Friday, June 12, 2015

Frivolous Friday... Favorite YouTube Videos.

Hello Lovely Readers,

As I am on vacation I will be posting while away but I didn't want to miss my "Frivolous Friday" post. I am trying to get better about setting a schedule for blogging and I like alliterations so I have made Friday my frivolous day to post whatever.When I get back from vacation I will announce other days that are in the works.

For today my post is my favorite YouTube videos... In undergrad I never spent on YouTube so I was months behind on knowing about "Double Rainbow" and I actually thought it was a big waste of time, but now I am addict. "Hello my name is Blaire and I am addicted to fan made videos." Here are some of my favorites...

Hope you enjoy!

Title: Period Dram- Breathe Again 
Song: Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles

Title: Leslie & Ben || Arms
Song: Arms by Christina Perri

Video below has spoilers for season 2
Title:The Last time | Francis and Mary
Song: The last time by Taylor Swift

Title: The Laendler- Romantic Period Drama Movie Dancing Montage
Song: The Laendler by Irwin Kostal 
Title: Mary & Matthew | We almost had it all
Song: Rolling in the Deep by The Piano Guys

Title: Katniss & Peeta|| Say something I am giving up on you
Song: Say Something by Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera
This is one of my favorite songs so I look out for fan videos with it being used- love that it is being used with one of my favorite fandoms.

There are more that I could share but I think 6 is enough, though it barely scratches the surface of my fangirlness

Have a good weekend!

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