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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow is all around me (Pt 2)

As most of you know (and if you don't know you might be under a rock) the North East was hit with a massive snow storm. I am not brave enough to go out in the middle of a blizzard but I did leave my apartment today and took some pictures.

From yesterday as the snow was coming down
I'm inside looking out 

Darcy enjoying the snow day

Today I had to get out and do some errands.... fortunately the sun was out
Can you see the bike handles? 

Waiting for the T
It is the fence then the road and then snow

After work I walked around the Commons

I thought these people sitting on the bench were funny

I like the snow like this. 

The trees in the middle are usually an island in the middle of a pond

George Washington in all his glory
Walking on Commonwealth Ave through the Back Bay is so pretty

One of my favorite places... Boston Public Library

Across the street from the BPL is Trinity Church.
I love is part of Boston because it show the blend of old architecture and the new
with the John Hancock Tower (the one that's all glass).

Another cool church... plus that pile of snow is awesome.

I am sharing my love of snow now because it is the first real snow we have. Plus now I love it, but I know come March I will miserable. I love Boston and I can't imagine my life anywhere else but I am not going to lie...

this will always be preferred over the cold weather. 

But I like snow days if they give me time to fun write, to read some of my writing click here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow is all around me...

The view outside my window... not that it was
ever great but it is just white outside.
I owe the picture of the ocean to my friend. 
We are having a beautiful day here in Boston... well it beautiful if you don't have to go outside. And since our Governor has told us not to go outside I am going to listen. So here I am inside and I thought it would be a lovely excuse to get some writing in. One thing I have wanted to do now that I am out of grad-school is to back to my own fun writing

I have mentioned a few times that the way I like to creatively write is by writing things by hand and then typing it up. So I have written a lot but I have not kept up on my typing and sharing my story with you my lovely readers. Sorry about that... I will try to be better. 

My last post of my story was just a little snip it. But if you remember Mattie has run off to the back woods and her and Kelby have a bit of a romantic moment.

Well here is more of the story. This part is really to help build Lady Adelaide and Mattie's relationship and give Lady Adelaide some back story. Hope you enjoy...

She could not say what she was feeling, she was only thirteen and all she felt this way before. She had trembled when he touched her cheek but it didn't scare her it felt comforting.

            Mattie was so happy when he took her back in the way through Cranston Court. He informed the butler, Mr. Doyle, the butler that Miss Mathilda was there and that she wished to see Lady Welford. Mr. Doyle looked quite astonished to hear Kelby who was so far beneath him speak so commanding to him. To be honest Mattie was quite astonished herself. Kelby was always the quite brother, he never talked of his dreams or pledge to the fraternity of exploring the world. Most of the time it was hard what was going on behind his chestnut eyes. He was already reading he seemed happier in the world of his books. Though he appeared to enjoy the company of books more people he was never cold or un-thoughtful. He was just reserved and respectful.

            Kelby could not take her beyond the back stairs he for he could not be seen upstairs. So Mr. Doyle showed her through to the salon to the sitting room where Lady Welford was found. Mr. Doyle gave Mattie a stern glare as she waited for her presence to be announce, it was clear he was not happy with her. Mattie tried to adjust her hair and fix her dress but to Mr. Doyle she was only a child, one of no importance or standing. He questioned why she should get such special privilege with Lady Welford. He thought if she was to seen by the lady she should come through the front door with a proper calling, not being lead by a stable hand. And he was right, Mattie was a nobody, a nobody Lady Adelaide should notice but Lady Adelaide had made it quite clear during all their visits that Mattie was most welcome.

            "Oh yes do let her in," Mattie heard Lady Adelaide. "My dearest Mattie, you are soaked through do not tell me you work out in the storm.
            "I was my Lady," Mattie replied properly as Mr. Doyle was still in the room. "But Kelby Gray took me to some shelter, however it was too late by then."
            "Doyle, can you send Mrs. Banks in here, we must get our guest a new dress and some tea."
            "Yes my lady," he then left.
            "Oh my dearest Mattie, when I said to come as often you could, I did not mean anyway."
            "I am sorry Lady Adelaide I am disturbing you."
            "No, no not at all. You are not a disturbance. You will always be welcomed. I just didn't mean—Oh well you are here, and I am so glad you are."
            "I am sorry for my mother's behavior. You are so good and you do not deserve my deserve my mother's cold words."
            "I know I am an oddity amongst other ladies, finding no amusement in society. I know this could be looked as proud or conceited and I do hope I am not those things." Mattie shook head to confirm that Lady Adelaide was not. "You see I used to enjoy those events, I would attend balls till three or four in the morning. I would go to the theater and attend Ascot. Whatever the season demanded of me I did it with great joy."

            It was easy to imagine Lady Adelaide the jewel in any ballroom, she was so beautiful and genteel. She would be sure to have every man yearning for hand, and all the girls red with jealously of the attention she received.

            "Can I tell you a secret?"
            Mattie nodded.

            "You see, as much as I loved the season once my daughter died I just never had the heart for it anymore. I went to the season after the morning period and it crushed me that my little Aurora would never be presented, she would never have her first dance, and she would never find a husband. I could not watch all the festivities thinking how she would never be able to do any of it. It breaks my heart still." Mattie placed her hand on top of Lady Adelaide's. "That is until I met you." Lady Adelaide smiled at her. "You my dearest Mattie. You are so much like her in looks and sweet manners. I know you have your own family, but I want to love and dote on you as quite my own."

            Mattie wanted to hug her, but in Mattie did not want to spoil Lady Adelaide's dress so Mattie just sat there with their hands intertwined. Then when Mrs. Banks walked in Mattie pulled away knowing it was improper.

            "Your ladyship?"
            "Mrs. Banks, will you see to our guest. She needs a dry gown and then please prepare some tea for us."
            "Yes your ladyship,"
            "Oh and Mrs. Banks, send a note to Southerton Greens to let them know where she is and pleas make sure to keep the motor standing by when she is ready to leave. We would not have her walking and potentially getting caught in the rain again."
            "Yes my lady"

            Mattie follows Mrs. Banks storing up all that Lady Adelaide had said to her. To lose a daughter must be the biggest heart ache. Though Mattie was overjoyed to know she had softened the heart ache even if it was just for a little bit.

Lady Adelaide is suppose to be a mother
figure to Mattie
            Mattie thought she would have been taken back to Aurora' room, as she had the first time she came to Cranston. Instead she was taken to another side of the house. The room looked as if it had a brand new coat of paint on the walls as it still carried the scent of new paint. It was a light robin egg blue with little stencil drawing of little daisies around the crown molding. Daisies had always been her favorite flowers and in these details the room felt as if it had been made for her. Then the maid brought out a clean dress, Mattie had the impression that this dress could have come out of her own closet. Lady Adelaide must have ordered a new dress. Had Lady Adelaide done all this so Mattie could call this spot in Cranston all her own?

            "So do you approve?" Mattie hadn't realized that Lady Adelaide was standing in the door way.
            "Very much. How could I not. I feel like everything was done specifically for me."
            "It was my dearest Mattie. I want this to be your special space."
            "Oh thank you," she gave Lady Adelaide a hug.
            "I wanted to show it to you when it wall done, but you came sooner than I expected."
            "Done? But it is perfect now."
            "I haven't quite finished off the pillows or the curtains. I have looked at different samplings but I do not know what would be good."
            "Anything will do."
            "Oh no, not just anything, you deserve the best."
            Mattie gave her another hug.

            How desperately Mattie just wanted to remain in that moment. She felt as life couldn't get any better. Sadly life had to move on, it was just the way of things and within a fortnight Marcus and Parker had to return to school. Marcus always said it was in the changing of the wind that moved life along. So the wind had changed summer was over, and life had to return to its normal pace. 
It is rather odd writing about summer when it is far from summer here
Continue to follow Mattie and the rest of my story through my Grand Days tag 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

We found Nemo.

As most of you know the North East was hit by the winter storm of Nemo over the weekend. I spent most of the weekend inside with my fun writing, my novel and Pinterest. I don't have a fancy smartphone so I could not take good pictures of the storm but when the storm stopped I got some pictures. 
This is the view outside of my window this weekend. I know it is an alley so not very pretty. 
Darcy enjoying watching the snow though most of her weekend was spent curled up on my bed, under the covers or on my lap. 
I took this one from my computer... she has gotten in the habit to curl up on the crook of my arm/shoulder as I type on lab top or read my book. Nothing will stop my cat from cuddling when she wants to. 

From my kitchen window. 

After spending all day Friday inside I did venture out of my apartment and this is what I found. 
I loved this truck. 

There is a car buried under there. 

The garden across the street from my apartment.

My street it is still un-shoveled and in some places the sidewalks are un-shoveled too so I walk in the middle of the street.  

 Just pictures of the snow...

I was probably out for 30 minutes before my toes were so frozen in my boots they were in pain so I went back to my cozy apartment. 

Then Sunday I had to leave my cozy apartment and go to the library to get some actually work done. 
The side walk I usually take to school
Minus the porter potty the field was actually rather pretty and I kind of felt like a scene from Little Women, where they are walking through the snow. I don't think I would like to walk through snow in their big dresses. I was finding it hard just to stay stable enough in my boots... I think with hoop skirts I would fall flat on my face.

The Fens all covered in snow

My school's sign. 
They actually did a good job cleaning off the main paths on our campus.. it is good Simmons is not that big. 
Then as I was leaving school I thought the sunset looked so pretty against the building... Sorry I don't think this picture conveys it 

A nice snow man in the field.

I thank you Nemo for coming because you gave me lots of time to relax but please don't come back. I am not a big snow fan.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowy Days in Boston

"Snowfall (kind of love)"-Ingrid Michaelson
Good song for this kind of weather

Hello lovely readers,

Here in New England we can't say winter really starts till January. I think it is so we can convince ourselves that winter won't last forever. But I think I can say winter has come to Boston. Last Sunday when I checked the weather before going to church I checked the weather on my phone and it said 6 felt like -12. By the time I left church it was 12 and felt like -6. Even though I have lived in Boston for 6 years I still don't know how to dress for that weather (maybe you just can't). Over the week we have had flurries of snow but nothing that stuck. But yesterday we had our first snow. Now it wasn't much but I took some pics of it.

Right now I like the snow, when I was home watching it come down it was nice and quiet. I made myself a cup of hot spice tea and watched a movie. Even when I went outside it seemed like the world was quiet. It was very nice to have an excuse for a quiet day.

Now it wasn't much snow but I took some pics of it on my walk home.  

The Fens under snow

I love seeing paths of people who ventured away from the sidewalk 
I was trying to capture a couple walking through the snow
Icicles from a car. Also the thing I don't like about the snow... when it turns to brown.  
I don't have a great view from my window but here is the park across the street from me. 
The little sparrow on the top of the tree... very brave birds to brave the cold. 
I liked seeing the red berries on this bush. 
The fence of the park...I liked the contrast between the black and white