Friday, July 19, 2013

Film Flicks Friday


I know lately I have posted a lot about reviews about period drama and I am sure some of you thought "come on Blaire live in the 21st century" so I am happy to present you with a non-period drama movie review.

First The Decoy Bride - For my Dr. Who fans you will recognize David Tennant, he plays James, an author about to may the film star Lara Tyler when their first wedding gets crashed by paparazzi so they decide to escape to a secluded island of Hegg. Hegg is a Sottish  island where apparently James' book takes place. Though we learn that he has not really ever visited the island and we learn he has writers block. Anyway Lara's publicist, who my Ugly Betty fans will recognize as Marc, saves the day. He takes the run down castle and turns into Lara's dream and finds the perfect decoy bride, Katie, to distract the press. (I recognized her from Nanny Mcphee and Godsford Park.) Anyway she has just given up on love and has returned home. As any romantic comedy would go the people who do not like each other in the beginning end up loving each other by the end with some plot twist in the middle.

Why I watched this film- I loved the character Marc on Ugly Betty and wanted to discover more of Michael Urie's work. Then I watched the trailer and I thought it looked like a typical but cute romantic comedy and summer is a good time to watch frivolous films especially when you can check them out of the public library film.

What I liked about the film- There were some cute lines. And it is nice to see a boy fall for the awkward, maybe a bit plain but cute girl. It was funny to see David Tennant to wear an outfit straight out the 1970s with fur vest included. Plus the scenery mostly set on the Scottish Island was great. Some of the cute moments...

What I didn't like- There were some plot twist that didn't really help the story like Kate's ex-boyfriend, or the paparazzi guy that was in love with Lara. Sometimes when there are plot twist that don't make sense I wonder "if this was a book would it be better explained" and my hope is yes.

Over all cute story and I glad I checked it out for free instead of paying for it. I would recommend it for a lazy weekend or a movie to have in the background while doing dishes. Just watch it to see the boy fall the awkward door next door.

Next The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel...

I don't think I have to introduce this cast. Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy. Come together with some others who I might have to introduce Tom Wilkson (you might recognize from Shakespeare in Love, Valkyrie, and Sense and Sensibility (1995)... which is just amusing because he plays Mr. Dashwood in this film too), Penelope Wilton (Downton Abbey) and  Dev Patel (Slum Dog Millionaire). The plot is simple take some elderly people trying to escape being old and send them to India to live out their lives there. After that let's see what happens. The lesson I learned from this movie is that you are never too old to follow your dreams and find love... I just hope for myself I don't have to wait till I am in retirement to see this through.
Why I watched- I love the cast. I wanted to see it when it was in theaters just didn't get around to it. Plus I think I have a weird pull to India. It is one place I want to go and may be do a mission trip there.

What I loved- The story line I loved the most was Judi Dench. Her husband has passed away and left her with his debts to cover (I don't think that is a spoiler because you find that in the first few minutes). Any way instead of giving in and living a more "suitable" life with her son and his family she goes off to India, gets a job at one of those Indian Call Center places and teaches them better communication. But she completely falls in love with India and her new life. I thought she was very empowering character.

I also liked the Tom Wilkinson character, Graham Dashwood... he starts off kind of rude but as soon as he gets to India he lightens up. He is actually coming back to India and wants to correct some errors of his past. His character is sweet and he tries help everyone around him love the India he loves.

At first I really didn't like the Maggie Smith character she is kind of a racist. But there is a moment when she changes and starts to be more of a loveable character...and somewhat saves the day. Plus as only as Maggie Smith can do she has some great one liners. But if you watch it to see another "battle" between her and Penelope Wilton (in Downton Abbey Style) you won't see it they actually don't interact much.

Next I loved Dev Patel and the story of Sonny he had big dreams but not the best way to see them through. He has to fight against his mother and her desires for his life, which takes a great amount of courage. He has to believe in his dreams and his love more than following what the world wants. Plus in all the sadness in the facts of getting old he is the great comedic relief.
What I didn't like- I didn't like Penelope Wilton's character. She started the movie unhappy with the circumstances given to her and stayed unhappy. She didn't embrace India and in the end just returns home. But she was half of good story. Her husband Bill Nighy, in the other two films I have seen him in (I capture the Castle and Love Actually) he plays a grumpy guy who you hate to love. But in this film he was actually very considerate, sweet and very loyal to his wife.

There were two other plot lines I didn't like either fortunately they were just minor characters.


Over all the story was very sweet, and I think if I had seen this in theaters I probably would have been the youngest one in the theater. But the scenes of India would have been nice to have scene on the big screen however I would not rate this as one that has to be seen in theaters.  I would say good for a date night at home.

Behind the scenes of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Lastly I have to give a shout out to the Boston Public Library for providing so much amusement for free. If you don't want to spend money on a Netflix account I suggest you see what your local library has to offer.

From The Decoy Bride.


Lisa said...

I watched Working Girl yesterday... so 1980s! But fun to watch. I liked all the scenes of NYC/Statue of Liberty, like you mentioned liking the locale aspects of these movies. As an 'oldster' I thought it nice you included 'Marigold Hotel.' I use that phrase "Everything will be all right in the end, so if it's not all right, it's not the end" to myself quite a bit since hearing it in this film.

Birdie said...

I thought 'Decoy Bride' to be one of the cutest movies I've seen in years. I think Brits can really make the best romantic comedies, if they don't include to much language/rudeness. And David Tennant was so lovely!