Monday, July 13, 2015

Can't Just Sit By... Part 2ish

Hello lovely readers,

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This is kind of a follow up on my previous post about not just sitting by and waiting for things to change. While that is good it is not a plan. This is also kind of a follow up on my New Year's resolution post.

I mean it is July so probably a good time to look back at those New Year's resolutions... I set two very broad goals for myself 1) "Invest or Re-invest in friendships" and 2) "Work on transforming my mind to understand what God wants for my life."... Yep big, broad, and maybe a little idealistic goals but I am still working on them (they might be life long resolutions as I am sure I will need reminders of them over time).

However I three new goals to add to my list to get done by this time next year (if not sooner):
  1. Finish at least the first of my novel. I feel I have spent years working on this story but I want to finally buckle down and get it out. 
  2. Find a volunteer position to invest in an on going manner. 
  3. Work on and get a handle on my budget in order to save more, pay off student loans, and invest. I would also like to be able to donate more money to causes I like. 
Yeah reading that list seems pretty intense but do-able if I focus. I also feel like these 3 things will help me know better that I am doing something with my life and being of use in this world. 

Okay this is a quick post but I wanted to give you, my lovely readers, an update. I thought last week seemed kind of a downer and I am not actually down at all just trying to push on and setting goal really help me.

Have a good day.

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Lisa said...

It's always good to have plans/goals. Even good to be thinking about wanting to have plans/goals. Good Going!