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Friday, November 6, 2015

Frivolous Friday... Disney Princes Hot to Not

Hello my lovely readers,

I thought after my last post... this blog needed some lightheartedness, last week I was having a random conversation about Disney Princes with a friend and we started ranking them and I joked this would be a fun blog post so here I am writing it (feel free to disagree with me).

First, he is not a Disney Prince but I must say Dimitri from Anastasia (made by 21st Century Fox) probably takes the cake for one of the hottest cartoon characters... I mean Buzzfeed even has "23 Reasons why Dimitri from 'Anastaia' was a Major Heart Throb" (link) So he gets a special shout out.

Now on to Disney Princes (I will be sticking to actual Princes either by birth or marry a Princess):

1. Flynn Ryder... I don't know if I love him more because he is voiced Zachary Levi
or if it is because of his wonderful one liners.
Either way he is pretty awesome. 

2. Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
He gets major props because he didn't want to be forced to marry someone he hasn't even met even though she was a Princess.
Also there is a great scene where his father brings up his upcoming marriage (the one he doesn't want) where he has some sass..
I like a Prince (even in cartoon form) who stands up for himself.
Plus he fights a scary dragon for the woman he loves. 
It also doesn't hurt that Buzzfeed has cast him to be played by Ryan Reynolds in real life. 

3. Aladdin
I think Aladdin gets props because he is the only Prince who changes to get the Princess.
Disney Princess get a lot of bad talk because people think that the girls have to change to get the guy (which I don't see as true) but in that vain I think it cute Aladdin changes for Jasmine.
Besides he has a magic carpet that can travel the you would save lots of money on plane tickets.

4. Prince Eric
Sometimes Prince Eric gets on my nerves because he seems like an idiot for searching for a girl with a voice when he clearly likes Ariel. Of course my feminist side does say he only likes her for her looks. Though when he thinks he will lose Ariel he does go and fight for her.
Let's just say his eyes and hair are both awesome.

On the not hot side...
5. Prince Charming from Cinderella
The only reason I don't think he is not hot is because you don't really get to know him as a character.
I mean he barely speaks and talk about a guy falling for a girl just for her looks.
When I was younger I loved Cinderella but after seeing Ever After I liked that twist on the classic story and Dougary Scott made a great Prince Charming.

6. Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast
I know my friend that I was discussing this post with disagreed with me on views of Prince Adam, I just personally did not find him that attractive.
As I looking for pictures for this post I came across this:
So maybe I need to reevaluate my thinking.
Though I am excited to see Dan Stevens play the Beast...whenever that film comes out
 Before I finish this post I have to give a shout out to Robert Phillip (played by Patrick Dempsey) in Enchanted. I know he is not technically a "Prince" but he does dress like a prince and for a man who says he doesn't dance he actually dances quite well.
Video: "Enchanted (So Close) with Lyrics"

I know this list is a little bias, as it really only talks about the films I like. So if you want more information most of these pictures come BuzzFeed (link) and they have their own ranking. 

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Friday, October 24, 2014

moving on, holding on

I can easily do this
I saw this pin today and I found it just found it reassuring. I don't want to go into too much detail because it is personal and as much as I don't mind sharing personal things about my life, I don't like intruding on someone else's privacy. Anyway during the month of July I was a dating a guy, and in my naive way I could almost picture him being "the one." But we ended things because we saw our lives going different ways.

Anyway, when I am alone thinking did I make a mistake walking away to soon? And just feeling super alone and sometimes I hold my phone with his number up and I just want to text him to say "hello" and that I miss him. But I don't, I never do. I have told this to my friend and my mom and they say that is strong or "emotionally sturdy". However, I don't feel strong or sturdy... I feel weak and still a little heartbroken.

I never text him 1) because I honestly don't know what I would say 2) I know I need to move on 3) I don't believe we have changed and we would be in the situation we were in when things ended... so what's the point. So I push the "hangup" button and take a deep breath. 

But going back to the top picture, I found this pin and it reminded me to be true to myself... I know I shouldn't need a pin to remind myself of that. However, sometimes a little reminder is good.  

I know this post might sound a bit pathetic and I am sorry for that. I hope that in writing this pathetic post someone who is going through the same feelings as me will know they are not going through it alone. 

To end this post on slightly positive note... here are some good quotes about love and relationships (thanks Hello Giggles

“Once you’re back on your feet – if you ever make it back on your feet – that’s the ultimate achievement. I remember I was in New York at the Trump Hotel and I woke up and I just knew I was over it. It was a different day. I felt different. I didn’t feel lonely. I felt like I wanted to get up and be in the world. That was a great, great feeling.”- Rihanna

Anyway this hopeful romantic keeps hoping and keeps believing in love. Typing that I feel a lot like Gennifer Goodwin in He's Just not That into You. 
Pardon the language

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer of Movies Part 2

Here are two films I wished I liked more
1. My Week with Marilyn

Why I watched- I first discovered this film when Michelle Williams was on the cover of Vogue (left) and I loved the article about her and her desire to portray Marilyn accurately. I am not a die hard Marilyn Monroe fan, but I love the time she comes from of Hollywood glamor. It has been on the back of my mind to see and a couple of weeks ago I re-watched the trailer and saw that Eddie Redmayne (who I love from Les Mis) I knew I had to see it.

What I liked- The casting was great. Michelle Williams was beautiful and I really felt like I was watching Marilyn and not Michelle. I thought Eddie Redmayne played Colin Clark wonderfully, he played a character who was suppose to be swept up in the glamor of film and still wearing rose color glasses when he looked at Marilyn and I believed him in that part. Also the cameo appearance of Jim Carter (Carson from Downton Abbey) was just wonderful.
What I didn't like- I can't place my finger on it. I thought the whole film was beautiful, photography was great and I really thought Michelle Williams did a good job making Marilyn seem like a person and not just the blonde bomb shell. I even thought there was a good scene when Marilyn and Colin are leaving Windsor Castle and people are applauding her and whisper's to Colin, "should I play her?" He asks "who?" and she says "Marilyn." I thought this scene was perfect as it captured the idea that she knew she wasn't really Marilyn but Norma Jean. I guess at the end of it I wish Colin would have realized that no matter how glorious Marilyn was that he had a chance with true love in Lucy, the seamstress (played by Emma Watson). But this is movie is based off a book based off the memoirs of Colin, so maybe in this we can't change what actually happened.

Overall I would say good film to watch at least once but probably not going to run out and buy to keep in permanent collection. Recommend to anyone who loves the Hollywood Glamor area and wants to see kind of an unknown story of Marilyn.

Sorry went whole post without one picture of Eddie...

2. The Five-Year Engagement  
I really wish I had liked this film more. I love Jason Segel in How I Met Your Mother and in The Muppets (yep I saw it) and I love Emily Blunt (Devil Wears Prada, Young Victoria...some of my favorites). Also the premise of the movie is totally a romantic chic flick (my favorite).

So why didn't I like it, usually in my reviews I write first what I like then what I didn't like. Well I am breaking that format.

What I didn't like- It is rated R... maybe I should have paid more attention to that. They drop the F-bomb a lot and there are a lot of awkward sex scenes (they don't show anything but the scenes are just awkward. I was watching the movie and my roommate walked by and asked "what are you watching" and I said "why is it too loud?" "No, just has a lot of swearing." I also didn't like one plot twist involving Tom and one of his co-workers... he had Emily Blunt he shouldn't have been looking at another girl. (I won't go further as I don't want to give any spoilers). Just be prepared to hear the F word, if you watch it.

What I did like- There were a lot of moments that I thought were cute and I laughed out loud When Tom and Violet get engaged they had only known each other a year but it seemed like they were truly best friends, because they were so in-sync. Then when they are having a fight over Violet's career, Tom acts like such the woman in a relationship it is hilarious. He wants to be left a lone, so Violets gets out of bed to sleep on the couch, he looks at her spot and says "well don't leave," and she turns and says, "You wanted to be a lone." "I do but I don't want you to leave," he says. I am sorry but that just sounds like what a girl would say. Also the end is super cute (won't give away a spoiler).

Over all while there were cute moments I couldn't really get over the swearing and the awkward sex scenes. So saw once but not again... wishing Jason Segel and Emily Blunt would make a movie that was PG-13 or something.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Holding on to words

I'm not sure why but I am a little timid to post this one... I post a lot about myself, some things are far more personal than this post, but I am still timid. However, as I have written I want to share my ups and downs on this blog... this is neither an up or down just something I have been pondering over.

Some people think I am quiet (even if my friends or family don't believe it). I am quiet I think it is because I spend so much time in my own head... I am hoping this is typical for authors. I am good at writing out conversations but not so good in actually having them on my own. In high school my friend and I watched Dawson's Creek (well I watched the re-runs because I was late to the Dawson's Creek fan club). But one time we joked that Dawson's Creek was good at saying things you wanted to say but couldn't.
So I got episodes of Dawson’s Creek on iTunes so I can watch Jousha Jackson and also one of the famous love stories of all time!
Clear example of what I mean
I am not good at saying things I want to because I am nervous or I am afraid. Sometimes the words I want to say I know will leave me vulnerable and potentially show off my weakness. And I can't say them. So I write my characters... usually they are heroines who everyone sees as quiet and maybe a bit plain looking but they dream of adventure and deep passion. By adventure, I don't mean going to explore the distant shores (though that would be cool) they mostly just follow their dreams wherever they might lead them no matter what. I feel in some ways they are a bit of me but in some ways they are the best of me. 
Some people think I am quiet, I feel I express myself better on paper than I can in person.
I started thinking about this post on a Friday as I was leaving my therapy session. At first it was going to be a letter to my crush... I don't currently have a crush but it was more to the idea of a crush. It was to say just because I don't say "I like you" doesn't mean I don't, I just have a hard time putting myself out there. I have a hard time letting myself be vulnerable; I guess that is normal people like to be seen as strong, as having it all together but for me think it goes deeper. I know I want a deep passionate love like my characters but I feel trapped inside my mind. I want something but I can't open myself up and either express it or allow myself to feel it (does that make any sense?) So I stay quiet still longing for love and not exactly sure how to get it. I have been told most of my life through the church that the guy is too pursue the girl, but for that to happen the guy has to know if the girl is interested in him, right? So how does this introverted girl, this girl who rather write than talk, find this love? I don't know... still on the path of figuring that out.

However, I don't want people to think that just because I don't talk doesn't mean I don't like you... I am just unsure of what to say. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ugly Betty is my Hero

Since school has ended I have become obsessed with the show Ugly Betty. I don't know how I missed it when it was originally on TV because it is the kind of TV I love, a mix of over dramatics, a great sense of humor and at the end of the show a heroine any girl should look up to. Very basic plot Betty Saurez who is not the typical beauty with her big glasses, her braces, and her own sense of fashion. Betty works at a high end, trendy fashion magazine where she is the assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Meade, and dreams of one day being an editor and having her magazine. Basically she does not fit into this world of high end fashion and her "friends" Marc and Amanda frequently tease her for her fashion and her "large" size. 

So why is Betty my hero? Well that is easy in a world where she is teased constantly and pushed around she always has an up-beat, go getter attitude, and she always the gentle heart person you can't help but love. She doesn't let the negativity of the world get to her and no matter what she keeps pushing through. I love that she doesn't get absorbed into the fashion world and she still stands on her own two feet. She has dreams and pursues them with a great passion.

Even though she does not always fit into the world around her she makes friends, Christina, a true friend who helps Betty through the world of Mode. Amanda and Marc who have a love/hate relationship with her but at the end of the show are her dear friends. Also through the show she has five love interest. Walter, who is safe and secure but Betty realizes she wants more than her safe and secure life. Then comes Henry, who is an accountant of Mode, the cute adorable geek, who is the love of Betty's life.
Like any melodramatic show, the producers will not let the pair of lovers come together with out a few trials one being a pregnant ex-girl friend, the other being a more daring love interest Gio. So Betty and Henry come together then fall apart and then he comes back during critical moments, or what is known in the TV world "sweeps". The next love interest is Matt Hartley, who are cute together, can never work things out and eventually he moves to Africa.
But then comes Daniel. Through out the seasons, Betty and Daniel have some tender moments, the producers don't make this plot line a "will they or won't they." Daniel starts off the show as a womanizer and while he has swings of wanting to settle down he frequently goes back to his womanizing ways when things go bad in his life. Also Betty is so different then his typical woman I think it takes him awhile to see the beautiful woman she truly is. 
While Betty does ultimately get a physical make over, her spirit and passion stay the same and that is what I love about her. 
This post has been a lot about her love interest, and while that helps good TV, it is not those story lines that make Betty a hero of mine it is her view on life. She doesn't let the negativity of the world get her down, she makes mistakes and sometimes she gets her priorities messed up but at then end of it she still the go-getter Betty which is what I loved about her.

As I was thinking about this post, I was watching the last season on YouTube. There is this episode  "All the world's a stage" where Betty is dating this play-write but they have to hide their relationship. At the end of it she is kind of down on herself, she feels like she is the dork with glasses and braces. She has that her identity and all the negative connotations that go a long with it. In this moment she can't even see herself as beautiful.

Go to minute 4 and watch her and her sister's conversation.

It is a nice moment. To see this positive up-beat girl have a really tender moment where she admits her fear of being "ugly" but she wants to change her view point not only on the world around her but also on her own life. 

I think what I got most out of Ugly Betty was not to let the negative things in your life get you down you have to still go after your dreams. Then to realize if the negativity is coming from with in you have to change your story. (Easier said then done, I know.) Any way if this summer you are looking for a good woman role model look to Betty Saurez. (You can find most episodes on YouTube.)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Hearts

Who Put the Bomp-Barry Mann

It is a really old school song but I thought it was great for welcoming in the month of February. Especially a February that starts at 58 degrees. I know I am single and I don't have a Valentine but I am such a hopeful romantic that I get caught up in the idea of Valentine's day. The day when you get to express your feelings. In a very corny way I think it would be sweet for the guy I like to use Valentine's day as a reason to tell me he liked me too. But that is probably something that only happens in a movie. Oh well I can dream right?

 Hope you all have a wonderful February!
To my future Valentine