Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm a Blogger

I will say loud and proud I have become a blogger. I love this blog even though I am not sure how many people read it or how many people care about my opinions on maybe silly stuff but I don't care I just like writing this and getting my thought out there and I LOVE when people comment or when some one writes on my facebook wall about my blog or even yesterday a co-worker asked me about the movies I saw because she saw on my blog I wrote about them. I LOVE IT! I think about this blog- like what to say, or what to add to it or what do I want to write about next. I also look forward to my weekends so I can work on my story and post it on my blog. I spend time looking for pictures on Google Image to portray what I am talking about and I love when I find a quote and it inspires a free write. Maybe I am a bit crazy.

So first I want to say thank you to my loyal readers. I want to thank my sister who called me out in March and said I don't write enough and she loyaly follows my blog. I want to thank my Grandpa who reads it and then writes encouraging notes to me on Facebook... my Grandpa is so high tech. I want to thank my co-worker who gave me a shout out at a meeting for being creative. And I want to thank all my supporters who have read or listened to my writing and for supporitng me. I love the support.

You guys really are the reason I keep writing, even if no one reads it.

Second, I want to say I have always wanted to be a writer. I love writing. My mom can attest to how many notebooks I writing probably little stories that never went any where. I had a few poems published in my high school literary magazine, they probably weren't that good but it helped to have friends who worked for the magazine. But I loved seeing my name getting a by line. Writing has just been my oasis when school, work or life just got to hectic I love to pull out a journal and write a story. I have always started writing my stories in notebooks or paper I found I can't sit at a computer and stare at a blank word page and write (I wish sometime I could my hand really cramps up after writing for hours by hand). In my summer class I learned the expression "Desktop Publisher" it came out in the 80's or early 90's when people were getting their own PCs and wrting their own words and distributing just by hitting the print button. I know I am an 80's baby because I can't remember a time not having a computer. My Grandpa brought macs to TCU (if I have the story right) and when they got new computers he would give us an old one. I remember having one computer in my play closet, that was lots of fun and I guess I owe it to my Grandpa for letting me be a desk top publisher. But I guess through my Blog I am a desk top writer because even though I don't know how many people read my blog my writing rather it be a random blog post like this or part of my story (Sisters of Pinehaven, working title) people are reading it and it it is out there for the world to see. One day I would like to be an actual published author with a book on shelf that you can buy at Barnes and Nobles or maybe an independent book store. But until then I will keep writing this blog and hoping you readers will keep reading. THANK YOU!

Lastly, listen to your own thoughts and feelings very carefully, be aware of your observations, and learn to value them. When you're a teenager – and even when you're older – lots of people will try to tell you what to think and feel. Try to stand still inside all of that and hear your own voice. It's yours and only yours, it's unique and worthy of your attention, and if you cultivate it properly, it might just make you a writer. -Jennifer Donnelly


Sarah O'Holla said...

I love Jennifer Donnelly! A Northern Light is one of my fave books ever! Great quote. Also notice how you recommend I Capture the Castle. Love that book too!

Blaire said...

I read A Northern Light in my Freshman Year of College and that started my love of Jennifer Donnelly. And I read I Capture the Castle in the 8th grade because I subscribed to a Teen Book Club.

Em said...

I could have written your first paragraph there myself, I feel exactly the same about my blog. I think your enthusiasm is what makes your part of the www worth visiting! Keep up the great work!!

PS. Emma is my favoutir book to, though maybe I'm biased because we share a name.

Blaire said...

Thanks Em for following. I used to be an in the dark blogger that is why I wrote "I will say loud and proud I am a blogger" but I can no longer hide my love for blogging. I love writing and following other blogs like yours.

flutterhappy said...

Hello Blaire! ♥ I found your blog! ;) I'm proud I'm a blogger, too. Though sometimes I don't get to write what's really on my mind, always thinking that someone might not like what I have to write. ;)