Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Don't forget what makes you happy

Hello Lovely Readers,

I feel I have fallen into a trap.

I am attempting to write a historical novel, set during WWI. The only problem is minus a few books, watching Downton Abbey and following the blog Edwardian Promenade that frequently has post on WWI on Wednesdays... I know very little about WWI. It is not something they focus on here in America as much as they focus on WWII. And even though I was a history student I never took a class on the subject so I feel I am coming to my story with very little information.

Any way, I am trying to read a lot on WWI but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by information. I want my story to sound historically accurate but I want it to feel like a novel and not some history paper. I am taking some artistic license having a girl fall for a servant (thanks Sybil and Branson for that inspiration)... which I know would probably never happen in real life. As Dowager Countess says "it is better in novels than in real life" (not the exact quote).

But while I am trying to learn so much I feel I have lost my motivation. I feel like someone has already written the story, some will do it better than me, or what if I get it wrong then I will be a fraud. Oh my goodness do these thoughts create other frustrations in writers?

So while I still love WWI and I know I NEED to read more about it and do some research I am going to take a little break and just enjoy writing. My brain is a little overwhelmed at the minute with trying to do research and with life thing, so I decided at least for my next few books I am going to read things that are a little light and fluffy.

I am recently finished Keeping the Castle, it is my 5th book in my 26 book challenge and I picked it because of its cover. But the story is suppose to be good for those who love Pride and Prejudice and I Capture the Castle both of those are on my favorite list.

I think as a writer we can research as much as we want but sometimes we just need to read a novel just for some fun and lightheartedness.

I also know as a previous history student you will never be able to tell the whole story of WWI (as it was pretty big thing) so I need to keep focus on my writing and the reason I was motivated to write this story.

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