Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Screen shot from "I Capture the Castle"
Dear Readers,

I am having trouble with blog spot and composing a post on my computer at home but somehow it is working fine on my work computer. For a bit last night I thought of switching over to Wordpress... but I couldn't get it to feel the same as this blog. I have grown emotionally attached to this blog. So I decided to write at home copy and paste them when I am at work. It should not take me that much time to do the copy and pasting it here (in my composing area) and I am blessed with a job that has slow moments.

Maybe with all that is going on in my life, I should take the sign of blog spot not working as a sign and focus on other things besides this blog. But I come to this blog as a release. I feel better after writing my little nothings and I don't know if I could get through my days without this blog. As I said I have an emotional attachment to this blog.

So I will have to be working on this blog under cover (as much as you can do under cover online).


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