About Me...

Hi my name is Blaire!

I love writing and can easily pass a whole afternoon at a coffee shop on my computer writing a story. You can also count on me to make random pop-culture references (usually from Gilmore Girls or Friends) and bust a spontaneous move if it will cheer someone up.My favorite book is Emma by Jane Austen, but really I'll be happy to read anything set in England. Yes, this does include Harry Potter :) I love the old classic movies, especially Roman Holiday. It's hard to go wrong with Audrey Hepburn.I like TV shows that leave me feeling happy at the end - Parenthood, Gilmore Girls, Friends, The Office, Parks and Rec. Basically, I just watch Netflix because all my favorite shows are already cancelled.

I have been blessed with great friends and loving family who constantly support me in all my dreams and where ever they take me.  They also inspire me more than they know.
The five things I could never do without:

 1. Coffee. I am not a functioning person without it.
2. A great book.
3. Time with my family, usually via Skype because we're all spread out over the country. (Being an aunt is my favorite role)
4. My faith. I need my Sundays at church to start my weeks and keep me grounded.
5. My friends - they stop me from giving in to my introvert impulses too much and make sure I have fun.
Auntie Blaire time over Christmas

In this blog I will be sharing my life, my faith, my hopeful romantic ideas, and the stories I am writing. 

Thanks for reading and your support. For more "About Me" click here...