Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A literary fear

Have you ever been scared by an author or a book? I don't mean because the book is a thriller a suspense, but because the author or book has such a reputation for being "high brow". Well there are a few authors and books for me on that list.

  1. Anna Karenina
  2. War and Peace
  3. Vanity Fair (book not magazine)
  4. Henry James
  5. Edith Wharton
  6. and anything by Charles Dickens...

I mean I have read the Christmas Carol but it was 80 pages and I own Great Expectations and I keep thinking of reading it, but I can't bring myself to read Dickens. Well that is changing... at least I hope it changes. I have started the book Little Dorrit. I know it is cheating but sometimes conquering these big "scary" novels I have to watch the movie or miniseries to know the characters and to love the characters.  I mean Amy Dorrit is one of the heroines I look up to. And I love the miniseries so I felt I was doing Amy and Mr. Dickens a discredit by not reading her story. So here I go I am going to give my best try to conquer an author that scares me.

Here is a little preview...

Video: Little Dorrit - Author and Amy
Song: Love Sick Mistake by Erin McCarley
Video made by: SimplyDarcy

I watched a few other fanmade videos before choosing this one. I chose it because 1) I felt it had no spoilers and 2) I loved the description...

Amy and Arthur are hopeless in love with each other but due to tragic circumstance and meddling of dark souls, they part ways and separated by ocean with only time to heal their heart. They are lonely, heartbroken and miserable. With the discovery of new friends, they are able to be loved and fall in love again but only have their love unreturned.

I will keep you posted if I conquer any more "scary" books...

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Birdie said...

I'm definitely scared of many of the same books/authors you've mentioned. Russian classics, brrr.... But I seem to have conquered my fear of Dickens the last few years. I've read one book every year for 5 years now. Yes, they are quite long, yes, they take energy to read, but if you really get in them, they are wonderful!

Hope you enjoy Little Dorrit. My favourite is David Copperfield.