Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Yours Faithfully... Letter #9

Letter #8
* Dearest Aunt Hen,

I am so sorry to be away from you especially now as father has told me you have relapsed again. I wish I could be beside you and be of some use. I hope one of your dear sons will read this letter to you faithfully and will provide you some comfort as I am gone from your side. My only comfort here is my newest sister Cassandra, she allows me to call her Cassie, which feels like a mark of true friendship. My new mama cringes though every time I say it as she thinks it is rather childish. Is it so very wicked that I feel a little bit of joy when I see her cringe? I believe Hugh would say it was, as he has encouraged me to look for the best in my mama. 

If Hugh reads this please know that I am trying... but it is so very hard when I feel she cuts me down at every turn. She considers me childish and she says I speak to much. I feel I hardly say a word at all in front of her however when she scorns me Cassandra always defends me. She has been so quick to be my defender. She is so beautiful with red golden hair that is always in its proper place and she has perfectly shaped olive green eye with very fine skin. I feel so plane when I stand next to her however she compliments me quite profusely on my intellect and tells me kindhearted I am and she will not let me return the compliment in any manner. She must be so truly humble. Please tell Hugh that I have let her borrow some of the books he lent me, and she finds them of quite sturdy material. I have found her company quite pleasant and the only thing that could truly relieve my mind is knowing you are well. 

In other news, Mrs. Chemsworth and Miss Helene came to call on us the day after Cassandra's return. Mama was surprised that they return the neighborhood so early when they usually don't come till summer and she was flattered by the idea that they would come and call on her directly. However, she later commented I took to many liberties with Miss Helene, but I felt I was just doing my duty by answering all her questions. She did ask after you, she is so good to remember you and our closeness. If you remember from my previous mention of her that after the wedding Miss Helene and I became fast friends, so I felt fine in discussing my worries for your health (I hope that is all right). I feel if Miss Helene spent more time in the neighborhood she and Cassandra could become my truest friends, though nothing will replace you and your son's friendship. 

I cannot what else to write. As once said "life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings." My mind and heart are with you always. 

Your faithful niece,

P.S.- Mama is sick of hearing about you and not knowing you personally so when you are well she extends an invitation for dinner. Though she fears our house will not compare to your grand estate. I hope you will recover quickly and come to us soon. All my love. 
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*Forgive me readers, I am sorry if I didn't make it clear this letter writing activity is mostly free writing. I have been trying to re-tell the story of Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, it is one of my favorites, but I have been intrigued by the epistle style of writing for some time so I am mostly trying to see if I can tell a whole story through letters. I am taking the premise of Wives and Daughters and bringing it to America at the turn of the twentieth century (read more here).

I do hope you enjoy.

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