Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The hopeful romantic strikes again

This pic is not true about me, I love Valentine's Day. 

My co-worker hates Valentine's Day because of the forced affection it causes. I didn't have a good comeback then but I have now thought of one. Valentine's Day is not suppose to be the only day you show your love to some one, you are suppose to do it all the time it is just a good reminder of the love you have in your life. Just like Thanksgiving it is not suppose to be the only time we are thankful for the things we have in our life it is just a good reminder. While I do not have a sweet heart this Valentine's day I love thinking about all the love I do have.

I love the fact that my Grandpa sends me a Valentines day card. I love looking back on Valentines day and remembering when my dad sent me balloons to my day care and that in high school my friends and I would send each other carnations. It is not only on Valentine's Day that I remember I love them but it is nice to have a day set aside in order to show the ones you love how important they are to you. 



Colleen {Soundtrack To I Do} said...

Love this. :) I totally agree!

P.S. Just saw that you're reading Praying God's Word?!! That book changed. my. life. Seriously, so good.

Blaire said...

Hey Colleen, I am reading Praying God's Word from your suggestion awhile back. I am only a few pages in but like it so far, I keep under lining things I find very insightful... I need to remember post-its when I read it.

Laura Elizabeth said...

Hey! Thanks for getting back to me about the guest blogging. Life is a bit crazy at the moment, but I will email you soon! I am usually not really into Valentine's Day but yesterday I was feeling the love. It's not that big a holiday over here but it was nice to spread the love.