Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lessons from Jane Austen

I found this post through Pinterest and loved the thoughts behind it.

1. Turn your hobby into your career

As a young girl, Jane Austen wrote stories and plays for her family for entertainment. She presented a different and very honest kind of voice during a time when more books were coming out, but they were of lesser quality. Austen was clearly giving the world some quality work (I mean, does quality work get turned into a modern day rom-com?).
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An example from the movie Becoming Jane of Jane Austen's writing as a hobby. 

I love seeing how much Jane Austen  has inspired people around the world. She is not just an author of love stories but if you give her a chance she brings out the best in people.  I love the first lesson from this post of turning a hobby into your career.

On Friday I was getting coffee with my friend, we come from different back grounds and we have different passions and I think our passions bring us together. We admit we are both geeky but I think everyone as there geeky parts... some people geek out over video games, others geek out over Broadway musicals, and a lot people geek out about sports. But the point of it is to find a passion and pursue it.

So many times I consider her my inspiration for my writing. I mean I literally used her story of Sense and Sensibility as a basis of my story Sisters in Pine Haven. She had a heart to write about every day things or interactions and make them special. Her stories have lasted through generations and have been re-made and updated. For Example:
Jane Austen and the modern girl 
I know I can only hope to as inspirational as her... but I do so want to make an impact in this world, rather it be in my writing or doing my best to live out my faith.

To read more on how Jane Austen has inspired me read A Jane Austen Heroine

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