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Frivolous Friday... Period drama Heroes

Hello lovely readers,
I know I have made lots of post on Period Dramas... what can I say I am obsessed. I have probably written the most about heroines, plot lines or outfits. I have also written a lot about Jane Austen and Downton Abbey. So today for my Frivolous Friday post I am high lighting the heroes of the period dramas to hopefully shine light on other dramas besides Jane Austen and Downton Abbey.

1. John Thorton in  North and South
I put him probably because I have seen the mini-series North and South the most and I always squeal in the scene when he says "look back, look back at me." My friend me got me to watch this because she said it practically like Pride and Prejudice and she is right. Both Margaret Hale and Mr. Thorton have their pride that keeps them apart and both prejudge the other one. Also there is a great proposal scene. I would say that is not just a re-do of Pride and Prejudice but it deals with the very grim realities of the 19th century... think Charles Dickens meets Jane Austen.

2. Roger Hamley in Wives and Daughters
I have written a few blog post on Molly Gibson the heroine of the story but Roger is also great. I don't think he gets a lot of attention because he is quiet and steadfast and that could be considered boring for some stories. But he is not boring. I mean he goes to Africa to do some scientific exploration. Also he makes mistakes first he falls for Molly's step-sister Cynthia because she is charming and doesn't recognize Molly's inner beauty. I think it is totally fine for literary heroes to have faults because he who wants to read about person who is perfect... I mean that is boring. I also love Roger because he encourages Molly to learn more and thinks it is great she has such an inquisitive mind.

3. Prince Henri in Ever After 
In some ways he is very juvenile at the beginning of the movie, as he is running away from his duty. I mean I am not saying you should be forced to marry someone you do not love (though it happened a lot back then). I am just saying as a Prince he should have known that his life of privileged came at a cost. However it is Danielle that teaches him that yes his privileged life does come with a cost but he can use his power and influence to help others. He also learns his life is nothing without following his heart.


4.  Prince Albert in The Young Victoria

Okay another prince. This film has probably heavily romanticized the story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. But from other things I have heard they actually fall in love but they both had tempers. In that I think the movie portrayed that well because they do fight. And though he married to the Queen he doesn't sitting idly by but actually wants to help her rule. And in the film after they fight he still puts himself in harms way to protect her. He is a great example of supporting his wife, encouraging her to make good decisions and ultimately putting her first. Of course he is so cute as he tries to pursue her.

5.  Alf Arless in Lark Rise to Candleford

I know I have not given this show Lark Rise the love it deserves. And Alf is not like the other heroes on this list. Spoiler he doesn't end up with the main girl, Laura Timmins, but who he ends up will make you happy (if you watch it). He does start off the show with a crush on Laura and though he has some jealously toward a boy Laura falls for, eventually he puts that aside and is the best friend Laura needs. He supports her and looks out for her best interest. He also works hard to support his family and no matter what he puts his family first, even if sometimes it causes him to sacrifice his heart. He may not be the main love interest but he is a hero.

I guess the most common theme in this whole post is these are all strong men standing next to and supporting the strong women in their lives. They might argue with them but at the end of the day they are pushing the women they love to be better people. I am not saying you need a man for this but its nice to have a support team.

This hard was hard to only think of five men. Even with my period drama board on Pinterest to look for ideas, it was hard to only limit it to 5 so here are honorable mentions:

 Dr. Harrison in Cranford
Cranfrord is a good light hearted mini-series and while Dr. Harrison is surrounded by strong willed women he a little too soft spoken.
Jack Thorton in When Calls the Heart
this is a new love but I binged watched the first season and now I am going through the second season. I am waiting to see what do to the story before I give my heart away to Jack. But I am totally on Team Jack not Team Charles.
  Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables
I could not have had this list complete without Gilbert but as I have only seen the movie once (my own short comings) I didn't feel justified in putting as a love of mine.

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