Monday, July 27, 2015

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Hello Lovely Readers,

I am sorry I don't really have anything to write here for this: "My World Monday" life really hasn't changed that much from my previous Monday post (link). However, I did not want to get off schedule, so I am sharing you this quote on Pinterest.

Life kind of seems up in the air right now and I feel my one steadiness is my writing. I already have my "Wednesday Writing" post ready to be published, I am discussing the things I have done in to get over the stuck feelings I had, here is a little preview:
 I know this will not be hard for writers as writing is basically dreams you put on paper. While right now I remain unpublished I think of the day my story will be published and I love thinking about the cover of my story. So I have spent some time while stuck searching Pinterest to get some inspiring art to be the cover of my story. I know right now I do not own this picture and I know that my publisher will have their ideas on what to make the cover look like but right now I am just enjoying the idea of a possible cover. 

Other than my writing I am making good headway on 26 Book reading Challenge I have finished book 20 and have only 6 more to go. As much as I have been enjoying this challenge and reading book I might never have read but some of the books on my shelf are asking me to read them again. Also I would like to read some more WWI books as I continue to work on my story. 

Sorry not much to says here... Hope you will read my "Wednesday Writing" post.

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