Friday, May 31, 2013

"My One Weakness..."

I have spent a lot of time since being out of school for the summer escaping into period dramas but the one I have recently been obsessing with is Lark Rise to Candleford. It stars some pretty familiar people... well familiar if you are obsessed with Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice both BBC and the 2005 version. One is Brendan Coyle (aka Mr. Bates) who plays Robert Timmins a mason that has high political beliefs in equality but also lots of hard work to make his way in the world. Hie wife, Emma Timmins, plays Charlotte Lucas in the 2005 P&P , she is the good wife always sticking by her man but does frequently get annoyed with his pride.

The next Julia Sawalha who plays Dorcas Lane the serious but mischief loving post-mistress. Who is better known as another mischief character Lydia Bennett. She is frequently saying "It is my one weakness" and she says about most everything from different kinds of cakes to warm baths.
{pic} {pic}
The main focus of this period piece is two little towns, the hamlet known as Lark Rise and the big/small town of Candleford. The hamlet is where our main character Laura Timmins comes from and in the first episode she moves to Candleford to assist her mother's cousin Dorcas. I love her for many reasons... she is head strong but yet very sensitive and always tries to help. Also she is considered "buttoned-up" but really she has such a soft heart but she only lets those close to her see it. She wants to do the right thing but frequently makes mistakes. She also writes in her journal all the time. 
There are some other colorful characters like Robert the mail man with his strong faith and always quoting the Bible. Sometimes I do not like how they make the religious characters ridiculous but he is so humorous in his righteous ways. Then there is Minnie who is the goofy maid but trying hard to right in the world just goofs up a lot. There is also all the hamlet people like Queenie and Twister who add lots of humor into the plots. And like any good small town shows there is always 1 episode visitors who come and shake up the towns and then leave after all is settled. Also like any good period dramas there is love interest. We watch Laura and Dorcas have loves and hear breaks. I am about to finish season 3 of 4 so I am not for sure how it ends but it does seem that once Dorcas adopts her son Sydney her heart is more settled. So now I eagerly await to see if Laura will end up with Daniel or Fisher. If you know do not tell me.

Top: Fisher {pic}
Bottom: Daniel {pic}
Oh I can get so lost in these period pieces... they are my one weakness and thanks to people uploading them on YouTube I can have my little heart go a twitter for them. I hope if you are like me and want to lose your heart to a period drama you will watch and fall in love with this show.

Lark Rise to Candleford Ep. 1 Part 1
You do have to watch them in parts but xLarkRiseCandleford
 has uploaded them all and there is an autoplay button that automatically starts the next part.

Side Note: After watching all these period drama's I feel like I should have a post on "6 degrees of Separation in Period Drama." 


Melody said...

Fisher and Daniel... ooh-OOH-oooh... which one do you like better? ;)

Blaire said...

I like Fisher for his passion but I think Daniel is better for Laura, a little more practical.