not been able to write about as much as I would like because my mom, my most loyal reader, has not been caught up on all the Downton Abbey action. But tonight I talked to her and she told me she is all caught up so I am so excited to post about episode seven or how it was originally known in England "The Christmas Special."

Last week we saw the sweetest and saddest moment in Downton Abbey. We watched Matthew and Mary come so close to being together but then Lavina caught them and died of broken heart and Matthew refused Mary forever.
We also saw Anna turn as white as a ghost as her husband, Mr. Bates, got arrested for murder.
The bright spot in the show was knowing that Lady Sybil and Branson are finally together. While Lord Grantham can not really accept their love and their relationship he does eventually bless their marriage.
Season one- Branson and Sybil

Season two- Branson and Sybil (a few years later)

Tonight season two comes to an end and we all hold our breath for season three.

Here is a 58 second preview of tonight's episode. 

While the dark shadow of Mr. Bates hangs over Downton Abbey. Some happy moments come out of this episode.They welcome in the 1920's and I must say the fashion change is noticeable from the hanging dresses and Lady Mary showing off her ankles.  Lord Grantham stands up for Mary, he wants to send her off to America to and says the great line "find a cowboy in the Middle west and bring him back here to shake us up a bit." Matthew finally is able to punch out Sir Anthony Carlisle, I laughed so hard when I saw it but I laughed harder when Maggie Smith delivers one of her great one liners. Carlisle tells her "I doubt we will meet again" and she says "do you promise?" Then the brightest moment of the show when Matthew and Mary finally stop being stubborn and get engaged. I do hope Julian Fellowes lets us actually watch the wedding and doesn't just skip over it. (It could be as big as Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding). 

The engagement scene, so you can watch it over and over again (as I have). 

Of course darkness still hangs over Downton Abbey. While Mr. Bates will not hang he is still in jail, we will just have to wait to see what happens next season.

I also want to see what happens to Lady Edith. Last week Edith admitted her fate as sister and aunt who helps her family. In the first season I hated her, this season I went back and forth from hating her to feeling sorry for her. As much as I hate her throwing herself at any man who crosses her path. She says "do you think I would give up on a man who calls me lovely?" I can see her desperation in wanting love and I hope she finds love, real love not just a desperation for love. 
I know they are already filming the third season of Downton Abbey which will cove the 1920s and I cannot wait to see what Julian Fellowes is plotting for the next year. I hope it doesn't have as many ups and downs as this season and I hope Sybil and Branson will make an appearance.

I do wonder what will occupy all the blogs and tumblrs as we wait for the third season.

My own personal collection of Downton Abbey memorabilia 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spring is almost here

Like most Bostonians we get excited when when we hear the word "spring", rather it be spring training for our lovely Red Sox team, or Spring Break for our college students. It means soon the harsh realities of winter will be over and while this winter hasn't been that harsh it will be nice when the days of grey and black are over, when the sun will be out past 5, and a scarf will be an accessory not mandatory. For me the word Spring Fashion puts a little bounce in my step. While I love the September Vogue, the textbook of fashion, I love spring fashion even more. So I am pleased to announce that yesterday when I got my mail the March Elle magazine was sitting box. Th magazine announced it was full of almost 500 pages of spring fashion. It was a nice little gift.
I feel like this is my year's fashion it is full of pencil skirts, nipped waist jackets, pastels and cute little heels.
I took these pics of my magazine
The author, Daphne Merkin, wrote that "for spring, demure '50s-influenced dresses...dominated the runways.'What's old is new again' is, of course, a theme of every fashion season, but the revival of the sublimely feminine silhouette is as much a reflection of a cultural moment as the by-product of that depends of reinvention." In the article Merkin seemed to be concerned that if we went back toward 1950s style that we would convert to that mindset when she writes "Does dressing like Doris Day in A-line or pleated skirt mean to go around batting our eye lashes and acting all helpless?"  But I liked the quote from designer Jason Wu, "I feel that right now is an uncertain time and there's something about a polished, dressed up look that's a nice contrast. When times are challenging, the one thing you can control is the way you look."

While reading this article it was hard not to think about my own fashion. I may not embrace the total 1950s look. I would like to have a little more chic and polished look to my style. I think I want to blend together Rory Gilmore, the college years, some Zooey Deschnel from her look of 500 day of Summer and maybe something more modern. 
But I am excited for pastels to be coming back into wardrobes. While I love wearing colors I think some times I stick out like a sore thumb around other girls who wear black and grey.
Color changes Everything-Target's newest ad
Good way to explain how I feel.

I think a mass Target run is in my future or maybe I will become a TJ Maxx kind of girl as I try to blend a want of fashion into a Grad's schools student budget. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The hopeful romantic strikes again

This pic is not true about me, I love Valentine's Day. 

My co-worker hates Valentine's Day because of the forced affection it causes. I didn't have a good comeback then but I have now thought of one. Valentine's Day is not suppose to be the only day you show your love to some one, you are suppose to do it all the time it is just a good reminder of the love you have in your life. Just like Thanksgiving it is not suppose to be the only time we are thankful for the things we have in our life it is just a good reminder. While I do not have a sweet heart this Valentine's day I love thinking about all the love I do have.

I love the fact that my Grandpa sends me a Valentines day card. I love looking back on Valentines day and remembering when my dad sent me balloons to my day care and that in high school my friends and I would send each other carnations. It is not only on Valentine's Day that I remember I love them but it is nice to have a day set aside in order to show the ones you love how important they are to you. 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Sunday of nonproductive-ness

My Sunday was suppose to be productive but I haven't felt well today so I am making way through the third season of Gilmore Girls. So continuing on with my nonproductive-ness (not a word I know)  I found one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs "Tim McGraw" with Rory and Jess scenes. I know it is completely sappy but I love finding these kind of music videos.  I know Rory an Lorelei probably did not listen to Taylor Swift, she is too main stream for their taste I think the joining of Taylor swift and Gilmore Girls is great. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Story time Saturday

I love this blog but I have been thinking that I haven't had that much time to write my story... and that's not really the case. I have time to write this blog, my post from Thursday took more than an hour. If I took that time and wrote my story at least once a week I would write a lot more.

It might take awhile because like I said it in my Hand and Handwriting post I write things by hand then type it up. But I want to write more and share my story more. Everything is in it's first draft form so please give me advise or corrections, thanks! 

Last time in Pine Haven... (Click here to read more)

What was to happen later Emmy would know nothing about till months later. That night after dinner Julia watched Caleb escape into the library alone. Ever since the ball Caleb and Emmy had been inseparable. Julia even over heard Laurel getting made at Emmy for them sneaking off into the gardens alone before breakfast. To Julia it now seemed as if nothing would come between Emmy and Caleb and that vexed Julia more than anything to see her penniless cousin making such a good match, a match she had wanted. Julia knew the only thing she could do was throw herself at Caleb and she would suffer whatever consequence mother would throw at her. 
  "You don't know. You're love didn't tell you. The Cromwell girls are penniless. They have been since the day my aunt married a Mr. Jefferson Cromwell. He was going to be a lawyer but his father's publishing business needed help but it just tanked. He left his girls ruined being nothing but a charity case that my Grandmother and father have been covering up for the last eight years. Their only hope is a well marriage, everyone thought it was Laurel's burden to carry but when you started showing attention to Emmy, they all started whispering that you could be the one to relieve them from their rotten fate."

            "I think you have said too much," he had a mix tone of coldness and disappointed.

            "It is true all of it."

            "Well rest assure Miss Danford. I am not in love with Miss Emmy, I am not in love with any one," now he sounded a little sad.

And now...

After that Caleb seemed distant and with any warning he left by the end of the week. Julia cared little that in doing what she did she broke off her cousin's chances of happiness. No one knew the facts, not even his lovely sister but Caleb James was not the big successful business but a few months ago it had gone sour and Caleb had sadly never learned how to manage his money properly. He still had his livings of the Upper East side, a few good suits, and a loyal butler who kept up the appearance that everything was fine but things were not well. Caleb was desperate for money. When he came to Danford Hall he thought he could marry one of the girls, out in this country side no one knew of his disaster. At first he believed Laurel was would be the one after his heart but she seemed cold to him the minute he walked in the door. But the middle daughter, Emmy, was full of spirit, and much more of a delight to be around than any one he had ever met. She was young that was true but with that youth she had not been taught to be a proper woman, the women Caleb usually found to be a bore. But she also had a great love of books and could keep up with him in intellectual conversations and the outer improvements Kathryn had helped with were just an extra addition. He found it to be a perfect match, she being related to the Danford family he was certain she had wealth at least enough to keep him in the life style he was comfortable in. But then to learn she was penniless not even to have a dowry. He could not marry her and live a penniless existence so he left. He was not blind he could ell Emmy favored him and found it best to leave her and not lead her on.

            Though Caleb was not blind to Emmy's feeling he was blind in many other ways. Everyone saw the fondness Emmy and Caleb had for each other and most of the house believed this fondness would lead to an engagement. Even Brandon, who knew Caleb's short attention span believed Caleb had finally found a girl who had tamed him, a girl who had at last made him want to settle down. And when Caleb took off before breakfast with only two lines to explain his actions it was Brandon who saw a crushed Emmy. After Caleb left Emmy was a changed girl. She sort of sulked around the house and she barely had an appetite. While she pretended to be all right it didn't take long for appearance to show the truth. Her eyes were red from crying and she hardly kept her hair in a perfect up do as she had been doing and her skin was pale from the heart ache she felt. She also barely made an appearance during the day until when Grandmother's rules dictated that she be present.

            "Oh Mrs. Cromwell, I do wish I could something to cheer up Miss Emmy's spirit," Kathryn said nearly a week after Caleb had been gone.
            "It is her first real heart break I don't think anything could cheer up her spirits."
            "Stupid Caleb for leaving so abruptly if only he had given a proper goodbye or waited out the season maybe then-"
            "I do not even think that would help Miss James. Emmy knew he was only here for a short time but the time he was her changed her world," Fiona looked over her daughter who had sunk down deep in her chair. "That is what first loves do no matter how long they last."
            " Well if Caleb loves Emmy half as much as she seems to love him then I am sure no distance could separate them. I believe he will go clear up whatever problem has hit and be back in her arms," Kathryn said the words and wanted to believe them more than she actually did.

            Perhaps they could reconcile in Boston Kathryn thought to herself, both Laurel and Emmy would be generously invited to the wedding. They are Nicholas' cousins and it would only make sense to have them at the wedding especially since Emmy has become a particular friend of mine, Kathryn thought. Yes that will be perfect, everyone knows weddings are a good place to meet your future mate or re-meet as the case may be.

Kathryn shared her thinking first with Nicholas, he did not seem enthused by the idea. He said that the Cromwell girls hardly traveled and were unlikely to travel for such a short time. But Kathryn casted off his negativity for he was a man who hardly thought of romantic ideals. So he kissed her forehead and told her he was happy doing anything that made her happy. Victoria agreed with Kathryn in stating they would of course be invited to the wedding but also agreed with Nicholas that the Cromwell girls probably wouldn't come. Kathryn did not think this to be true, of course they would come. Emmy would leap at the chance to see Caleb again. Everyone in the household except Julia believed Emmy and Caleb belonged together. A wedding would be perfect place to rekindle a love, everyone is more, so it was settled in Kathryn's mind.

            "Boston?! Really?" Emmy cheered up, it was the first sign of happiness since Caleb had left two weeks ago.
            "Of course you have to see Nicholas and I get married, we will be cousins."
            "It sounds too good to be true."
            "Well your mother still has to approve."
            "Oh she will! She wanted to send us to Boston to stay with Aunt Iris?"
            "Another sister?"
            "No Aunt Iris mother's dearest friends. She cared for us when father passed away. Her husband is Alfred Dumont."
            "Do you know them?"
            "By status only. They are just slightly above my social range and I have never met one of their children."
            "They don't have any. Aunt Iris is always so kind to look at us Cromwell girls like her own daughters but believe me they rather have a son to pass on their estate to."
            "Well with your mother's approval it seems like all we have to do is pack up your trunks, you are always welcomed to Boston."
            "No we have to continue Laurel. she does not seem so thrilled with the idea of going to Boston and mother would not let me travel to Boston."
            "Well how hard would it be to convince Laurel?"
            "Pretty hard mother mentioned us going to Boston the night of the Taylor ball and she absolutely refused." 
            "Do no not worry I will think of a plan. I will make sure you get to Boston."

            Emmy was so over joyed she threw her arms around Kathryn's neck.

            "Oh Miss James you are too good to me."
            "Thank you Miss Emmy."

Click here to read more

Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogging Ponderment

Hello Readers and fellow bloggers,

I have been thinking about this for awhile. I love this blog but sometimes I worry it makes me a little bit self involved. I read other blogs and I find them inspiring when I am writing this blog it is all about my life. And maybe that is what a blog is?

 I mean more and more people are writing blogs to share their lives with people, we feel a need for a connection even if it is complete stranger. My pastor once said people's deepest desire with in us is to have connection, he said that is why Starbucks started making their coffee shops more relaxing with tables and chairs where people could hang out with and not just get coffee. And even with all our technology and social media we still need a personal connection. I guess a blog is another way of seeking a personal connection.

Some times my blog is sometimes like a personal diary, but I most of the time it is about what I am doing through my day, and I am sure only my mom is interested in that. As I am blogging more I find myself thinking about things going on in my life and how I would write them in my blog . And I feel I find myself thinking about me more... and life isn't just about me. I mean I have lots friends but even when I write about them I know it is all from my perspective.

I know a blog is suppose to be my take on life but I don't want to be completely self involved I forget about about other people. I remember in the film Julie and Julia, Julie's husband gets mad her for only thinking of herself. And she says with her blog it is all about her. I don't want it to come to I am wondering  how do I do that.

If you are a blogger out there and have wrestled with this issue please let me know what you did to conquer this. If you are still dealing with this please let me know. I just re-read this in order that to make sure that it didn't sound like I was whining.

Also re-reading it I thought maybe I could have guest post. I don't have a big blog following so I am not sure if I could promise a big blog reading population but I would love if any one wanted to guest post. Please contact me if you are interested. Even if you are not a blogger but just want a chance to write I would love that. I would also be honored if you are a blogger to share your icon or buttons.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursdays are my Saturdays

It is only 11:40 AM and I feel I have so much to post. So this will be a long one...

First I want to post a video from Mindy Gledhill in my countdown to Valentine's day. I like this song because I feel this way when I have a crush on a guy. (Yes I am 25 and still say crush.)
The point of these music videos wasn't really just to share love songs but new performers I am discovering. I used to think that people who spent time on YouTube had too much time on their hands but as I am trying to add music to this blog I am discovering some cool music through YouTube and Spotify. It is adding a great mix to my music. So hope you enjoy the music too. I am always willing to take suggestions so please feel free to contact me.

Second a few weeks ago I entered a giveaway contest at Live.Laugh.Rowe
She was having a guest writer, LA Kuehlke, who was writing about her passion in life. Here is a little snippet...

I have many things in life of which I am proud and with which I am fulfilled. I am a wife, a mother, and an experienced teacher who still enjoys what she does. The one thing I hadn’t done, though, was something that I’d always said I’d do “one day”. For some reason, “one day” just never seemed to arrive.

What was this thing? you ask.
Oh, to write a novel, I answer.

While I am not a mother or a teacher, I know the feeling of "one day" I want to write a novel so I really loved this post. She talks about her passion being writing and how she pursued that passion (click here to read more). I was moved by her post that I entered the give away to win a coy of her book... and guess what I did. So I guess I have more books to add to my list. 

Speaking of my book list I have finished The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin. It is 465 pages and I think I found it my biggest but fastest read. I mean I have read bigger books than this but I was surprised how  fast I got through the book. Even though it was big I found it easy to read on the T. A lot of bloggers I saw this that mentioned this book called it a good read as we wait for season 2 of Downton Abbey to begin and interestingly enough the main characters name is Cora. Like Lady Grantham in Downton Abbey, Cora Cash,  is an American Heiress who marries for a title. But Downton lovers this is not a prequel to Downton Abbey, it is just a good book to get lost in the world of English Aristocracy. I should say you can like this book with out having ever seen Downton Abbey. 
This clip comes Single Minded Women
Be careful what you wish for. Cora makes a dazzling impression on English society—followed by a brilliant match—but finds that the chill in the air of magnificent ancestral homes comes from more than the lack of central heating. As she gradually learns that old-world aristocrats are governed by obscure codes of conduct and loyalty that can betray even the most charming, accomplished outsider, Cora must grow from a spoiled young rich girl into a woman of substance. 

That is a good description of the book. Cora while she is not as eager to marry a title as her mother is, she wants freedom from her pushy and over bearing mother and sadly it doesn't seem like English society is a good place to find freedom. She seems more surrounded by rules, servants who don't obey her and every one is waiting to gossip on her failures. Her mother in law despises her, her "best friend" is plotting for her ruin, and I personally had a hate love relationship with her husband who though wanted to embrace her "new world behavior" turned cold at any mistake she made. Aw to British.  With my little insight into Vanderbilt world this seemed like a good fictitious story of Consuelo Vanderbilt. 
Consuelo Vanderbilt

If you like getting lost in the world of the "Gilded Age" I also recommend the book Alva. That Vanderbilt-Belmont Woman. A fictionalized biography of Alva Vanderbilt-Belmont (Consuelo's mother) and the builder of the Marble house in New Port, RI.
I could not help but imagine Marble House as Cora Cash's house, where the story starts off in New Port. Of I course I couldn't get Downton Abbey AKA Highclere Castle out of my head when I imagined Cora Cash's house when I thought of her new dwellings as Duchess of Wareham.
Now that I am done with The American Heiress I have four new books to read as I listed in my Button and Books post (click here). I will be reading Beth Moore's Praying God's Word recommended to me by Colleen at Soundtrack to I do.While I love fiction I think I can get easily swept up and lost in that world. I need to come back to earth every once and awhile. Plus I want this year to be full of new books, though I love re-reading books, I am going to read new books... good thing  have a good list ahead of me.
I am glad I will have lots of time on the T to get some reading done.
This is my favorite view of Boston so I am glad I have more excuses to see it.