Wednesday, July 31, 2013

writing and faith


I am writing this post in hopes I am not alone in these feelings. I am a Christian and I truly believe God has blessed me with my imagination and my love of writing.

But sometimes I wonder do I live in my imagination too much? God gave me this life to be present in it, to full fill His purpose. And I feel I frequently I just want to escape my life (not that my life is bad) but most of the time I feel more comfortable reading a book and I feel more alive in writing my story. Sometimes I feel guilty for this. I try to spend 1 hour doing my quiet time (and I usually find I cannot make it that long), however when I am writing and all the motivation is flowing I can go for 2 hours. I sometimes drudge through one chapter of the Bible but when I am reading a novel I can read for hours without even thinking about it. I am wondering if I spend so much of my life escaping reality am I truly living the life God wants for me.

I don't have the answer to this quiet yet. I am putting this post out there to get feedback.



Joshua Loving said...

I used to intentionally use my imagination as a sort of "escape valve" for life. That was something that I realized was definitely unhealthy for me, and something that I had to avoid. What is more difficult though, is to determine how much your imagination is getting in the way of life when you aren't intentionally being an escapist. I think the only answer is to try to be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in what you do with your writing, so that you can have peace that the writing that you do is honouring to Him.

Birdie said...

Hello Blaire,
Let me introduce myself first, I'm Birdie (not my real name though). I found your blog through Old-Fashioned Charm and am reading through some of your recent posts now. Looks like we have quite a lot in common!

Anyway, about this post, I really recognize what you write about. When I recently reread Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, I almost felt guilty over how I felt about that book. It taught me so many lessons, reminded me of things about God of which I knew they were also taught in the Bible, but in there I couldn't see them so easily. Then I thought about what Tolkien said about stories. How the Bible was The Great Story, but what people wrote were also important stories and could contain important messages (not sure I'm saying it alright). So I would say, enjoy your fantasy, enjoy good books, as long as you can still live and enjoy the real life you're placed in.

Birdie said...

I was trying to follow your blog through my Blogger reader, but it says it can't find the RSS feed from your page. Do you have any idea why this is?