Friday, July 10, 2015

2 weeks 2 books

Hello lovely readers,

When I decided to do this challenge of reading 26 books in a year I thought it would be quite a challenge but I have just finished book 17! I am thankful sometimes to a long commute to an from work... it really helps. I have loved this challenge because minus 2 books I have read completely new books, and some books I probably never would have read had it not been for this challenge (I have a habit of reading the same books over and over again).* So here are the 2 books I have read in the 2 weeks, both very different but both with compelling stories.

1) Paper Town by John Green. I read this one for theee reasons. One: I loved The Fault in Our StarsVlogBrothers and Crash Course very cool. Also he just has lots of inspiring quotes that I have found through my time on Pinterest. Two: I saw the trailer of the movie (coming out) and I was a little more intrigued by what the book is about... I am a big believer in reading the book first before seeing the movie (if you can do so). I didn't know if I wanted to read it for this challenge or get to it when I could, but on one of my flights (from all my recent travel) a woman was reading this book and I asked her about it. She told me she was reading it in her mother daughter book club (which sounds awesome by the way) and she really liked it. I don't know why I took a strangers advice on a book, but I decided to put it a hold on it at my library.

Overall I liked it... I mean I probably won't be going out and seeing the film in theaters but I will see it eventually. I mostly like reading it because it was told from a man's point of view and I don't read a lot of books from a man's point of view. I also found myself relating to Quentin, because he wants to do something great with his life but he doesn't have the courage to until Margo Roth Spiegelman climbs into his window and forces him out on a night of adventure (to read more about the plot click here). I like how John Green almost always referred to Margo Roth Spiegelman by her whole name, she was almost suppose to be this mythical figure because Quentin loved her from a far for so long, and referring to her like that kept that up well. I know when I was in high school my love from a far was always referred to by his whole name (at least in my mind).

So the reason why I wouldn't rush out to see it in theaters is because while it was good characterization and full of memorable quotes (example above) I just didn't get to attached to the plot. I found it a little far fetched to be honest, but maybe when you are seeking out the love of your life you need to be a little far fetched.

2) Light between Oceans by M.L. Stedman was great. I was intrigued by this book since the moment I saw it floating around my Pinterest book. It takes place in Australia after World War I, I know I know I will read anything about WWI but I felt this was a good mix because it was in Australia and I personally never thought abut Australia in this time. The story focuses on Tom, who is a returning solider and taking up post at a light house on Janus Island, a very secluded life he seeks till he meets Isabel. Their life turns from happiness to pain as Isabel suffers miscarriages and a still birth, until one day a boat is washed ashore with a dead man and a very adorable baby girl, they name "Lucy" which means "light" (for another review click here). 

Overall the story is powerful and captivating. I found myself in moments of heart ache and moments of joy. Even if you don't like historical fiction I think you will like this story as it is more than just history but a powerful story. It is a story of the strength it takes to get through life when you are beaten down, it is a story of great sacrificing love, it is a story of some bad decisions but made with good intentions. Even though I know little of Australia and light house I found it breath taking.
This is M.L Stedman's first book and I will be looking forward to reading her other books. The review mentioned above says: "I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves great literature ... because I believe this book is going to be considered a classic in years to come" and I hope she is right. 
I know this quote comes from Emily Dickinson, but it was brought to my attention in Paper Towns and while these books are very different they both encouraged me to live in the present and realize the decisions you make now have impacts on your future.

Just for fun an example of John Green's Crash Course "Who Started World War I":

*Though I will admit once this challenge is over I do look forward to re-reading my Jane Austen and maybe reading more books on WWI (as my work in progress continues).

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