Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hope an act of waiting

I like this picture for hope
Hope is an interesting word. In church and in the bible we are told to hope in the Lord. I have long to struggled with the idea what this idea truly means. When I was in my most serious relationship I knew what it was like to hope in our relationship and hoped that one day we would get marry. But that did not work out and when we broke up I felt like I had lost all hope.

Lately I have been trying to piece together what it actually means to have hope in God. I have been reading the verses listed in my concordance that use the word hope, it has been a very interesting study. But through the study I have still tried to anchor my hope to something tangible. I know what it is like to hope in a relationship, hope that my paper gets an A, and hope that I get what I want for Christmas. But those things may or may not happen and they might be a little silly things to hope for (well the last one is) and they might not be exactly what I need.  But God is not tangible he is wonderfully mind boggling. I don't always understand what, why and how he works but I know his works are for wonderful and glorious things. Also things always work out the way he wants them.

Last week my friend who has some bad news in her life told me "God only has our best in mind." That saying has been a real catalyst for a change in my bible study. Today I wrote in my prayer "Lord, I feel so blessed here in Boston, even though I feel so small, Lord you are here with me and beside me. Lord you are always guiding me to my best. Lord I hope in that best, I long for it and I have no idea what is. But since you always have my best in mind and since you are always with me." I know I do not need to worry when things will come about.

I think for me that is what hoping in the Lord means. I have no idea how this life will work out but I know God has my best in mind so I need not worry about when things will come about.

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