Monday, June 22, 2015

I am not a photographer

Hello lovely readers,
As I posted last week I took some time off to visit some family and meet my newest nephew and I planned to take lots of photos but I came back with only a handful of photos... so I have come to the conclusion I am not a photographer. So sorry there are not many photos of my trip but here is a glimpse of my time back home.
The main reason I took this trip was to meet my newest nephew... even though it was mid-June in Houston. This is my first time holding him.

This is my niece and I doing arts and crafts together... really drawing dresses.
I could do this for hours with her.
On our road trip making a stop at Buc-ee's.
Only in Texas do you see a gas station as big as most grocery stores.
We did get in a visit to the zoo but I can not even take credit for this photo as my dad took it.
Niece and sister are the only ones looking at camera. I am looking at my nephew.
Oh yeah and that is a lion in the background.

See not many photos... but at least I got some great time being Aunt Blaire which is the best memories I can have. Hope you have a good Monday. 

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