Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Author Happiness... 40,000 words

Hello Lovely Readers,

I know I have shared this before so forgive me for repeating myself.

The way I do my creative writing is by writing by hand and then transcribing it into Word. I know this takes awhile for it all to get gone, but I am okay with that, and to be honest I like it. My stories are historical fiction and something about typing on a keyboard feels like a disconnect from the way my characters would actually write.

Also (minus this blog) I don't usually feel inspired when looking at a blank word document with that little bar | flashing at me. So I have to write by hand. But I do enjoy going back and typing up my story when I get stuck in my writing and I don't know how to move the story forward. Sometimes just typing it up gives me inspiration. I think inspiration comes the more and more time I spend with my characters.

Any way, as I have written about I am feeling stuck in my writing so I am taking some time to type up my story. Well I have reached a little mile stone of 40,000 word, which is 83 pages typed up. In celebration I wanted to share the passage that brought me to this point...

Kelby Foster had been out for a walk. He had not meant to head towards Southerton Greens. He was lost in his own thoughts and his feet lead him there. He stopped  when he noticed Mattie, he could not help but notice her even at distance she was beautiful. He observed she was on a bicycle, which he had never seen before and she seemed to be struggling on it. Then now knowing how she had been flipped from the bicycle, flying over the handle bars and crashing into the railing of the fence. Kelby sprinted over to her.  She looked so helpless and almost lifeless.

            "Oh Miss Mattie, my Mattie, my dearest Mattie," he called out to  her. "Are you hurt? Can you move? Miss Mattie, Miss Mathilda please be all right."

            Then she fluttered her eyelashes when he called out her name but just as quickly fainted again. He thought he heard her whisper his name . Without thinking he gently kissed her on the lips. He then swept her up and trying to keep her as still as possible laying her between his arms.

            The next thing she remembered was waking up in her room with Dr. Gibson looking down at her. He was speaking to her but at first she could not understand what he was saying. Everything was hazy and the words were muffled. Mattie tried to sit up but Dr. Gibson gently but firmly kept her flat.

            "That is not a good idea Miss Mathilda. Do you know where you are?" Dr. Gibson asked.

            Mattie paused for a moment as she tried to understand all the words he had said. "Yes in my room." She swallowed as the words were hard to say. "How did I get here?"

            Mattie could only slightly see the rest of her body but she could see her arm was in a sling. She felt a gashing pain on her forehead and with her good hand she felt the bandage on her head.

            "Miss Mathilda please remain still."

            "How did I get here?" Mattie asked again.

            "That stable boy of Lady Welford's brought you here."


            "I believe so and you are very lucky, you were so far off the path you might not have been found for hours."

            "And Kelby found me?"

            "Yes Miss Mathilda. I think you should rest now."

            How could she rest she thought that was so much pain her whole body ached. Her arm and her head most of all felt as if they had been broken in half. Everything was searing as though it had been touched with fired.

            "Doctor," she mumbled as he left the room.

            Mattie closed her eyes maybe if she slept she wouldn't feel the pain. Within in no time she was back asleep. She wasn't for sure how long she slept but felt like a day passed by when she awoke. She dreamt that she woke up and found Kelby sitting in the chair next to the bed. He was folded over in half with his head on the comforter next to her. When she stirred he woke and smiled at her. His eyes were the perfect shade of sparkling silver.  

Thanks for reading. 

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