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Princess and a dragon...Writing Wednesday

Hello lovely readers,

A couple of weeks ago I attended a writing workshop and it was all about dialogue. The rules were to write an entire scene of dialogue and that we couldn't use any tag lines so no "she said" or "he said." I got the prompt "a princess or virgin and a dragon." Here is what I wrote...
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 -What is it you want from me?
-What is you want from me?
-You are a dragon, you have been terrorizing my kingdom.
-And your the noble knight, who has come to slay the dragon and win the hear of the damsel in distress. I have read fairy tales I know how it goes.
-You read?
-You sound surprised.
-I am, I didn't know dragons could read. 
-We are not as ignorant as your authors would have you believe.
-I just never thought--
-Yes many knights don't think. It seems to be a common trend.
-Why do you say that?
-Why do you thing dragon can't read?
-Why do you answer my questions?
-You are a persistent knight. Come on, get along try to kill me. 
-You are not afraid?
-Afraid of you sword?
-Afraid of death?
-I am an old dragon, I have had a good life, I do not fear death. Besides I am known to have a trick or two up my sleeve.
-And what is that?
-You expect me to tell you my tricks?
-Maybe one, you about seven time larger than me.
-Yes, you are the smallest knight I have met to date. Why are you so small? Did your kingdom run out of brave men to send to me and fight to protect it.
-My brother, Edmund died in battle last year, I am the last of my line.
-And your mother didn't want to protect the runt of the litter.
-I am hardly a runt.
-Well you are hardly a giant.
-Well what is you wanted from me?
-I want you to leave my kingdom alone.
-I cannot.
-We were here first.
-Yes, I am not alone. I have a rather large family to be honest. And we were her first before you humans came in and cut down our trees and started coming into our mountains. Where are we to go?
 -Surely there are other mountains and other woods?
-You do ask a lot of questions, knight. Come on will you?
-Maybe I am not as stupid as some of the other knights you have met.
-Clearly, your did not wear any armor, the racket that causes is always a give away. Though no wearing armor to fight against a dragon,who can breathe fire and is ten time larger than you might not be the smartest thing.
-My brother always said a good shield and sword is all you need. If you are a good fighter.
-And are you a good fighter?
-My skills have never been officially tested in a tournament or something.
-Yest you come here to fight the dragon?
-Well if you are here to fight, you better come on. I grow weary of conversation.
-You have not told me one of your tricks.
-I never said I would.
-Gentlemen attempt at fight fair.
-I am no gentlemen.
-You are well read, you didn't kill me instantly, in fact you have been quite hospitable is that not the definition of a gentleman?
-Can a dragon be a gentleman?
-I don't know, I always thought that title should reflect the character not so much the species.
-You are definitely not like any knight I have met.
-I hate to disappoint you but I am no knight. I am Princess Lorriane of the Gaisome Kingdom.
-Your highness, why does your kingdom send you here?
-They don't know I came.
-Ah a brave run away to take on the world?
-Not the world, just a dragon.
-And what do you want from me? It can not be to kill me, you would have attempted it by now.
-You are right. I do not believe violence and death bring peace.
-No, you are not like any knight I have met.
-How do you mean?
-Knights are blood thirst but yet the do not come to the same conclusion you did. If I killed you now, which I could easily do, all of Gaisome would be here in my peaceful cave take revenge on their princess. If you kill me, which is a slight possibility my brother or son would attack your kingdom and it would be a vicious cycle.
-Then what do you say? A compromise?
-You think me a fool to compromise with a human. Humans never keep their words.
-Even a princess?
-Especially a princess. Royalty must always put their kingdom first, they cannot make a compromise with things they do not trust.
-I trust you,
-Well you shouldn't!
-I am sorry my princess, it was your kingdom or mine.

I know very little about dragons but I was excited to write this prompt. Though I don't think it will expand into a story, fantasy is not one of my go to genres. Even still I am glad for the opportunity to stretch my writing skills.

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