Monday, April 30, 2012

The Help

Last August I went to go see the movie The Help and I finally have read and finished the book. I know this will not come as a surprise but the book was much better than the movie. But I am sad to say if it wasn't for the movie I would not have read the book. 

When I saw the movie I updated my Facebook status about seeing this movie and I learned that the movie had a back lash from the African American community because it glossed over the harsh realities of the Civil Rights movement. To read more of that post click here. The movie may have glossed over some of these facts but I thought the book did a good job of displaying some of these realities. But at the end of the book Kathryn Stockett writes a little a bit about her own life growing up in Jackson, Mississippi and the maid she had growing up. She also writes that she will never understand completely the plight of African American women who were maids back then but she writes that this book was to show women were not that separate but the same. 

The book revolves around three women who will change their part of the world. The chapters switch off being written in either Aibileen, Minny or Skeeter's voice telling the story of how these women gain their own strength in the face of adversity also known as Hilly Hollbrook.

I like Kathryn Stockett cannot understand the true plight of what all these women went through back then. So I while I admired Aibileen and Minny I related to Skeeter. She is fresh out of college and wants to change the world. At first isn't sure what she wants to but then she finds her voice and  the people she wants to help.
She graduates college with no engagement ring on her finger and she wants to get a job, this goes entirely against the norm of society. She is also characterized as a scrawny young woman with hair so curly/frizzy it is unmanageable. And her mother and her have a constant tension over the fact her mother wants her daughter just to be "normal". Tensions rise between Skeeter and her mom when their life long maid, Constantine, is gone when Skeeter comes home from college. Constantine is the one person who loves Skeeter just the way she is and Skeeter loves Constantine more than any one.
Constantine and young Skeeter
Skeeter knows she is not like every girl in Jackson but for awhile she tries to just blend in but when she speaks out she finds her strength. She faces rejection from the people she thought were her friends and she finds friends and family in an unlikely place. She also discovers her place in the world.
Skeeter and her "friends"
I don't want to give away any spoilers to the book for those who have not read the book or watched the movie. But it should be on your reading list. I could not end this book review with out mentioning the two strongest characters in the book Aibileen and Minny.
Aibileen has a quiet strength. She has spent her whole life doing what she is told to and silently she obeys. But she carries around the pain every day of having lost a son. Still she gets up every day to raise a little white girl a little girl who is not well loved by her mother. At first she doesn't believe she has a story to tell, then she doesn't want to risk telling her a story but she gains motivation to speak up and through telling her story she learns she has more of a voice than she ever thought.

Minny always had a sassy mouth. Which has gotten her into a lot of trouble over the years with both her employers and her husband, who is very abusive. However she has a deep dark secret that  in the end protects the women of Jackson. She learns to let people behind her guarded shield and care for them.
Trailer for the The Help:

Kathryn Stockett in The Help

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Royal Wedding (1 year ago)

It has been a year since the Royal wedding and I can say I am still obsessed with this couple. Maybe I am an ultra hopeful romantic and I still believe in happily ever afters. But last year I got swept up in all the romantic notions of this wedding.
I loved her dress... it was so classic but all the little details made it so great. 
She is so pretty. 

Granted I did not wake up in the middle of the night to watch the wedding but as soon as I got up I watched any news channel that was playing it.
Kate arrives at Westminster Abbey
I love her dress. 

At 2:40 you see Prince Harry look back at Kate.
I wonder what he says to Prince William

I know it is traditional for the British not to look back at the bride but I wonder how tempted Prince William was to see Kate. I can't wait to see my husband as I walk down the aisle so wonder if Kate wanted Prince William wanted to look at her.
Prince William and Kate see each other

A great detail shot

The happy couple leaving Westminster Abbey

The Royal kiss

Look at her she is so happy 
I love them driving off in a little convertible.

I loved how everyone compared the dress to Grace Kelly's dress because both are beautiful women.

Here are some of my own personal things from the day:
I can't lie I bought "The Royal Wedding" donut... it was very sweet, I couldn't finish it. 

Also from all the magazines I bought I cut up the pictures and made a collage. 

I hope they have a long and happy life together.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Whistling* on Wednesday

Song: I want you Back
Preformed by: The Civil Wars
Originally done by: The Jackson 5

 This song just came up randomly on my Spotify account and  I loved it so I wanted to share it with you. Hope you like it!

I love The Civil Wars, they make me want me to cuddle up, sip on a cup of coffee and let the troubles of the world melt away.

*- I actually can't whistle but it was the only W word I could think of that was musical.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little reminder

I have been working on papers most of this weekend but I did have some good and "Fun." moments this week and I promise as soon as I am done with my paper I will post it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy 200!

One of my goals for this blog was to keep celebrating little triumphs. Today I am happy to announce I have written 200 post. I wrote my Happy 100th post, November 30th so I am excited how fast it took me to write another 100 post. I hope you have enjoyed this journey.
Time to Celebrate!!!
Since my 100th post I have had some blogging celebrations...
1. I have gotten lots of writing done on my story the Sisters of Pine Haven... In my post Winter Break  I wrote that I wanted to write more of my story. I stated in that post I only had 9 post of my story, now I have 22 post.
2. I got a twitter account you can now follow me @liblairian I post updates on blog and things in my life.

3. I had my blog redesigned thanks to Annie from Wattlebird 
4. I am happy to say I had two wonderful guest bloggers on this blog. 

Kimberly from "Here's what I think about" 

Laura from "Girl Plus Everything Else"
What did you want to be when you grew up

5. I also wrote 2 guest blogs for their blogs. My Journey Through Reading and inspired by Laura's post on growing up I wrote about all my dream jobs that I had while I was growing up

6. My post "A Sunday of nonproductive-ness" has been looked at 143 times, that is huge for me. 

Some personal celebrations 
I left my full time job in January so I can go to school full time. It has been great to have the time to focus on school and it is nice to have days off. It is so nice not going from working all day to doing home work all night.
Also I during my spring break I went to see my sister and my niece. It was a wonderful trip and great time to bond with my niece. She calls me "Ah ba" because she can't say Aunt Blaire yet. I don't know if I actually want her to call me Aunt Blaire because I love the way she says my name. I have gotten bit homesick since being back in Boston so I have skyped with her a few times. 
My niece and I 
I know I spend a lot of time dreaming about the future and eagerly awaiting what the future has to offer but I am more and more loving the day for what it is and not always what I hope it will be. I admit some times it is harder than I would like but I can't keep waiting for the future, because after all the future is only what I make of it today. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

My artist notebook

Hello Lovely Readers,

I am sorry I have not written lately, I am in finals mode right now and I have lots of papers to do and it leaves me with very little mental power to write for this blog. 

However, I wanted to share with you some drawings I have done through out the semester. 

To see more of my drawings click here

Adding a little jacket to the dress

This is based off my current dream wedding dress. 

My attempt of a mullet dress...
My sister had a mullet dress for her wedding 
since then I have tried to draw these types of dresses
Here is her dress

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am going to Honduras!!!

Hello Lovely Readers,

I have decided to go to Honduras during the month of August with the organization Living Water International. I will be going down for a week to dig a well, teach about hygiene and spread the good news according to Jesus. I know I have talked a lot about this on this blog previously but it was about time I made it official and let you my lovely readers know about it. 

Please read this page (I am going to Honduras) and contact me if you have any questions or want to get involved with helping me raise support for this trip. I would truly be honored if my blogging community helped me go on this journey. I know not every one who reads my blog is not Christian but the lack of clean water is an issue that we can all help with. This is my way of helping. I joke with my mom that "I can't give blood" (like she does) because I am wimp when it comes to needles but I can dig wells. 
I do so honestly hope you will consider supporting me on this journey. 

Thank you,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Scribbles

After last week when I was brain dead because of school I got very little writing done... well this week I have made up for that so I hope you enjoy.


Kathryn James once her mother was well from her summer flu came back to Boston in a surge to get all the plans for her wedding done. How she wished Nicholas and her could have a quiet ceremony, maybe out in the count but her mother and mother in law would not allow it. "The fine James and Danford family are marrying and it is to an event to make society talk," was how it was explained to Kathryn. Since her return to Boston it felt like from sun up to sun down all she did was think about her wedding. She had so many calls to do, dinners to attend, and many teas to sit at she barely saw Nicholas. Though he still walked her home from church every Sunday but it wasn't the same. Charles Danford insisted that Nicholas be more active in the business that he could no longer flit around on the outskirts of it. Kathryn did encourage Nicholas in that way nevertheless she could not wait till they would have their evenings together. The Danfords had bought them a nice little home on Marlborough street for them to live once they came back from their honeymoon till Nicholas took over the Danford name. When Kathryn was not planning their wedding she was working with designers to get the house all read for them. So usually by the time Sunday came around they were both too tied to express more than a few words to each other.

            When she received Emmy's note of her coming to Boston, she cherished the thought, she had such a lovely time in Pine Haven away from all the hustle and bustle that Boston had and she could feel that she and Emmy may perhaps be true friends.  She knew Emmy would bring Pine Haven back to her even if she could not go back to Pine Haven herself. She was also glad she would finally meet Mrs. Dumont. Mrs. Dumont sat on the top ring of Boston Society, and Kathryn had heard wonderful stories about Mrs. Dumont's society's meeting that she longed to be in there. With marrying a Danford she would have the name to fit into that society but having a personal connection with the Dumont family would qualify her as a belonging. So she made sure to respond quickly to Emmy and to have the best of the best prepared when they came. Kathryn had almost completely forgotten that Brandon was to come over for tea that day as well. She did not fret though as she knew how delighted Brandon would be to see the girl he looked at as a new sister. So she kept their meeting a new surprise.

            "My dear brother, you will not guess who is in town and will be joining is for teas," she said as he walked into the room.
            "The Queen of England?" Brandon smiled.
            "Then who?"
            "Miss Emmy Cromwell."
            "What?" he said rather stunned.
            "Are you not happy to see your new sister?"
            "I am thrilled," he said trying to hide his real thoughts.
            "I knew you would be."
            "What brings her to Boston?"
            "She and her sister are visiting their mother's dearest friend who they call Aunt Iris but it is really Mrs. Dumont."
            "Dumont, how in the world do they know them."
            "I do not know, but we shall ask over tea. That is not the point, Mrs. Dumont is as the top of Boston's society and meeting her and if she likes me that will get me into their little club. Wouldn't that be wonderful. I will prove that I am worthy to all of Boston that this little Connecticut girl is worthy of the Danford name, whatever they might think."
            "So you are just using Miss Emmy," Brandon sounded very protective.
            "Of course not, I love Miss Emmy, she was such delight in Pine Haven, but I must use a connection."
            "My sweet Kathryn, only you would have a heart of gold and still use it to move up in the this world," he smiled his big brother smile her.
            Then they heard a knock at the door and before the butler announced their presence Kathryn said "Now be nice Brandon, none of your little side comments." He nodded to his command.

            "Mrs. Dumont and Miss Emmy," the Butler announced them into the room.
            "Thank you Mr. Larsen can you let my mother know our guest are here."
            "Yes Miss James."

            At first they were formal as Emmy introduced Aunt Iris to Kathryn and Brandon. She was pleasantly surprised and all too happy to see Brandon there. He asked after her health and how everyone at home was doing, she reported everyone was fine. Then Kathryn asked about Laurel's where about and hoped to see her soon. Once all the polite formalities were exchanged the formalities were dropped and the girls talked as if they had never been a part and how glad they were to see each other. Mrs. Dumont chimed in about how all Emmy talked about was "Miss James this and Miss James that." Emmy blushed a bit at the way Aunt Iris talked about her.

            Before they could get too far along in conversation Mrs. James entered and they were back in their formal habits while Kathryn introduced her mother to Mrs. Dumont and Miss Emmy. They stayed in their formality longer with Mrs. James the room. She had an old century style about her with hair pulled tightly into a twist, her dress had a high collar and her dress had a high collar and her skirt was a little wider than the new fashion. Though she was wearing slightly older fashion she was highly eloquent and the formality of the conversation seemed to fit her better.

            "Well Miss Emmy you are just as charming as my daughter said you weren't."

            Emmy blushed again no one ever described her as charming "Thank you Mrs. James. My sister Laurel is the charming one in our family, I owe most of my looks to your daughter she gave me a fine make over when she was in Pine Haven."
            "My daughter might be a good artist but I must say she was already working with a fine canvas." Mrs. James noticed the way Brandon was looking at Miss Emmy. "Wouldn't you agree Brandon?"
            "I have always thought Miss Emmy ever so humble in her appearance. Though I am glad your color has come back, you were rather pale when I left."
            "Pale, why were you sick?" Mrs. James asked.
            Emmy did not know how to answer and her eyes showed it.

            "Not sick," Brandon spoke up before Emmy stumbled over her answer "I was say maybe just a little tired from all the adventures of the summer."
            "Yes just tired."

            Emmy gave Brandon one of her sweet smiles that told him she was thankful for the save.

For more click here 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Opening Day!

Hello Boston Red Sox Fans!
Happy Opening Day!
I am not a big sports fan but I do enjoy a good baseball game. I am not a Red Sox nation kind of person, I have changed loyalties from where I live from the Mariners to the Giants... but I will never root for the Yankees! (I promise).

Red Sox Fans will understand

Me at my first Red Sox Game
One of these things just doesn't belong... can you spot it?

My first Red Sox game and it was Lester's no hitter 5/19/2008
Us celebrating the win.