Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yours Faithfully... Letter #8

Hello lovely readers,
I hope by now you have read my last "Frivolous Friday" post... I say that because Roger Hamley is the model for Hugh in my story. I don't think Roger gets a lot of credit as a great literary hero so in some ways I would like to boost his profile.
Dearest Aunt,

I was faithful in burning my last letter. I may not be able to let you read this letter now as you would probably ask why I burned the last letter and to answer that I would betray the trust of both your sons.

Today you have opened your eyes and what it was relief it was to see you again though you didn't recognize me and called me Rosie. I was later informed by Hugh that Rosemary was your daughter that died when she was a toddler. Oh I am sorry perhaps I should not write that, as I do not wish to cause you pain. Hugh in all this has been the rock. I do not know what any of us would do without him. It is sometimes hard for me to remember he is your stepson and not your own son for he is so faithful to you and bringing about the peace you are so consistent in. I fear I will never love my new mama like Hugh loves you.  

Speaking of my mama, she writes that Cassandra is coming home sooner than she expected and she wants me to return home. I don't want to leave you but I do want to meet my new sister, she was so loving in her last letter I cannot imagine she won't be absolutely splendid in reality. My mama has said she was quite a beauty, and that Cassandra took after her in that regard. I would never say my mama was gorgeous but she is very genteel looking and seems very well portioned in her looks. 

Oh my dearest Aunt Hen, what shall I do without you even in these latest trials this home has been such a comfort to me. I do not know if my own home will ever be the same... with my mama there it hardly feels the place of solitude I once knew. How I fear her dictates have greatly changed the environment. She wrote me she has dismissed Miss Carter, Miss Carter was my care giver all my childhood, she knew me better than anyone. I relied on her when father was away into the night and she would always allow me into her bed when I was scared of thunderstorms. Of course it has been many years since I needed her in that capacity, but still it seems disloyal that she should be dismissed so suddenly, and I was not even there to say goodbye to her. 

 Sorry, I just returned from a walk in the garden with Hugh. He wanted me to accompany him while he picked some flowers for you as I knew your favorite flowers. When you were asleep we picked very fragrant flowers for you to smell... Hugh says that scent is the most powerful sense. He said that smell can trigger more memories than any other sensor. We picked you a lot of flowers with an array of colors for you to enjoy now that you are awake. He is always so knowledgeable he not only know every flower's English name but Latin name as well. He also is quite skilled in knowing about Entomology and whole bugs have never been a favorite subject of mine, he has away to describe things that make it interesting. He knows I enjoy ancient history and today he showed me a type of beetle that has been around since the Romans invaded. I couldn't believe it myself. How could someone know that. Right now he is with uncle looking at some plumbing works that uncle is implemented in the cottages for his workers. Uncle truly seems more alive in Hugh's presence, which is quite a relief since Uncle and Osborne have been quite distant. 

Perhaps it is not right to think it but I do wonder if Osborne's marriage could have anything to do with their distance. Frequently I catch them looking at each other and it appears they both want to say something but they can't. Something holds them back. I wish I could have your voice, you would bring some reconciliation between them. 

I am sorry to be leaving this house at such a moment, but as I am reminded it is a daughter's duty to follow her mama's request. I do not know why a new mama trumps a long time serviceable niece. If only you would speak and know my name I feel I could convince her I am needed here. As it is I must leave.

All my love,
 I know I just went on vacation and took a break from blogging but I am happy to say I am leaving again to visit my sister, some family, and meet my newest nephew. But have no fear I will not leave you without a "Frivolous Friday" post... so check back here on Friday 9AM (EST).
My newest nephew and now he is 2 months old

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